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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pink Floyd 11/16/74 London Empire Pool, Wembley 30th Anniversary Edition by The Swingin' Pig PreFM @ 320

Click on image for full size.
Why a new version of the November 16, 1974 Pink Floyd concert at the Empire Pool, Wembley?

Despite the fact that a great number of different audio sources exist for this concert, none of them seems to be as good as required.

Although the 'PreFM Master' source is, to my knowledge, the best one available, it suffers from various audio flaws like:
- presence of noise (hiss and clicks) and saturation,
- wrong speed,
- signal drop-out and stereo image losses,
- ‘parasite’ signal on ‘On The Run’ (end) and ‘Time’ (beginning),
- wrong equalisation and dynamics of the audio signal.
The restored version proposed here, mainly based on the 'PreFM Master' source, is an attempt to correct, as far as possible, these different flaws. First, all the kind of noises have been removed and a correction of the speed, based on the BBC6 2003 broadcast, has been applied.
Then, most of the signal drop-out and saturation have been attenuated. Concerning the so-called ‘parasite’ audio source (that you can still hear at 04:08 from the beginning of ‘On The Run’) this one has eventually been masked by the add of the clock 'tick-tock' that is listenable on the BBC6 2003 broadcast previously mentioned. The crowd noise has been added at the beginning of the show by reference to what you can ear on the ‘Completely Brain Damaged
Vol.3’ bootleg.
During the making off this project, another source containing a very good audio quality of ‘Echoes’ emerged from sharing communities, I decided to include this number in this project. Although a doubt remains concerning the origin of this source (mp3 sourced?), I chose
to preserve this piece because of the historical nature of the performance (sax and female voices). Finally, an equalisation and a modification of the dynamics were applied to the whole of the project in order to obtain a good final mix. The best efforts were produced in order to obtain similar sounds for ‘DSotM’ and 'Echoes'. Because of the lack of source of equivalent audio quality for the other played titles on this day ('Shine On You Crazy Diamond',
'Raving and Drooling' and 'You've Gotta Be Crazy'), these ones were not included in this project. If someone could provide a very good recording of these tittles I would be delighted to provide an add-on for the TSPDP09.
Although this anniversary edition is not totally flawless (is an official release will surface some day?), I hope that you will enjoy this new remastered version of this Pink Floyd performance.
01 Speak To Me
02 Breathe
03 On The Run
04 Time
05 The Great Gig In The Sky
06 Money
07 Us And Them
08 Any Colour You Like
09 Brain Damage
10 Eclipse
11 Tune Up
12 Echoes

1 comment:

Chance said...

Ooh! A classic that was definately in need of an upgrade. This is lookin' cool, thanks Tiger Man!