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Friday, February 29, 2008

Minutemen 05/12/84 The Blue Note Columbia Mo. Soundboard @ 320

01 Intro
02 Toadies
03 Retreat
04 The Big Foist
05 Anxious Mofo
06 Maybe Mofo
07 #1 Hit Song
08 Joe McCarthy's Ghost
09 The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts
10 Please Don't Be Gentle With Me
11 God Bows To Math
12 Vietnam
13 Mutiny In Jones Town
14 Beacon Sighted Through Fog
15 The Only Minority
16 Life Is A Rehearsal
17 Mr. Robot's Holy Orders
18 >continued<
19 No Exchange
20 Static
21 The Punch Line
22 Definitions
23 >continued<
24 Ain't Takin 'Bout Love
25 The Anchor
26 Cut
27 >continued<
28 Plight
29 There Ain't No Shit On T.V. Tonight
30 Don't Look Now
31 Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth
32 Nothing Indeed
33 Storm In My House
34 Self-Referenced
35 Dream Told By Moto
36 The Product
37 Corona
38 This Ain't No Picnic
39 One Reporter's Opinion
40 Political Song For Micahael Jackson To Sing
41 The Glory Of Man
42 Little Man With A Gun In His Hand
43 History Lesson Pt II
44 Working Men Are Pissed
45 Love Dance
46 Jesus And Tequila
47 Bob Dylan Wrote Propoganda Songs


Elefant 05/07/06 The Casbah Tremont Music Hall Charlotte NC Soundboard @ 320 Rapidshare Bootleg

01 Black Magic Show
02 Sirens
03 Lolita
04 Bokkie
05 Makeup
06 Why
07 Now That I Miss Her
08 Love
09 It's A Shame
10 Don't Wait
11 Tonight Let's Dance
12 Easter
13 The Clown
14 Uh Oh Hello
15 Improv
16 Sunshine Makes Me Paranoid
17 Eleanor Rigby
18 Misfit


Led Zeppelin 02/12/75 Madison Square Garden New York NY Soundboard @ 320

Click on image for full size.

Excellent!!! Awesome!!! Fantastic!!!

01 Rock And Roll
02 Sick Again
03 Over The Hills And Far Away
04 In My Time Of Dying
05 The Song Remains The Same
06 The Rain Song
07 Kashmir
08 No Quarter
09 Trampled Underfoot
10 Moby Dick
11 Dazed And Confused
12 Stairway To Heaven
13 Whole Lotta Love
14 Black Dog
15 Heartbreaker


The Rolling Stones Got To Be Worked On! Various Olympic Studios Sessions 1966-1970 @ 192

Click on the images for full sized versions of the artwork.

The Rolling StonesGot To Be Worked On! [Rover Records, 1CD]Various Olympic Studios Sessions 1966-1970

These days aspiring bootleggers have many sources to choose from to compile a new release, as Rover Records has done with this brand new 2007 bootleg. Stones sessions can be found on Yellow Dog's Black Box, Invasion Unlimited's series of outtakes, Scorpio's Time Trips, the numerous Japanese labels that specialise in repackaging. What's needed then is a "concept". Rover Records has come up with a nice idea of putting together tracks that "could have, should have" been released except some tracks "got to be worked on!" Sound quality on this boot is seriously fantastic.

Rover has focused on The Stones' brilliant period from 1966 to 1970 when Brian Jones was still coherent, creative and committed, at least half the time. The sessions span from Their Satanic Majesties, Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed to Sticky Fingers. Practically everything here has been released before say some reviewers but to these ears, if they have, I have not heard them in this quality. Perhaps the most bootlegged tracks here are the ones from the Beggar's album - outtakes of Stray Cat Blues, Parachute Woman, Factory Girl, Dear Doctor and No Expectations. Coming a close second are the outtakes from Sticky Fingers.

The two tracks that make their debut appearance on bootleg are Version 3 of Get Yourself Together and perhaps Yesterday's Papers. Here's a review from the net by "Another": "The first tracks are produced by Andrew Oldham: "Get Yourself Together" features Stu on piano and ends with Charlie still banging on the drums, while "Yesterday's Papers" has Jagger almost cracking in laughs while singing. "Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue" is the early take of "Dandelion" with Keith Richards on vocals. "Old King Cole" is an instrumental early take of "We Love You", produced by Glyn Johns. With "Child Of The Moon" that features Nicky Hopkins on this alternate mix version enters Jimmy Miller in the production seat."The version of "Jumping Jack Flash" comes from the first take recorded live in the studio, used for the promo film (without make up); on "Pays Your Dues" there is Rick Grech on electric violin while Roger Chapman is on background vocals. "Stray Cat Blues" is an alternate mix with ad lib vocals, louder bass and lead guitar. "No Expectations" feature Nicky Hopkins on piano and Stu on organ and starts with some studio dialogue, while you can hear Jagger mumbling the melody during the song. On "You Got The Silver" never have the acoustic guitars sound so wide open. "Wild Horses #1" is the 4th version which is a reworked take of the 3rd version without piano. Ry Cooder is on guitar on "Sister Morphine" while the alternate take of "Gimme Shelter" has no backing vocals. Nicky Hopkins' piano introduces differently "Loving Cup", the take of "Bitch" is the alternate mix, second version. No sax is featured on "Brown Sugar" and Jim Dickinson is featured on tack piano in the second version of "Wild Horses"."

01 Get Yourself Together
02 Yesterdays Papers
03 Sometimes Happy Sometimes Blue
04 Old King Cole
05 Child Of The Moon
06 Jumping Jack Flash
07 Pay Your Dues
08 Stray Cat Blues
09 Parachute Woman
10 Factory Girl
11 Dear Doctor
12 No Expectations
13 You Got The Silver
14 Wild Horses #1
15 Sister Morphine
16 Gimme Shelter
17 Loving Cup
18 Dead Flowers
19 Bitch
20 Brown Sugar
21 Wild Horses #2


Little Village 07/04/92 BBC Radio 1 USA Music Festival, Crystal Palace, London, UK @ 320

01 The Action
02 Fool Who Knows
03 Crazy 'bout an Automobile
04 Do You Want My Job
05 Alone in the Dark
06 Memphis in the Meantime
07 Crying in my Sleep
08 Don't Bug Me When I'm Working
09 Little Sister
10 Across the Borderline
11 Thing Called Love


The Clash 01/03/79 London England Lyceum 16 Track Mobile Studio @ 320

01.Safe European Home
02.I Fought The Law
03.Jail Guitar Doors
04.Drug Stabbing Time
05.The City Of The Deal
06.Clash City Rockers
07.Tommy Gun
08.White Man In Hammersmith Palis
09.English Civil War
10.Stay Free
12.Julie's Been Waiting For
13.Police & Thieves
14Capitol Radio
15.Janie Jones
17.Complete Control
18.Londons Buning
19.White Riot
20.Tommy Gun
21.Clash City Rockers


Ween 11/27/97 Zurich, Switzerland FM Remastered @ 320

Dont Shit Where U Eat
Spinal Meningitis
Golden Eel
Stallion 3
Wavin My Dick
Dont Get Too Close To My Fantasy
Voodoo Lady
Baby Bitch
The Mollusk
Take Me Away
Dr. Rock
Finger Intro
Can't Put My Finger On It
Puerto Rican Power
Mr. Richard Smoker
You Fucked Up
Tear Fer Eddie
Ocean Man
She Wanted To Leave
Blarney Stone
Dancing In The Show Tonight
Sketches Of Winkle
Fat Lenny
It's Gonna Be Alright
Buenos Tardes Amigos


New Pornographers 06/21/01 Richard's on Richards Vancouver, BC, Canada FM @ 320

01 The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
02 The Mary Martin Show
03 To Wild Homes
04 Mystery Hours
05 Execution Day
06 Mass Romantic
07 The Body Says No
08 Breakin' The Law
09 The Fake Headlines
10 Jackie
11 Center For The Holy Wars
12 Letter To An Occupant


Green Day 02/15/05 Storytellers: American Idiot Culver City, California, USA AAC IPod Ready M4A Files @ 255

American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Are We The Waiting
St. Jimmy
Give Me Novocaine
She's A Rebel
Extraordinary Girl
Wake Me Up When September Ends


Coldplay 05/15/05 Storytellers: Coldplay Harvey Theater, Brooklyn, New York USA AAC M4a IPod Ready @ 255

In My Place
Speed Of Sound
Fix You

Pearl Jam 05/31/06 Storytellers: Pearl Jam The Avalon, New York, NY USA AAC M4A IPod Ready @ 255

Better Man
World Wide Suicide
Here's To The State Of Mississippi
Life Wasted


Emmylou Harris 1974 Red Fox Inn, Bethesda MD, Soundboard @ 320

Hot Burrito #1
Hickory Wind
Shop Around
Honky Tonk Blues
California Cottonfields
High On The Hilltop
When Will I Be Loved
God Knows I Love You
Before Believing
Queen Of The Silver Dollar
Someone I Used to Know
Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
A Song for You
High On The Hilltop
Born Again
Drifting Too Far From Shore
Country Baptizin'
That's all it Took
Together Again
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
Our Father
Maybe Mexico
Sold it All Away
Satan's Jewel Crown
Born Again
Country Baptizin'


Bonnie Raitt 03/27/71 The Jabberwocky Club Syracuse University, 1971 Solo Acoustic Soundboard @ 192

Something In the Way She Moves
Mighty Tight Woman
Rollin' And Tumblin'
Close Your Eyes
Rich Woman Blues
Blender Blues
In My Reply
Your Song
Set You Free This Time
Special Delivery
Big Road Blues
I Aint Blue, Just A Little Bit Lonesome
Finest Loving Man
Candy Man
Walkin' Blues
Can I Get A Witness
Country Road
Can't Find My Way Home
Since I fell For You
Love In Vain


Townes Van Zandt 1984 Houston TX, Rockefeller's @ 192

Still Lookin’ For You
Penguin Joke
Pancho And Lefty
Gone, Gone Blues
Ain’t Leavin’ Your Love
Snowin’ On Raton
Racing In The Street
The Catfish Song
Brand New Companion
If I Needed You
Texas River Song
Dollar Bill Blues
Rex’s Blues
Buckskin Stallion Blues
Who Do You Love?
Pueblo Waltz
Short Haired Woman Blues
You Win Again
Waitin’ Around To Die
The Rake
Get Down, Darlin’
(Quicksilver Daydreams Of) Maria
White Freightliner Blues
Don’t You Take It Too Bad


Jayhawks 1995 Ames IA, People's Bar & Grill Soundboard @ 192

Tomorrow the Green Grass
Settled Down Like Rain
Two Hearts
Nothing Left To Borrow
Martin's Song
Ten Little Kids
I'd Run Away
Sister Cry
Blue intro
Real Light
Waiting for the Sun
Six Pack on the Dashboard
Bad Time
Miss William's Guitar
Sioux City
Reason to Believe
Lights on the City


Gram Parsons 03/13/73 Live on WLIR FM @ 192

We'll Sweep Out the Ashes
Country Baptizing
Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man
Big Mouth Blues
The New Soft Shoe
Cry One More Time
Streets Of Baltimore
That's All It Took
Love Hurts
California Cottonfields
Six Days on the Road
Encore- Medley- Bony Moronie-Forty Days-Almost Grown


Buck Owens and the Buckaroos 01/15/89 Victoria Theater San Francisco CA Soundboard @ 320

01 Act Naturally
02 Together Again
03 My Heart Skips A Beat
04 Under Your Spell
05 Truck Drivin Man
06 Cryin Time
07 Hot Dog
08 Don't Let Her Know
09 Keys In The Mailbox
10 Memphis
11 Close Up The Honky Tonks
12 Foolin Around
13 Certain Hurtin Song
14 Loves Gonna Live Here
15 A-ll
01 Tall Dark Stranger
02 (Excuse Me) I THink I've Got A Heartache
03 Sam's Place
04 I'll Give You Love
05 Hello Trouble
06 I Don't Care
07 Closing Time
08 Arms Full Of Empty
09 Sawmill
10 Instrumental
11 Chasing Rainbows
12 Nobody's Fool But Yours
13 Tiger By The Tail
14 Streets Of Bakersfield


Keith Whitley 11/13/98 Gilley's Pasadena Texas Pre-FM @ 320

Transferred from vinyl. A few pops, some occasional surface noise. Other than that, an excellent sounding recording.

01 Intro / Tell Me Something I Don't Know
02 Miami, My Amy
03 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
04 I Want My Rib Back
05 Where Are All The Girls I Used To Cheat With
06 Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
07 That's The Way Love Goes
08 Charlotte's In North Carolina
09 Homecoming '63
10 ????
11 Quittin' Time
12 Ten Feet Away
13 Hard Livin

*** Fixed The Links ***


Gene Clark And The Silverados 02/19/75 Ebbets Field Denver Co FM @ 320

01 Lifes Greatest Fool
02 Kansas City Southern
03 Silver Raven
04 In The Pines
05 Radio Song
06 What Is Meant To Be
07 The Virgin
08 She Darkened The Sky
09 The True One
10 Set You Free This Time
11 Long Black Veil
12 Kansas City Southern
13 Spanish Guitar
14 Home Run King
15 Here Without You
16 No Other
17 Daylight Hour
18 Set You Free This Time
19 She Darkened The Sun
20 In The Pines
21 Train Leaves Here This Morning
22 Silver Raven


Steve Earle And The Dukes 07/18/87 Chestnut Cabaret Philadelphia PA @ 320

01. Nowhere Road
02. Racin 'In Tne Street
03. Sweet Little '66
04. Goodbye's All We Got left
05. Hillbilly Highway
06. Good Ol' Boy
07. My Old friend The Blues
08. Someday
09. Angry Young Man
10. I Ain't Ever Satisfied
11. Band intros
12. Johnny Come Lately
13. Brown And Root
14. Down The Road
15. San Antonio Road
01. Nothin' But You
02. Continental Trailways Blues
03. My Baby Worships Me
04. Little Rock 'n' Roller
05. The Rain Came Down
06. The Week Of Living Dangerously
07. The Devil's Right Hand
08. Fearless Heart
09. I Love You Too Much
10. Dead Flowers
11. Guitar Town
12. No. 29
13. Wheels
14. It's All Up To You


Sir Douglas Quintet 05/31/85 Rote Fabrik Zurich, Switzerland @ 320

01 Intro
01 Texas Tornado
02 Crying My Heart Out
02 Texas Me
03 Dymamite Woman
03 T-Bone Blues
04 Things That I Used To Do
04 Together Again
05 Dealer's Blues
05 Look Over Yonder Wall
06 At The Crossroads
06 Is Anybody Goin To San Antone
07 I Wanna Fall In Love Again
07 Wooly Bully
08 96 Tears
08 County Line
09 Band Intro
09 Susie Darlin
10 Be Real
10 Deep In The Heart Of Texas
11 Intro
11 Who Were You Thinking Of?
12 Mendocina
12 Que Paso
13 Happy Birthday To Augie
13 Who'll Be The Next In Line
14 Adios Mexico
14 Chicano
15 Long Tall Sally
15 She's About A Mover
16 Folsom Prison Blues
17 I Know You Know
18 Orange Blossom Special
19 Heartaches By The Number


Sir Douglas Quintet 08/22/69 Philadelphia Folk Festival Philadelphia PA Soundboard @ 320

01 Miller's Cave
02 I Wanna Be your Momma Again
03 In The Jailhouse Now
04 Philadelphia Lawyer
05 Colinda
06 She's About A Mover
07 Mendocino


Johnny Cash And The Carter Family 03/31/86 Wembley Arean London U.K. Soundboard @ 320

Johnny Cash : Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Bob Wootton : Lead Guitar
Earl 'Pool' Ball : Piano, Vocals
Jim Soley : Guitar
Joe Allen : Bass Guitar, Vocals
WS Holland : Drums
Jack Hale Jr: Trumpet, French Horn
Bob Lewin : French Horn (?)

Carter Family: June Carter : Autoharp, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Anita Carter: Vocals
Helen Carter: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

guest: John Schneider (Highwayman, Daddy Sang Bass), Carlene Carter (Elbow Room + more??)

01 Intro Medley
02 Ring Of Fire
03 Folsom Prison Blues
04 Sunday Morning Coming Down
05 Any Old Wind That Blows
06 These Hands
07 Here Comes That Rainbow Again
08 Love Is The Way
09 The Highwaymen
10 Big River
11 I Guess Things Happen That Way
12 Band Introductions
13 Fairweather Friends
14 Piano Solo
15 One Piece At A Time
16 Forty Shades Of Green
17 Ghost Riders In The Sky
01 If I Were A Carpenter
02 Jackson
03 June Carter Introduction
04 Wabash Cannonball
05 San Antonio Rose
06 Elbow Room
07 I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
08 Foggy Montain Top
09 Will The Circle Be unbroken
10 WIldwood Flower Jam
11 Wreck Of The Old 97
12 A Thing Called Love
13 The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
14 Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
15 Daddy Sang Bass
16 Outro
17 Casey Jones
18 Orange Blossom Special
19 I Walk The Line


Jimmy Buffett 10/18/74 The Record Plant Sausalito CA @ 320

Click on image for full size

01 The Wino I Know
02 Pencil Thin Moustache
03 They DOn't Dance Like Carmen No More
04 Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season
05 Saxophones
06 Door Number Three
07 Livingston's Gone To Texas
08 Railroad Lady
09 Dallas
10 A Pirate Looks At Forty
11 Peanut Butter Conspiracy
12 Outro KSAN Jingle

Steve Earle 10/07/00 DeSmelt Assen NL

01 Intro
02 Transcendental Blues
03 Everyone's In Love With You
04 Another Town
05 Taneytown
06 Hard-Core Troubadour
07 My Old Friend The Blues
08 Someday
09 Telephone Road
10 Goodbye
11 The Galway Girl
12 Copperhead Road
13 All Of My Life
14 Breed
15 No Reply


Joe Ely 06/21/98 Summer Solstice Festival Ben Lomand CA Soundboard @ 320

01 Intro
02 Up On The Ridge
03 All Just To Get To You
04 Gallo Del Ciello
05 Mountains And Rivers
06 Working For The Man
07 Twisiting In The Wind
08 Instrumental
09 Letter To Laredo
10 My Eyes Got Lucky / Me And Billy The Kid
11 Oh Boy
12 Boxcars
13 Road Hog


Willie Nelson 1975 The Boardinghouse San Francisco CA FM @ 320

Click on image for full size

01 Whiskey River / Stay All Night
02 Funny How Time Slips Away / Crazy Night Life
03 Bloody Mary Morning
04 Me And Paul
05 I Still Can't Believe You're Gone
06 Shotgun Willie
07 Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
08 A Goodhearted Woman In Love With A Goodtimin' Man
09 Time Of The Preacher Suite
10 If You Got The Money Honey I Got The Time
11 Look What Thoughts Will Do
12 Truck Drivin Man / After The Fire Is Gone / Phases And Stages
13 If You Can't Undo The Wrong, Undo The Right
14 A Song For You
15 Instrumental
16 Mr. Record Man/Hello Walls/I Live One Day At A Time/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
17 Remember My Love / Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms


Townes Van Zandt And Guy Clark 1991-02-16 - Cactus Case, Austin, TX @ 320

No Lonesome Tune
L.A. Freeway
Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold
Fraternity Blues
Old Friends
Texas 1947
Home Grown Tomatoes
Let Him Roll
(Intro to Pancho and Lefty)
Pancho and Lefty
Snowin' on Raton
Desperados Waiting for a Train


J. J. Cale With Christine Lakeland 11/02/83 The Old Town Bar And Grill Eureka CA Soundboard @ 320

J.J.Cale - guitar, vocals, drum machine, bass pedals
Christine Lakeland - guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocals

01 Artificial Paradise
02 People Lie
03 Lean On Me
04 Cajun Moon
05 Money Talks
06 After Midnight
07 Don't Wait
08 Walk Out In The Rain
09 Kink In My Chain
10 Ballad Of A Thin Man
11 Deep Dark Dungeon
12 Crazy Mama
13 Reality
14 They Call Me The Breeze
15 Clyde
16 Magnolia
17 Cocaine
18 Ride Me High


Joe Ely 10/08/93 Sinatra Disco Vergiate Italy Soundboard @ 320

Click on image for full size.
01 Pins And Needles
02 Are You Listenin' Lucky
03 If You Were A Bluebird
04 Row Of Dominoes
05 Dallas
06 Me And Billy The Kid
07 Road Hawg
08 Letter To LA
09 Whenever Kindness Fails
10 Boxcars
11 She Never Spoke Spanish To Me
12 Highways And Heartaches
13 Musta Notta Gotta Lotta
14 Settle For Love
15 Ain't Got No Home
16 The Road Goes On Forever
17 Fingernails

Jimmie Dale Gilmore 07/14/91 Slims San Francisco CA Soundboard @ 320

01 Treat Me Like Saturday Night
02 Chase The Wind
03 These Blues
04 Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
05 My Minds Got A Mind Of It's Own
06 Wheels Of Fortune
07 Lost My Best Friend
08 ????
09 I Was The One
10 Midnight Train
11 Dallas
12 One More Road
13 Just The Wave, Not The Water
14 Don't Look For A Heartache
15 Welcome To The Real World Kid
16 Crowd
17 If You were A Bluebird
18 West Texas Waltz


Townes Van Zandt 11/20/93 Bethlehem PA Soundboard @ 320

Click on image for full size.
Special thanks to Sluggo for name dropping TVZ. I had never heard him before.
01 Intro
02 Dollar Bill Blues
03 Talk
04 Two Girls
05 Intro
06 Pancho And Lefty
07 Marie
08 Joke - 3 Shots Of Gin
09 A Song For
10 Talk
11 BW Railroad Blues
12 Talk
13 Talking Thunderbird Blues
14 Talk
15 Short Haired Woman Blues
16 Talk
17 To Live's To Fly
18 Jokes
19 The Hole
01 No Place To Fall
02 Still Looking For you
03 Kathleen
04 Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
05 I Needed You
06 Nothin'
07 Intro
08 Snowin' On Raton
09 Don't You Take It Too Bad
10 Intro
11 You Are Not Needed Now
12 Snake Mountain Blues
13 The Rake
14 Talk
15 Waiting Around To Die
16 Talk
17 Lover's Lullabye
18 Intro
19 Talking Karate Blues
20 Intro
21 The Cuckoo
22 Intro
23 Lost Highway
24 Intro
25 Dead Flowers (cut)

Johnny Cash And The Original Tennessee Two Country Style USA 1958 Guest Star 1959 Radio Broadcast Transcription Discs @ 320


These are vintage radio broadcast transcription discs (at times you can “hear” the vinyl which adds flavor). The sound quality is amazing for this time period. Country Style USA is from 1958, Guest Star is from 1959. That’s all the info I have.

01 Country Style Intro
02 Hey Porter
03 I Walk The Line
04 “Join The Reserve For Youth Training Program” Spot
05 Rock Island Line
06 So Doggone Lonesome
07 Country Style USA Outro
08 Country Style USA Intro
09 Folsom Prison Blues
10 Cry Cry Cry
11 “Reserve For Youth Training Program” Spot
12 I Was There When It Happened
13 Get Rhythm
14 Country Style USA Outro
15 Guest Star Intro
16 Country Boy
17 Chat With Johnny
18 Don't Take your Guns To Town
19 Johnny Cash “Buy Savings Bonds” Spot
20 Swing Low Sweet Chariot
21 Guest Star Outro


Steve Earle And The Dukes 07/18/00 Theater Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA Soundboard @ 320

d1t01 Transcendental Blues
d1t02 Everyone's In Love With You
d1t03 Another Town
d1t04 Taneytown
d1t05 Hard-Core Troubadour
d1t06 My Old Friend The Blues
d1t07 Someday
d1t08 Telephone Road
d1t09 More Than I Can Do
d1t10 I Can Wait
d1t11 The Boy Who Never Cried
d1t12 Steve's Last Ramble
d1t13 Lonelier Than This
d1t14 I Don't Want To Lose You Yet
d1t15 Wherever I Go
d1t16 Fearless Heart
d1t17 The Devil's Right Hand
d1t18 I Ain't Ever Satisfied
d1t19 Goodbye
d1t20 Halo 'Round The Moon
d2t01 Billy And Bonnie
d2t02 The Galway Girl
d2t03 Copperhead Road Intro
d2t04 Copperhead Road
d2t05 Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song)
d2t06 All Of My Life

*** Oop! Had the Rar files goofed - Fixed Now


Willie Nelson 02/26/75 Panther Hall Fort Worth Texas Soundboard @ 320

Click on image for full size.
01 Whiskey River
02 Stay All Night
03 Well, Hello There
04 Crazy / Night Life
05 Bloody Mary Morning
06 Pine Top's Boogie Woogie
07 Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
08 Me And Paul
09 Truck Drivin Man
10 Goin Fishin
11 Okie From Muskogee
12 Shotgun Willie
13 Mr. Record Man
14 Hello Walls
15 One Day At A Time
16 Touch Me
17 Medley
18 Song For You
19 Big Balls In Cowtown
20 Sad Songs And Waltzes
21 After The Fire Is Gone
22 Will The Circle Be Unbroken

01 Proud Mary
02 Pick Up The Tempo
03 Good Hearted Woman In Love With A Good Timin Man
04 The Last Letter
05 Half A Man
06 Remember Me
07 Bandera
08 Devil In A Sleeping Bag
09 Whiskey River
10 That's Where My House Lives
11 I Never Cared For You
12 Milk Cow Blues
13 Bubbles In My Beer
14 Stay All Night
15 When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
16 Jambalaya
17 Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms
18 Don't Say Love or Nothin
19 Can I Sleep In Your Arms Tonight Lady
20 The Party's Over
21 What'd I Say
22 Mountain Dew
23 Pretty Paper
24 Will The Circle Be Unbroken

George Jones And The Jones Boys 1963 Live In The Studio @ 320

01 Can't Get You Off My Mind
02 World's Worst Loser
03 Baby We're Really In Love
04 I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die
05 COld Cold Heart
06 House Of Gold
07 Howlin At The Moon
08 I Can't Change Overnight
09 I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
10 I Don't Care If Tomorrow Never Comes
11 I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin
12 Yes I Know Why
13 You Gotta Be My Baby
14 Imitations Of Love
15 Just One More
16 Let's Turn Back The Years
17 I'm A Long Gone Daddy
18 Never Again Will I Knock On Your Door
19 Open Pit Mine
20 Something I Dreamed
21 I'd Still Want You
22 I'm Gonna Sing Sing Sing
23 I Can't HelpIt If I'm Still In Love WIth You

Buck Owens Birchmere-Alexandria, VA March 1st, 1989 @ VBR

Contributed by Infinitefool over at Infinite Foolishness. Get some Country, Jazz, Rock N Roll, and the sweetest poetry this side of Milton (is Milton a poet? Maybe. I know Dr.Seus is a poet.).

Love's Gonna Live Here
Together Again
Act Naturally
Somebody Play The Jukebox
Truck Driving Man
Crying Time Again
Hot Dog
The Keys in the Mailbox
Under Your Spell
Open Up Your Heart Again
My Dreams Have Gone Astray
Tall Dark Stranger
Excuse Me, I Think I've Got A Heartache
Come on Home and Fool Around with Me
Waiting in Your Welfare Line
Sam's Place
I'll Give You Love
Hello Trouble
Wipe Out
Just as Long as You Love Me
Swingin' Doors
Tiger by the Tail
Streets of Bakersfield
Johnny B. Goode
They Call Me a Playboy
Big in Vegas
I'm Gonna Have Love


George Strait 03/03/82 Lonestar Cafe New York City, NY @ 320

01 Miss Molly
02 Why Baby Why
03 Her Goodbye Hit Me In the Heart
04 That's What I Like About The South
05 Down And Out
06 Home In San Antone
07 Fool Hearted Memory
08 The New Never Wore Off My Old Lady
09 Corina Corina
10 You Otta Seen Me As A Kid
11 If You're Looking For A Stranger


Thursday, February 28, 2008

R. L. Burnside 05/05/96 Bealse Street Music Festival Memphis TN @ 320

R.L. Burnside - Guitar & Vocals
Cedric Burnside - Drums
Kenny Brown - Guitar

Old Black Mattie
Fireman Ring The Bell
Long Hair Doney
Shake Em On Down
Boogie Chillin
Walking Blues
Blues & Trouble
Miss Alice B
Going Down South
Poor Boy
Track 11(1)
Snake Drive


Buddy Guy 09/21/01 Lupo's Providence USA Soundboard @ 320

01 I Just Wanna Make Love To You
02 Sweet Little Angel
03 Little By Little
04 Feels Like Rain
05 Louisiana Blues
06 Boom Boom
07 Man Of Many Words
08 You Don't have to Go
09 Strange Brew
10 Cheaper To Keep Her
11 Damn Roght I Got The Blues
12 Drowning On Dry Land


Robert Cray 05/89 Paramount Theater Springfield MA King Biscuit Flower Hour PreFM @ 320

01 Intro
02 I Guess I Showed Her
03 Smokin' Gun
04 The Last Time
05 More Than I Can Stand
06 Don't You Even Care
07 Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
08 I Can't Go Home
09 DJ
10 Playin' In The Dirt
11 Right Next Door
12 Promo


Albert King 06/27/71 Fillmore East NYC, NY WNEW FM @ 320

WNEW FM Broadcast private show by invitation only - last show at the Fillmore East. Closing Night for the general public was the night before.

01 Intro By Bill Graham
02 Knock On Wood (Instrumental)
03 Blues Power
04 Crosscut Saw
05 Personal Manager
06 Instrumental Jam


BB King 04/09/78 Paul's Maul Boston WBCN FM @ 320

Legendary show broadcast on Boston's WBCN from the closing of Paul's Maul.

01 Intro Jam
02 Caldonia
03 How Blue Can You Get
04 Cryin Won't Help You
05 Why I Sing The Blues
06 Everyday I Have The Blues
07 3 O'Clock Blues
08 Everything Gonna Be Alright
09 I Need You Baby


Albert Collins And Buddy Guy 04/09/93 The Warner Theater Washington DC Soundboard @ 320

Click on the artwork for full size.

Performance Notes:Tracks 1-8 is the Albert Collins performance; Track 9-17 is Buddy Guy's performance. The recording is flawless with a great sound throughout. Each set of performers is listed with the respective set lists.

There's nothing like a fantastic set of Chicago Blues by two of the great Chicago blues masters of our time. Each set shows a different side of Chicago Blues, with the Albert Collins set featuring brass and Buddy Guy's set featuring both rock and blues tunes. The guitar work is blistering, mixed with funk, scorching leads, traditional blues and a nod to SRV. If you are a fan of the blues, you'll want this great double set.

Disc 1 Albert Collins (52:12)
01. Trying to Work my way back home- 4:18
02. If Trouble Was Money- 9:22
03. Put Your Shoe On The Wrong Foot- 5:47
04. Same Old Thing- 7:03
05. Things I Used To Do- 6:09
06. Head Rag- 9:58
07. I Ain't Drunk- 5:48
08. You Talk Too Much- 3:47

Albert Collins- Vocals, Guitar
Pete Thoennes- Guitar
Jon Smith- Tenor Sax
Jeff Robbins- Tenor Sax
Steve Howard- Trumpet
Bobby Alexis- Organ
Johnny B. Gayden- Bass
Marty Binder- Drums

Disc 2 Buddy Guy (67:57)
09. Mary Had A Little Lamb- 3:15
10. Sweet Little Angel- 11:31
11. I Just Want To Make Love To You Medley- 8:42
12. Stormy Monday- 4:49
13. Someone Else Is Slippin' In- 4:55
14. Sweet Home Chicago- 7:52
15. Hoochie Coochie Man Medley- 9:25
16. Mustang Sally- 4:30
17. Knock On Wood- 12:58

Buddy Guy- Vocals, Guitar
Scott Holt- Guitar
John Cady- Keyboards
Greg Rzab- Bass
Calvin Johnson- Drums

Professor Longhair 08/23/75 Philadelphia Folk Festival Soundboard @ 320

This is the great Professor Longhair at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. There is some repetition among songs, which leads me to think that it is from two different sets at the Festival.

01 Doing It
02 Instrumental
03 Stag-O-Lee
04 Instrumental
05 Everyday I Have The Blues
06 Bald Head
07 Bye Bye Baby
08 Hey Now Baby
09 Doing It
10 Instrumental
11 Tipitina
12 Mess Around
13 Bright Lights Big City
14 Stag-O -Lee
15 Hay Now Baby
16 Bye Bye Baby
17 Bald Head
18 Doing It


Magic Sam 1969 Mandrake's @ 320

01. San Ho-zay
02. All Your Love
03. You Don't Love Me
04. Instrumental
05. Mama Talk to your Daughter
06. I need your Love so Bad
07. I Feel So Good
08. Love me or Leave Me
09. Boogie then a Johnnie Morris Song
10.That's All I Need
11. I Don't Want no Woman
12. I've Got Papers on you Baby
13.Lookin' Good
14. You Done Lost your Good thing No
15. Hideaway Jam
16. Sweet Home Chicago


Jellyfish 10/90 Club Lingerie Hollywood, CA MP4 Video

Club Lingerie
Hollywood, CA
Oct. 1990

1. Hello Hello

2. Calling Sara

3. The King Is Half Undressed

4. I wanna Stay Home

5. Sugar and Spice

6. Bye, Bye, Bye

7. She Still Loves Him

8. Will You Marry Me?

9. Now She Knows She's Wrong

10. Requests

11. Baby's Coming Back

12. MTV Theme

13. Mr. Late

14. No Matter What

15. All I Want Is Everything

16. Man I used To Be

Creedence Clearwater Revival 04/14/70 Royal Albert Hall London England MP4 Video

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Royal Albert Hall
London, England
April 14 1970

1 Born On The Bayou
2 Green River
3 Tombstone Shadow
4 Travelin' Band
5 Fortunate Son
6 Commotion
7 Midnight Special
8 Bad Moon Rising
9 Proud Mary
10 The Night Time is the Right Time
11 Good Golly Miss Molly
12 Keep On Chooglin'

John Fogerty: Guitar and Vocals
Tom Fogerty: Guitar
Stu Cook: Bass
Doug Clifford: Drums

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Stray Cats 1983 US Festival Australia Broadcast VIDEO MP4

01 StrayCats Intro

02 StrayCats Baby Blue Eyes

03 StrayCats Double Talkin Baby

04 StrayCats Rumble In Brighton

05 StrayCats Drink That Bottle Down

06 StrayCats Come On Everybody

07 StrayCats Rev It Up And Go

08 StrayCats Stray Cat Strut

09 StrayCats LOnely Summer Nights

10 StrayCats Fish Net Stockings

11 StrayCats Rock This Town

12 StrayCats Something Else

The Raconteurs 08/27/06 Leeds Festival U.K. MP4 Video

01 Fistfull Of Dollars

02 Intimate Secretary

03 Level

04 Steady As She Goes

05 Together

06 Floating

07 Store Bought Bones

08 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

09 Broken Boy Shoulders

10 The Christian Life

11 Blue Veins

12 Headin For The Texas Border

13 5 On 5

14 Hands

Echo And The Bunnymen 07/18/83 Royal Albert Hall London Bootleg Video

01 Intro

02 Going Up

03 With A Hip

04 All That Jazz

05 All My Colours (Zimbo)

06 Silver

07 The Cutter

08 The Killing Moon

09 The Rescue

10 Never Stop

11 Over The Wall

12 Crocodiles

13 Do It Clean

Arcade Fire Reading Festival And Rock en Seine IPod Bootleg Video

Great sound. Great video.

08/25/07 Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK BBC4 Broadcast

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01 Keep The Car Running

02 No Cars Go

03 Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

04 Intervention

05 Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

06 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

07 Rebellion (Lies)

08 Wake Up

08/24/07 Rock en Seine, Paris, France

01 Keep The Car Running

02 Interview

03 Windowsill

04 No Cars Go

Social Distortion 03/30/97 Philipshalle Düsseldorf Rockpalast IPod Bootleg Video

Awesome video quality
Excellent sound

01 Under My Thumb

02 Don't Drag Me Down

03 Untitled

04 Can't Run No More

05 Another State Of Mind

06 Mommy's Little Monster

07 I Was Wrong

08 Ring Of Fire

Amy Winehouse 07/20/07 Somerset House London IPod Video Bootleg

Interview segments hosted by Kelly Osbourne (yep!)

01 Intro/Interview

02 Back To Black

03 Interview

04 Rehab

05 Interview

06 Tears Dry On Their Own

07 Interview

08 Valerie

Talking Heads 12/75 CBGB's NYC IPod Video Bootleg

This is a show opener at CBGB's for the band 'TELEVISION'

The Band:
David Byrne: Guitar and Vocals
Tina Weymouth: Bass
Chris Frantz: Drums

Black and White video. A little grainy in places. Nice sound. A very historic piece.

01 Psycho Killer

02 Tentative Decisions

03 With Our Love

04 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That

05 I'm Not In Love

06 96 Tears

07 No Compassion

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts 05/28/82 Dortmund Westfahlenhalle Germany IPod Video Bootleg

Johnny Cash Rapidshare Blogspot 12/08/94 Frank Erwin Center University Of Texas Austin Tx Soundboard @ 320

Click on image for full size.
01 Folsom Prison Blues
02 Got Rhythm
03 Sunday Morning Comin Down
04 Ghost Riders In The Sky
05 O' Bury Me Not
06 Continued
07 Big River
08 I Walk The Line
09 I Still Miss Someone
10 Man In Black
11 The Alamo
12 Orange Blossom Special
13 Death And Hell
14 Delia
15 A Bird On A Wire
16 The Beast In Me
17 Tennessee Stud
18 Down There By The Train
19 Drive On
20 Ring Of Fire
01 Jackson
02 If I Were A Carpenter
03 It Ain't Me
04 Live Forever
05 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
06 The Next Time In Town
07 I Don't Like It
08 The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
09 Home Of The Blues
10 Long Black Veil
11 A Boy Named Sue
12 Jam
13 Peace In The Valley
14 Outro

Willie Nelson Rapidshare Bootleg 09/11/84 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Soundboard @ 320

01 Whiskey River
02 Stay A Little Longer
03 Funny How Time Slips Away
04 Crazy
05 Night Life
06 Down Yonder / Bad Intro
07 If You Got The Money Honey
08 Sweet Memories
09 Workin Man Blues
10 Help Me Make It Through The Night
11 Me And Bobbie McGee
12 Lovin You Is Easier
13 Blood Mary Mornin
14 ????
15 Blues Eyes Cryin
16 Red Headed Stranger
17 Time Of The Preacher Theme
18 Under The Double Eagle
19 Blue Skies
20 Georgia
21 All Odf Me
22 Stardust
23 My Heroes Have Always Been Couboys / Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
24 Angel Flying Too CLose To The Ground
01 On The Raod Again
02 You Were Always On My Mind
03 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
04 Amazing Grace
05 Uncloudy Day ...
06 ... Uncloudy Day
07 Instrumental Exit Vamp
08 Crowd
09 Who'll Buy My Memories
10 Write Your Own Songs
11 City Of New Orleans
12 All The Girls I've Loved
13 Whiskey River


Willie Nelson And Merle Haggard Live at La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX, 1997 @ 192

Funny How Time Slips Away
I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink
Big City
The Silver Eagle
Love is King
Fiddle Solo
Be My Valentine
Old Fashioned Love
I Can Fly
Rosetta (take two)
I'm Not Trying to Forget You Anymore
Look What Thoughts Will Do
I Want To Be With You Always
If You Got The Money Honey I Got the Time
Pancho And Lefty
Reasons to Quit
Cotton College Song
On The Road Again
Why Do I Have to Choose
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Whiskey River
Silver Wings
Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
I've Got No Reason to Quit
I Gotta Get Drunk
I'm the Man With the Blues
Blues Song
I've Got the Money if You Got the Time


The Highwaymen Live in Los Angeles, CA, 1996 @ 192

Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash/Kris Kristofferson

It Is What It is
Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line
Folsom Prison Blues
Me and Bobby McGee
Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain
Live Forever
I've Always Been Crazy
Ring of Fire
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Band Introduction
Make it Through the Night
Still is Still Movin to Me
Everybody Gets Crazy Now and Then
Will the Wolf Survive
Get Rhythm
Shipwrecked in the EIghties
Undo the Wrong > Wild Ones
Ain't No Good Chain Gang
Bird on a Wire
Here Comes the Rainbow
An End to Understanding
Ghost Riders in the Sky
Orange Blossom Special
Between Heaven and Here
Night Life
Good Hearted Woman
Chase the Feeling
Desperados Waiting for a Train
Always On My Mind
Big River > I Do Believe > Death & Hell
Why Me Lord


Johnny Winter Bootleg Rapidshare 04/27/85 Key Largo New York Soundboard @ 320

01 Succotash
02 Killing Floor
03 Ain't Just Like A Woman
04 Hi-Heel Sneakers
05 Boot Hill
06 Roll Over Beethoven
07 Okie Dokie Stomp


Robert Cray Bootleg Rapidshare 05/23/98 Jam On The River Philadelphia PA Soundboard @ 320

01 Intro
02 Nothing Against You
03 Shiver All Over
04 I'll Go On
05 I Can't Quit
06 Right Next Door
07 Reconsider Baby
08 Our Last Time
09 The One In The Middle
10 Stay Or Go
11 Band Intros
12 Smokin Gun
13 Phone Booth
14 I Was Warned


R. L. Burnside Rapidshare Bootleg 04/29/00 Double Decker Arts Festival Oxford MS Soundboard @ 320

01 Poor Black Mattie
02 Long Haired Doney
03 Fireman Ring The Bell
04 Boogie Chillen
05 Shake Em On Down
06 Walkin Blues
07 Story Time
08 Whiskey And Women
09 Poor Boy
10 Goin Down South
11 Jumper On The Line
12 Goin Away Baby
13 Dust My Broom
14 Let My Baby Ride
15 Hoochie Coochie Man


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Velvet Underground 10/19/69 End Of Cole Ave. Dallas Texas @ VBR

Click on the artwork for full size

Originally a limited numbered edition, packaged in a violet velvet pouch. Reissued in 1994 without number. There is also a 1994 reissue, Aulica Deluxe 9430.22, limited numbered edition in Chinese silk box without photos or liner notes but with different pictures on the disc. Small club recording with excellent sound quality - part of this set was used for the official 1969 Live album. Definitely another must-have.

01 I'm Waiting For the Man
02 It's Just Too Much
03 I'll Be Your Mirror
04 Some Kinda Love
05 Femme Fatale
06 Beginning To See the Light
07 I'm Set Free
08 After Hours
09 I'm Sticking With You
10 Head Held High
11 Pale Blue Eyes
12 Ocean
13 What Goes On
14 Heroin
1. Sister Ray 10/18
2. Lisa Says 10/18
3. Rock and Roll 10/18
4. Blue Velvet Jazz Jam 10/18

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Pink Floyd 04/29/70 FIllmore West HRV CDR016 - Interstellar Fillmore @ 320

Click on the artwork for full size


Recorded live 29 April 1970 at the Fillmore West, San Francisco, California. (Be careful not to confuse this set with the Floyd's studio appearance at KQED, which was videotaped earlier on the same day and which has been widely circulated.)

This show has been circulating for many years as an incomplete soundboard recording in excellent quality, missing the beginning of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" and all but the first minutes of "A Saucerful of Secrets". It has been one of the most bootlegged concerts in Pink Floyd's career, with many previous RoIOs released under real and fictitious dates (one of the most common claiming to be live at Winterland on 21 October 1970). However, Interstellar Encore trumped those earlier releases by interpolating a second source, recorded from the audience and also in excellent quality, that includes the full "A Saucerful of Secrets" and the previously-unknown encore, a powerful performance of "Interstellar Overdrive" (which gives this RoIO its title). Also included are some between-song conversations which were missing on earlier releases. Interstellar Encore does not, however, include the first half of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", which reportedly is on the audience source but suffers from severe tape speed problems.

Harvested Records has remastered this show, removing a chirping noise that plagues certain sections of the recording, and released it as Interstellar Fillmore. Other CDR releases of this show are numerous, and the complete "second source" (audience tape) is available in Pink Floyd trading circles, though hard to find.

Grantchester Meadows
Astronomy Domine
Atom Heart Mother
Green is the Colour
Careful With That Axe Eugene
Set The Controls
A Saucerful of Secrets
Interstellar Overdrive

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The Rolling Stones 12/14/81 Kemper Arena Kansas City @ 320

01 Under My Thumb
02 When The Whip Comes Down
03 Let's Spend The Night Together
04 Shattered
05 Neighbors
06 Black Limousine
07 Just My Imagination
08 Twenty Flight Rock
09 Going To A Go Go
10 Let Me Go
11 Time Is On My Side
12 Beast Of Burden
13 Waiting On A Friend
14 Let It Bleed
01 You Can't Always Get What You Want
02 Band Introduction
03 Little T&A
04 Tumbling Dice
05 She's So Cold
06 Hang Fire
07 Miss You
08 Honky Tonk Women
09 Brown Sugar
10 Start Me Up
11 Jumping Jack Flash
12 Satisfaction
13 Star Spangled Banner

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The Byrds 01/04/70 Fillmore West Concerts San Francisco Both Shows @ 320

d101 You Ain't Going Nowhere
d102 Feel A Whole Lot Better
d103 Old Blue
d104 You All Look Alike
d105 Positively 4th Street
d106 Jesus Is Just Alright
d107 Mr. Spaceman
d108 It's All Over Now Baby Blue
d109 Soldier's Joy
d110 Turn! Turn! Turn!
d111 Mr. Tambourine Man
d112 Eight Miles High - Improvisation
d113 Eight Miles High
d114 Hold It
d201 Tune Up
d202 Feel A Whole Lot Better
d203 This Wheels On Fire
d204 Positively 4th Street
d205 Roll Over Beethoven
d206 Honky Tonk Medley
d207 So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star
d208 You Don't Miss Your Water
d209 Jesus Is Just Alright
d210 Nashville West
d211 Turn! Turn! Turn!
d212 Mr. Tambourine Man
d213 Eight Miles High
d214 He Was A friend Of Mine
d215 Hold It

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Lou Reed Leave Me Alone Live @ 320

01 Introduction / Jam *
02 Sweet Jane *
03 Coney Island Baby *
04 I Believe In Love **
05 Lisa Says **
06 Kicks **
07 She’s My Best Friend **
08 I’m Waiting For The Man **
09 Sheltered Life **
10 The Kids **
11 Claim To Fame *
12 Vicious Circle **
13 Walk On the Wild Side **
14 Rock And Roll Heart **
15 Charley’s Girl **
16 Kill Your Sons **
17 Satellite Of Love **
18 How Do You Think It Feels **
19 You Wear It So Well **
20 Oh, Jim **
21 Berlin **
22 Ladies Pay
23 Heroin **
24 Leave Me Alone ***

* Albany, NY – 16 November 1976
** Akron, OH – 23 October 1976
*** Christchurch, New Zealand – 08 March 1975 ???

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Patti Smith 1979-08-11 CBGB's, NYC @ 320

D1t01 Glass Factory
D1t02 Redondo Beach
D1t03 Song For Jim Morrison
D1t04 Kimberly
D1t05 Dancing Barefoot
D1t06 Space Monkey
D1t07 Privilege
D1t08 25th Floor
D1t09 Cold Turkey
D1t10 For Your Love
D1t11 Revenge
D2t01 Frederick
D2t02 Seven Ways Of Going
D2t03 Poppies
D2t04 All Along The Watchtower
D2t05 The Spider And The Fly
D2t06 Rock And Roll Star
D2t07 5 4 3 2 1
D2t08 Twist And Shout
D2t09 My Generation

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The Clash 11/27/82 Bob Marley Centre Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica COMPLETE VERSION @ 320

I've heard at least three other versions of this show. They either had Straight To Hell or I Fought The Law missing or with cuts. This version of the show is complete.

London Calling
Police On My Back
The Guns of Brixton
The Magnificent Seven
Armagideon Time
The Magnificent Seven (reprise)
Junco Partner
Spanish Bombs
One More Time
Train in Vain
This is Radio Clash
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Rock the Casbah
Straight to Hell
I Fought the Law

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Elvis Costello 1978 Live At The El Mocambo @ 320

Mystery Dance
Waiting For The End Of The World
Welcome To The Working Week
Less Than Zero
The Beat
Lip Service
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
Little Triggers
Radio Radio
Lipstick Vogue
Watching The Detectives
Miracle Man
You Belong To Me
Pump It Up

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Neil Young And Crazy Horse 03/03/76 Aichken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan Audience REMASTER @ 320

Click on image for full size.

The original is a good raw sounding recording, but with shrill treble, phasey balanceoffset and little bass / background ambience, all of which have now been fixed (above).

Now it is a wonderful listen, especially the solo tracks, with good clear instruments,excellent stereo image and improved bass / background ambience...

01 Intro
02 Tell Me Why
03 Mellow My Mind
04 After The Gold Rush
05 Too Far Gone
06 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
07 A Man Needs A Maid
08 No One Seems To Know
09 Heart Of Gold
10 Intro
11 Country Home
12 Band Intro
13 Don't Cry No Tears
14 Down By The River
15 Lotta Love
16 Like A Hurricane
17 The Losing End
18 Drive Back
19 Southern Man
20 Cinnamon Girl
21 Announcememnt
22 Cortez The Killer


Neil Young And Crazy Horse 03/08/76 Kyudenkinen Taiikukan, Fukuoka, Japan Audience @ 320

Click on the image for full size.

This is another show of 1976 Japanese Tour and is from a previously uncirculatedmaster. I think this is a transfer direct from the original cassette masters. The quality is absolutely famous for an audience recording. Not perfect.

01 Tell Me Why
02 Mellow My Mind
03 After The Gold Rush
04 Too Far Gone
05 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
06 A Man Needs A Made
07 No One Seems To Know
08 Heart Of Gold
09 Country Home
10 Don't Cry No Tears
11 Down By The River
12 Lotta Love
13 Like A Hurricane
14 The Losing End
15 Drive Back
16 Southern Man
17 Cortez The Killer
18 Cinnamon Girl


Led Zeppelin 04/71 Paris Studios London Westwood One Superstar Concert Series FM @ 320

Click on the image for full size.
01 Intro/Commercials/Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker/Commercials
02 Black Dog/Communication Breakdown/Commercials
03 Stairway To Heaven/Commercials
04 Whole Lotta Love/Commercials
05 Show Promo


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Neil Young 12/05/70 Carnegie Hall New York NY Soundboard @ 320

Click on image for full size.

Fade in/outs between tracks. It seems like some banter is lost.

01 Down By The River
02 Cinnamon Girl
03 I Am A Child
04 Expecting To Fly
05 The Loner
06 Wondering
07 Helpless
08 Southern Man
09 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
10 On The Way Home
11 Tell Me Why
12 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
13 Old Man
14 After The Gold Rush
15 Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
16 Don't Let It Bring You Down
17 Cowgirl In The Sand
18 Birds
19 Bad Fog Of Loneliness
20 Ohio
21 See The Sky About To Rain


T. Rex 03/18/77 Rainbow Theatre London England Soundboard @ 320

Click on the artwork for fullsize.
02.Visions Of Domino
03.New York City
04.Soul Of My Suit
05.Groove A Little
06.Telegram Sam
07.Hang Ups
09.I Love To Boogie
10.Teen Riot Structure
11.Dandy In The Underworld
12.Hot Love
13.Get It On (with the Damned)
14.Jeepster (Bonus)
15.Telegram Sam (Bonus)
16.Token Of My Love (Bonus)
17.Teenage Dream (Bonus)
18.Zip Gun Boogie (Bonus)


Cheap Trick 05/20/94 Kanagwa Kenmin Hall Yokohama Japan Soundboard @ 320

01 Intro
02 My Gang
03 Southern Girls
04 Girlfriends
05 I Want You To Want Me
06 Woke Up With A Monster
07 Didn't Know What I Had
08 Clock Strikes Ten
09 Never Run Out Of Love
10 I Know What I Want
11 Magical Myster Tour
12 Ain't That A Shame
13 Robin Zander Intro
14 The Flame
15 You're All I Wanna Do
16 Surrender
17 Voices
18 California Man
19 Dream Police
20 Goodnight Now


Mark Knopfler 10/06/96 Copenhagen Soundboard @ 320

02-Darling pretty
03-Walk of life
05-The bug
07-Je suis desole
08-Calling Elvis
09-I'm the fool
10-Last exit to Brooklyn
11-Romeo and Juliet
12-Sultans of Swing
01-Done with Bonaparte
02-Father and Son
03-Golden Heart
05-Telegraph Road
06-Brothers in arms
07-Money for nothing
08-Ole ole
09-Long highway
10-Going home


Blue Oyster Cult 06/15/81 Spit Levittown, New York WLIR FM @ 320

01 Dr. Music
02 ETI
03 Burnin For You
04 Fire Of Unknown Origin
05 Cities On Flame
06 Joan Crawford
07 Flaming Telepaths
08 Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
09 Me262
10 Hot Rails To Hell
11 Godzilla
12 Born To Be Wild
13 Heavy Metal
14 Don't Fear The Reaper
15 Roadhouse Blues


Roxy Music 08/02/80 Wembley Arena Last Night Of Flesh And Blood Tour Soundboard Remaster @ 320

01 South Downs
02 The Bogus Man
03 Trash
04 Both Ends Burning
05 Rain Rain Rain
06 Flesh ANd Blood
07 Oh Yeah
08 A SOng For Europe
09 Dance Away
10 The Same Old Scene
11 My Only Love
12 Over You
13 Eight Miles High
14 Love Is The Drug
15 The Thrill Of It All
16 Do The Strand
17 Editions Of You


Jane's Addiction 10/25/03 Elysee Montmartre Paris France FM @ 320

01.Up The Beach
03.Ain't No Right
04.True Nature
05.Been Caught Stealing
06.Three Days
07.Everybody's Friend
08.Just Because
10.The Riches
11.Ocean Size
12.Mountain Song
13.Jane Says


Flaming Lips 07/29/87 Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill NC USA Soundboard @ 320

01 Intro
02 One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning
03 Just Like Before
04 With You
05 Unplugged
06 Charlie Manson Blues
07 Death Valley 69
08 Seven Chinese Brothers
09 Maximum Dream Of Evel Knievel
10 Staring At Sound
11 Prescription Love
12 Scratching The Door/Break On Thru/Who Do You Love/Rock On/A Day In The Life/Scratching The Door/Communication Breakdown
13 Summertime Blues


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Billy Squier Boston 1981 FM @ 320

01 In The Dark
02 Rich Kid
03 My Kind Of Lover
04 Whadda You Want From ME
05 Lonely Is The Night
06 Young Girls
07 I Need You
08 The Stroke
09 Too Daze Gone
10 The Big Beat