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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sheryl Crow Live on Austin City Limits, 1997 @ 192

Every Day is a Winding Road
Hard to Make a Stand
Leaving Las Vegas
A Change
Run, Baby, Run
If It Makes You Happy
Redemption Day
Strong Enough
Sweet Rosalyn
I Shall Believe


Faith No More 10/31/90 Summer Festival Libourne (France) @ VBR

Intro/From Out Of Nowhere
Introduce Yourself
The Real Thing/Underwater Love
Zombie Eaters
Edge Of The World
Chinese Arithmetic
We Care A Lot
Sweet Dreams/Surprise You're Dead
Woodpecker From Mars


I Be Back!

I'm here to bring YOU all of my love. XXXOOO

Jimmy Page And The Black Crowes 10/19/99 Greek Theater LA CA @ 320

Ten Years Gone (rehearsal)
You Shook Me (rehearsal)
Celebration Day
Custard Pie
Sick Again
No Speak No Slave
What Is And What Should Never Be
Hard To Handle
Woke Up This Morning
Ten Years Gone
In My Time Of Dying
Your Time Is Gonna Come
The Lemon Song
Sloppy Drunk
Shapes Of Things
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Hey Hey What Can I do
You Shook Me
Out On The Tiles
Whole Lotta Love


The Cult 1993 The Marquee London @ 128

Lil' Devil
Horse Nation
Zap City
Brother Wolf, Sister Moon
The Phoenix
Wild Flower
She Sells Sanctuary
Full Tilt
(amplification breakdown)
Peace Dog
Love Removal Machine
Earth Mofo
Fire Woman


Alternate Link

The Jayhawks 1995-05-26 Frutigen, Switzerland @ 256

01. Two Angels
02. I'd Run Away
03. Red_s Song
04. See Him On The Street
05. Ten Little Kids
06. Two Hearts
07. If You Really want Me Yo (I_ll G
08. Blue
09. Waiting For The Sun
10. Sioux City
11. Over my Shoulder
12. Bad Time
13. Ms. Williams' Guitar
14 Lights


Friday, September 21, 2007

On Vacation Until 9/30

I be in dah Bahamas, mon. Some Eleuthera dreamin' be comin' my way.

Faith No More 1997 Bizarre Fest, Germany @ 320

Midlife Crisis
Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Last Cup Of Sorrow
I'm Easy
Home Sick Home
Introduce Yourself
Naked In Front Of The Computer
King For A Day
Ashes To Ashes
Got That Feeling
Just A Man
I Started A Joke
We Care A Lot
Be Aggressive


Meat Puppets 09/01/88 Live on SNAP @ VBR

Intro>In Love
Wish Upon A Stone
Light>Touchdown King
Bali Hai
Automatic Mojo
He'll Have To Go>Magic Toy Missing
Pass Me By


The Rolling Stones Live in Chicago IL, 1997 @192

It's Only Rock'N'Roll
Let's Spend The Night Together
Anybody Seen My baby
19th Nervous Breakdown
Out Of Control
Web Vote Announcement
Under My Thumb
Miss You
Band Introductions
All About You
I Wanna Hold You
Little Queenie
Let It Bleed
The Last Time
Sympathy For The Devil
Tumbling Dice
Honky Tonk Women
You Got Me Rocking
Start Me Up
Jumping Jack Flash
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Brown Sugar


Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler Live in London, 1987 @ 192

White Room
I Shot the Sheriff
Hung Up On Your Love
Wonderful Tonight
Miss You
Same Old Blues
Tearing Us Apart
Holy Mother
Badge / Let it Rain
Money For Nothing
Sunshine of Your Love


U2 Live at the Orpheum Theater, Boston MA, 1983 @ 192

Out Of Control
An Cat Dubh - Into The Heart
Two Hearts Beat As One
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Cry - Electric Co.
I Fall Down
New Year's Day
I Threw A Brick Through A Window
A Day Without Me
Party Girl
11 O'Clock Tick Tock
I Will Follow


Bob Dylan And The Grateful Dead Live in Eugene OR, 1987

Maggie's Farm
Dead Man, Dead Man
Watching The River Flow
Simple Twist Of Fate
The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
Heart Of Mine
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Highway 61 Revisited
Tangled Up In Blue


Crosby, Stills, And Nash, And Young Live at the Fillmore East, 1970 @ 192

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
On The Way Home
Teach Your Children
Tell Me Why
Simple Man
King Midas In Reverse
The Loner>Cinnamon Girl>Down By The River
Black Queen
4 + 20
49 Bye-Byes/America's Children
Love The One You're With
Pre-Road Downs
Long Time Gone
Helplessly Hoping
As I Come Of Age
Southern Man
Carry On
Find The Cost Of Freedom


Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Link For 38 Special

38 Special 1984 Dallas @ 256

Silos, please.

Somewhere out there in the ether, someone has a kick-ass Silos show. I know it. Feed me.

Jellyfish Fanclub AAC IPod Format Only @ 256

Disc One The BELLYBUTTON Demos, 1988-'89

1.The Man I Used To Be
2.Bedspring Kiss
4.Now She Knows She's Wrong
5.Queen Of The U.S.A.
6.Always Be My Girl
7.I Wanna Stay Home
8.Let This Dream Never End
9.Season Of The Witch
10.That Girl's A Man
11.Calling Sarah
12.All I Want Is Everything
13.Bye Bye Love
14.She Still Loves Him
15.Baby's Coming Back
16.The King Is Half-Undressed


Disc Two The BELLYBUTTON Tour (a.k.a. "The Innie Through The Outtie Tour") 1990-'91

1.MTV Top Of The Hour
2.(Much Music, Canada)
3.The King Is Half-Undressed (live at the Roxy)
4.Sugar And Spice (live at the Roxy)
5.(91X, San Diego)
6.Two All-Beef Patties (live at the Roxy)
7.Mr. Late (live at the Roxy)
8.No Matter What (live at the Roxy)
9.All I Want Is Everything (live at the Roxy)
10.(Much Music, Canada)
11.Hold Your Head Up / Hello (live at Bogart's)
12.Calling Sarah (live at Bogart's)
13.She Still Loves Him (live at Bogart's)
14.Will You Marry Me (live at Bogart's)
15.Baby Come Back / Baby's Coming Back (live at Bogart's)
16.Now She Knows She's Wrong (live at Bogart's)
17.Let 'Em In / That Is Why (live at Bogart's)
18.Jet (live at the Hard Rock)
19.(Much Music, Canada)
20.The King Is Half-Undressed (live at Wembley)
21.Baby's Coming Back (live at Wembley)
22.I Wanna Stay Home (live at Wembley)
23.She Still Loves Him (live at Wembley)
24.All I Want Is Everything (live at Wembley)


Disc Three The SPILT MILK Demos, 1991-'92

1.(World Cafe)
2.SPILT MILK intro
4.Joining A Fan Club
5.Sebrina, Paste And Plato
6.New Mistake
7.Glutton Of Sympathy
8.The Ghost At Number One
9.All Is Forgiven
10.Russian Hill
11.He's My Best Friend
12.Family Tree
13.SPILT MILK outro
14.Ignorance Is Bliss
15.Worthless Heart
16.Watchin' The Rain
17.I Need Love
18.I Don't Believe You
19.Long Time Ago
20.Runnin' For Our Lives
21.Fan Club message


Disc Four The SPILT MILK Tour, 1993

1.Glutton Of Sympathy (live rehearsal)
2.Baby's Coming Back (live on Dutch TV)
3.That Is Why (live on World Cafe)
4.The Ghost At Number One (live on World Cafe)
5.Joining A Fan Club (live on World Cafe)
6.(World Cafe)
7.I Can Hear The Grass Grow (live on Australian radio)
8.New Mistake (live on Japanese radio)
9.Eleanor Rigby (live on Japanese TV)
10.S.O.S. (live on Japanese TV)
11.S.O.S. (live at Club Quatro, Japan)
12.All Is Forgiven (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
13.Sebrina, Paste And Plato (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
14.Joining A Fan Club (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
15.The Ghost At Number One (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
16.The Man I Used To Be (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
17.Glutton Of Sympathy (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
18.New Mistake (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
19.Think About Your Troubles


Gin Blossoms 1993 Live In The USA @ 192

01 Hey Jealousy
02 What
03 Allison Road
04 Until I Fall Away
05 Just South Of Nowhere
06 Hold Me Down
07 Mrs Rita
08 Cheatin'
09 Idiot Summer
10 Just South Of Nowhere (Alternativ
11 Soul Deep
12 It's Not Too Much
13 Cheatin' (Alternative Version)
14 Wasting My Time
15 Mrs Rita (Alternative Version)
16 2917 Standing In The Wheat


Alternate Link

The Jayhawks Sweden 3/29/95 @ 256

Waiting For The Sun
Empty Arms
Ten Little Kids
Martin's Song
Nothing Left To Borrow
See Him On The Street
Settled Down Like Rain
Two Hearts
Sister Cry
Real Light
Miss Williams' Guitar
Down To My Last Cigarette (?)
Take A Load Out Mama
Sing Me Back Home


The Church 12/24/88 In Concert @ 128

01 When You Were Mine
02 Blood Money
03 North South East and West
04 Hotel Womb
05 Under The Milky Way
06 Reptile
07 Tantalized
08 It Doesn't Change


The Verve 05/24/98 Live At Haigh Hall @ 192

01 - This Is Music
02 - Space And Time
03 - Catching The Butterfly
04 - Sonnet
05 - The Rolling People
06 - Neon Wilderness
07 - Weeping Willow
08 - The Drugs Don`t Work
09 - Lucky Man
10 - Velvet Morning
11 - BItter Sweet Symphony
12 - One Day
13 - History
14 - Life`s An Ocean
15 - Come On


Faith No More 1995-04-27 The Palladium, Hollywood, CA @ 320

Digging The Grave
Midlife Crisis
We Care A Lot
Zombie/Creeping Death


The Shins

Since there wasn't a overwhelming response for a Shins Megapost, I will do a Shins Trickle Post. A spurt of Shins if you please.

01/12/07 Live WXPN Philadelphia @ 192

Phantom Limb
Know Your Onion
Gone For Good


01/17/03 Live KXCI Tucson @ 192

Caring Is Creepy
Pressed In A Book
Those Bold City Girls
When I Goose-Step


01/31/04 Live KEXP Seattle @ 192

Caring Is Creepy
Kissing The Lipless
Pressed In A Book
Saint Simon
So Says I


Sublime Psycho Semantic Police (bumS Lie) @ 160

One Cup Of Coffee/Judge Not
JustIce / DJs
Freeway Version
Lazer Beam
New World Jamaica
Greatest Hits
Saw Red Bandelero
Under My Voodoo
Pool Shark
Seven Inches with Wesley
Get Out!
13 & Fat
Boss DJ
Greasy Lesbian HB Fight
I Aint No Prophet


Sublime LBC 90804 @ 128

Get Out (Original)
Date Rape
Superstar Punani
Pool Shark
Don't Push
We're Only Gonna Die
Doin' Time (Remix)
Ebin (demo)
Hong Kong Phooey
Jailhouse (live)
TrenchTown Rock
Legalize it
Rivers Of Babylon
Total Hate
No Doubt - DJ's (live)
We're Only Gonna Die
Step Into A World


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shins Anyone?

Is there any interest in a Shins Super Megapost? Almost more Shins bootlegs than you can listen to before you die?

New Link For Neil Young

Neil Young Live in Saratoga NY, 1997 @ 192

From The Archives

The White Stripes 06/14/07 Wireless Festival London 2007 @ 192
The Who Rockpalast 81 @ 192
Living Colour 12/08/90 Live from Electric Ladyland Studios @ 320
Los Lobos 12/10/84 King Biscuit Flower Hour 1977 Cincinnatti Ohio @ 320
J. Geils Band 04/21/79 Rockpalast Grugahalle Essen, Germany @ 320
Van Morrison November 26 1978 The Roxy, LA @ 320
Eric Clapton Bottom Dollar - Santa Monica 02-11-1978 @ 192
Elvis Costello 1978 Live At The El Mocambo @ 320
Sonic Youth 1996-04-07 - Hallucinogenic Preserve @ 320
Hoodoo Gurus 09/28/89 Lyon France @ 320
Screaming Trees 03/21/97 Olympia Washington @ 320
The Band 1976 Complete King Biscuit Flower Hour @ 320
John Hiatt and the Guilty Dogs 02/24/94 Chicago Park West @ 320
Steve Earle and the Dukes 1996-03-20 Philedelphia Pennsylvania @ 320
The Who 06/18/67 Monterey Pop Festival @ 192
The Who 06/12/76 Swansea, Wales @ 320
Warren Zevon 09/29/82 The Metro Boston @ 320
Split Enz PINKPOP, HOLLAND, NOVEMBER 23, 1980 @ 320
The Gits 06/01/91 Isla Vista Santa Barbara CA @ 320
The Tragically Hip 12/12/98 Milwaukee Wisconsin @ 320
The Cars 09/05/79 Studio City CA Supergroups In Concert @ 192
Guided By Voices GBV at the 40 Watt @ 192
Jimi Hendrix 07/04/70 2nd International Atlanta Pop Festival @ 320
The Cars 1984-09-11 Houston, TX REMASTERED @ 320
Bob Dylan And The Band The Forum - Los Angeles, CA - 02-14-74 @ 192

Doobie Brothers Memphis TN 1975-10-31 @ 320

01 Jesus Is Just Alright
02 Rockin Down The Highway
03 Road Angel
04 South City Midnight Lady
05 Eyes Of Silver
06 Blackwater
07 Long Train Runnin
08 China Grove
09 Without You


Blue Oyster Cult 1981-09-21 New Haven Connecticut @ 320

01 Dr. Music
02 ETI
03 Hot Rails To Hell
04 Cities On Flame
05 Joan Crawford
06 Brnin For You
07 7 Screaming Diz Busters
08 Veteran Of Psychic Wars
09 Me262
10 Godzilla
11 Born To Be Wild
12 Don't Fear The Reaper
13 Roadhouse Blues


Grateful Dead Live- Oregon Country Fair, Veneta OR, 1982 @ 192

Minglewood Blues
Tennessee Jed
Me and My Uncle
Big River
It's All Over Now
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Day Job
Women are Smarter
West LA Fadeaway
Far From Me
Playin' in the Band>Drums
Space>The Wheel
The Other One
Black Peter>Playin' in the Band Reprise
One More Saturday Night
Dupree's Diamond Blues


Linda Ronstadt Live- Budokan Hall Japan, 1979 @ 192

Lose Again
That'll Be The Day
Blue Bayou
When Will I Be In Loved?
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
All That You Dream
Love Me Tender.
Just One Look
Mohammed's Radio
It's So Easy
Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
My Blue Tears - Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Tumbling Dice
You're No Good
Sorrow Lives Here
Back In The U.S.A.


Mark Knopfler 05/19/96 Colston Hall, Bristol, England @ VBR

Chet Atkins Intro
Walk Of Life
I'm The Fool
Last Exit To Brooklyn
Romeo And Juliet
Band Introduction
Done With Bonaparte
A Night In Summer Long Ago
Father And Son
Golden Heart
Brothers In Arms
Money For Nothing
Going Home
Chet Atkins Outro


Paul Simon Live- Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA, 1991 @ 192

The Obvious Child
The Boy in the Bubble
She Moves On
Born At The Right Time
Train in the Distance
Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard
I Know What I Know
The Cool Cool River
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Michael Brecker Instrumental
The Coast
You Can Call Me Al
Still Crazy After All These Years
Loves Me Like A Rock
Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes
Hearts and Bones
Late in the Evening
Gone at Last
The Boxer
Mrs. Robinson
The Sound of Silence


Sheryl Crow Live in New Britain CT, 1994 @ 192

Can't Cry Any More
Love Is A Good Thing
Leaving Las Vegas
Run Baby Run
The Na Na Song
Dyer Maker
Strong Enough
Full Moon Cowgirl
I Shall Believe
All I Wanna Do


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From The Archive: The Police 6 Shows

Get The Police Here!

From The Archive: The Clash 11/27/82 Bob Marley Centre Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica COMPLETE VERSION @ 320

I've heard at least three other versions of this show. They either had Straight To Hell or I Fought The Law missing or with cuts. This version of the show is complete.

London Calling
Police On My Back
The Guns of Brixton
The Magnificent Seven
Armagideon Time
The Magnificent Seven (reprise)
Junco Partner
Spanish Bombs
One More Time
Train in Vain
This is Radio Clash
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Rock the Casbah
Straight to Hell
I Fought the Law


From The Archive: Jeff Buckley Hamburg - 22 February 1995 @ 320

Wikipedia says: Known for his ethereal singing voice, Buckley was considered by critics to be one of the most promising artists of his generation after the release of his critically acclaimed 1994 debut album Grace. However, at the height of his popularity, Buckley drowned during an evening swim in 1997. His work and style continue to be highly regarded by critics and fellow musicians.There is so much that can be said about Jeff Buckley's music and voice, there's not enough room to put it here. If you have never heard of him, give this a try. For me, his voice is the best rock has to offer. Not the traditional rock voice. This guy can SING.

01 Announcer/Intro
02 Dream Brother
03 So Real
04 Last Goodbye
05 What Will You Say
06 Lilac Wine
07 Mojo Pin
08 Grace
09 Eternal Life
10 Lover you Should Have Come Over
11 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
12 Hallelujah
13 Kanga-Roo


From The Archive: Little Feat 09-17-73 Richard's Atlanta Georgia @ 320

01 Introduction/Walking All Night
02 Two Trains
03 Got No Shadow
04 The Fan
05 On Your Way Down
06 Rock N Roll Doctor
07 Oh! Atlanta
08 Skin It Back
09 Fat Man In The Bathtub
10 Sailin Shoes
11 Cold Cold Cold
12 Dixie Chicken
13 Tripe Face Boogie
14 Bag Of Reds
15 Tripe Face Boogie Reprise


Material Issue

I am looking for Telecommando Americano by Material Issue. If anyone knows of a link, please let me know.

Can 05/17/75 University Of Essex Cochester UK @ 320

*** For those asking, I believe this is a bootleg not an official release.

01 Dizzy Dizzy
02 Pinch / Mother Sky
03 One More Night
04 Half Past One
05 Vitamin C
06 Meadow Street / The Gypsy
07 Full Moon On The Highway
08 Up The Floyd


The Church 03/29/91 Melbourne Australia @ 320

01 When you were Mine
02 Tristesse
03 North South East West
04 Almost with You
05 Hotel Womb
06 Fading Away
07 Under the Milky Way
08 Grind
09 Destination
10 Reptile
11 Myrh
12 You're Still Beautiful


Meat Puppets 08/17/86 The Roxy LA @ 192

01 Swimming_Ground
02 Mountain_Line
03 Climb
04 Maidens_Milk
05 Weary_Blues
06 Up_on_the_Sun
07 Out_My_Way
08 Not_Swimming_Ground
09 Lost
10 Shes_Hot
11 Good_Year_for_the_Roses
12 Buckethead
13 Rubberneckin
14 Split_Myself_in_Two
15 Good_Golly_Miss_Molly
16 Tumblin_Tumbleweeds


Loudon Wainwright III Live at First Avenue, Minneapolis MN, 1988 @ 192

Intro To Aphrodisiac
I'm Alright
Bill Of Goods
Intro To Your Father's Car
Your Father's Car
Intro To You Don't Want To Know
You Don't Want To Know
Unhappy Anniversary (partial)
This Song Don't Have A Video
I Eat Out
I Don't Think That Your Wife Likes Me
Intro To Me And All The Other Mothers
Me And All The Other Mothers
Your Mother And I
Mr. Guilty
Unrequited To The Nth Degree
The Man Who Couldn't Cry
Down Drinking At The Bar


Richard Thompson Live- Winnipeg Canada, West End Cultural Centre, 2000 @ 192

Sights And Sounds Of London Town
Bathsheba Smiles
From Galway To Graceland
I Feel So Good
Ghost Of You Walks
My Daddy Is A Mummy
Dry My Tears
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
The Great Valerio
Turning Of The Tide
Shoot Out The Lights
Walking The Long Miles Home
God Loves A Drunk
Keep Your Distance
Uninhabited Man
Cooksferry Queen
I Misunderstood
Crawl Back
Dimming Of The Day


Monday, September 17, 2007

The Jayhawks 03/16/95 Austin, Texas @ 192

Two Angels
I'd Run Away
Ten Little Kids
Waiting For The Sun
Over My Shoulder
Martin's Song
Bad Time
Miss William's Guitar


The Go Betweens 09/29/87 Club Soda On Park Avenue, Montreal, Canada @ 192

In The Core Of The Flame
Head Full Of Steam
Right There
Twin Layers Of Lightning
Cut It Out
Learn To Live Again
I Just Get Caught Out
Part Company
Bye Bye Pride
The Clarke Sisters
Spring Rain
The House That Jack Kerouac Built
Don't Call Me Gone
Apology Accepted


Buffalo Tom 10/15/95 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canada @ 192

Velvet Roof
Kitchen Door
When You Discover
Late At Night
Your Stripes
Latest Monkey
I'm Allowed


Crosby, Stills, And Nash Live in Santa Cruz CA, 1989 @ 192

Wasted on the Way
Change Partners
Lee Shore
A Song Before I Go
Helplessly Hoping
Wind on the Water
Tracks in the Dust
Almost Cut My Hair
Tree Top Flyer
Midnight Rider
Southern Cross
Wooden Ships
Our House
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Teach Your Children


Robert Plant 2005 Berlin @ VBR

101 - No quarter
102 - Black dog
103 - Freedom fries
104 - Four sticks
105 - That's the way
106 - All the king's horses
107 - Band introduction
108 - Takamba
109 - Tin Pan Valley
110 - Babe I'm gonna leave you
111 - Whole lotta love


Okkervil River 2005 Okkervil River Live at Schubas 05/13/2005 @ VBR

Maine Island Lovers
For Real
The Latest Toughs
A Stone
It Ends With A Fall
So Come Back, I Am Waiting
Okkervil River Song


Meat Puppets 10/03/85 Safari Sam's Huntington Beach CA @ 192



Faith No More 1992 FNM Showtime @ VBR

A Small Victory
Land of Sunshine
Midlife Crisis
Chinese Arithmatic
Surprise You're Dead
Be Aggressive
Introduce Yourself
We Care A Lot
Woodpecker From Mars
Everything's Ruined (Studio Live)
Epic (Studio Live)
Midlife Crisis (Studio Live)
R.V. (Studio Live)


Sunday, September 16, 2007

House Of Dark Shadows Info

house of dark shadows has its own wikipedia article....in which they say its only on vhs but a dvd is coming by the end of the year....mick d

DVD ohhh yeah! I see the VHS version in new condition sells for $129.00 on Amazon.com.

For Those Interested ...

Yes ... I can't access Guitars101 either. (It's Back)

Thoughts And Answers

1. lix.in doesn't really do much to protect links. If someone wants to delete a link it will only slow he or she down by about 15 seconds. What's the point. Thanks for your input on this method. I looked into sharebee but that seems like a hassle. Plus it's down most of the time. Anyone have any other ideas?

2. I can't find the Kiss show. I either mislabeled it or deleted it. Sorry.

3. I am happy a lot of people have written they like the selection lately. I would give credit where credit is due, but I can't.

4. If a file gets deleted, don't hesitate to tell me. I can't hardly wait for the next one so I can reup it.

5. Anyone know where I can get a quality Church show or two?

6. If anyone knows where I could get a Figgs show around Low Fi At Society High time frame I would die.

7. Hereos starts soon. Also a new season with those Ghost Hunters / T.A.P.S. guys. I like to get my T.V. schedule organized.

8. I think any other Bionic Woman other than Lindsey Wagner is just wrong. Now if they cast Paris Hilton in the role ... now that would be good.

9. Why haven't they remade Rat Patrol into a Feature Flick? I miss those jeeps flying over the sand dunes.

10. As always thanks for your comments.

11. Hey ... does anyone remember a movie called House Of Dark Shadows? It was a color movie based on the Dark Shadows T.V. series. It had all the actors in it from the series. I have looked everywhere for it. Am I dreaming or did it exist?

The Offspring 1995 Glastonbury UK @ 320

01 come out and play
02 nitro[youth energy]
03 we are one
04 killboy powerhead
05 dog eat dog
06 Dirty Magic
07 kick him when he`s down
08 so alone
09 noodles guitar
10 it`ll be a long time
11 gotta get away
12 smash
13 what happened to you
14 smash it up
15 session
16 self esteem
17 bad habit


Richard Thompson Live- Knoxville TN, Ella Guru's, 1990 @ 192

I Misunderstood
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Shoot out the Lights
Waltzing's for Dreamers
Two Left Feet
Jerusalem on the Jukebox
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Mouse (Bonzo's song)
Banish Misfortune
High School Confidential
The Killing Jar
Wall of Death
Willy o' the Winsbury
Do Right Woman
Mind your own Business
A Bone Through her Nose
Reckless Kind
Push and Shove
Mrs Rita
Turning of the Tide
I Still Dream
Psycho Street
How Many Times Do You Have to Fall
When the Spell is Broken
The Old Changing Way
Woman or a Man
Oh I Swear
She Twist the Knife Again
Can't Win
Hickory Wind
She's Not There


Bob Dylan Live in Manchester, England, 1965 @ VBR

The Times They Are a-Changin'
To Ramona
Gates Of Eden
If You Gotta Go Go Now
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Love Minus Zero
Mr. Tambourine Man
Talkin' World War III Blues
Don't Think Twice , It's Alright
With God On Our Side
She Belongs To Me
It Ain't Me Babe
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
All I Really Want To DoI
t's All Over Now, Baby Blue


James Taylor Live at Carnegie Hall NYC, 1974 @ 192

You Can Close Your Eyes
Riding On A Railroad
Long Ago And Far Away
Sunshine Sunshine
Me And My Guitar
Country Road
You’ve Got A Friend
Promised Land
Let It All Fall Down
Brighten Your Night With My Day
One Man Parade
Anywhere Like Heaven
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Fire and Rain
You’re The One (That I Adore)
Rock 'N' Roll Is Music Now
Ain’t No Song
Sweet Baby James


Meat Puppets 06/30/81 Live Mardi Gras Club Phoenix @ VBR

Back in the day when the Puppets were very very punk. Excellent show. I love it.

Intro - Reach Out (I'll Be The
Melons Rising
Saturday Morning
The Gold Mine
In A Car
Out In The Gardener
Standing On The Verge Of Getti
Foreign Lawns
Losing End (When You're On)
China Cat Sunflower
Dolphin Field
I Had A Dream
Love Offering
Playing Dead
Submarine Races


Okkervil River 2004 Okkervil River Live at Schubas, 5/09/04 @ VBR

Black Sheep Boy 3
It Ends With A Fall
Kansas City
For Real
Maine Island Lovers
Seas Too Far To Reach
For The Enemy
A StoneLady Liberty
The War Criminal Rises And Speaks
Okkervil River Song


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jimmy Buffett New Link

Jimmy Buffett Live in San Francisco CA, 1975 @ 192

Help Out Totally Fuzzy

The folks at Totally Fuzzy http://totallyfuzzy.blogspot.com/ do a great job of promotting blogs. It's a lot of work. A full time job. If you feel it in your heart, go over there and click on one of their ads. Sign up for EMusic through their blog. If you have never checked out EMusic, you should. Give the Totally Fuzzy folks some support.

Loudon Wainwright III Live at The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA, 1972 @ 192

Down Drinking at the Bar
I am the Way
Be Careful There's a Baby in the House
School Days
Red Guitar
Drinking Song
Unrequited to the Nth Degree
Hospital Lady
Bell Bottom Pants
The Man Who Couldn't Cry
Medley (Suicide Song)
Clockwork Chartreuse
Dead Skunk
Plane, Too
Say That You Love Me
The Movies Are a Mother to Me
New Paint
Home Team Crowd
Motel Blues
Nocturnal Stublebutt
Dilated to Meet You/B Side
AM World


Richard Thompson Live- New York NY, Bottom Line, 1988 @ 192

A Bone Through Her Nose
Gypsy Love Songs
Wall Of Death
Long Dead Love(Besame Mucho)/Al Bowlly's In Heaven
Waltzing's For Dreamers
Here Without You
Turning Of The Tide
Everybody Cheats On You
Can't Win
Jerusalem On The Jukebox
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Don't Tempt Me
Shoot Out The Lights
Man In Need
When The Spell Is Broken
Ghosts In The Wind
Pepper In The Brandy/The Seven-Coloured Linnet
Can't Win
We're Not Over Yet
Two Left Feet
The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
Nearly In Love
Tear Stained Letter
Crash The Party


Okkervil River 2003.09.25 - Manufaktur, Schorndorf, GER @ 320

Willow Tree
Maine Island Lover
It Ends With a Fall
Lady Liberty
The War Criminal Rises and Speaks
Listening to Otis Redding At Home During Christmas
Blanket and Crib
Kansas City
Okkervil River Song
A Leaf
The Velocity of Saul at the Time of His Conversion
Mellow My Mind
For the Enemy


Barenaked Ladies 1991 06-15 Toronto, Ont @ 320

01-Hello City
02-Blame It On Me
03-Crazy - Fox On The Run
04-When Doves Cry
05-Fight The Power
06-Wrap Your Arms Around Me
07-Be My Yoko Ono
08-Brian Wilson
11-I Love It Loud
12-Care Less
13-Still Ill
14-New Kid (On The Block)
15-Joseph Brown
16-I Still Miss Someone (Blue Eye
17-Trouble With Tracy
18-If I Had $1000000
19-Material Girl
20-The King of Bedside Manor
21-Make My Heart Fly


Commercial Links Have Been Removed

After giving it some thought, and weighing input both pro and con from readers, I have decided to remove the commercial links (except for Can). I would hate to be responsible for taking food out of the mouths of artists or cocaine from their noses. I will resume posting only bootleg shows or out of print albums. May God have mercy on my soul.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Does anyone know how lix.in is supposed to protect links? I thought maybe it hid the Rapidshare file code that is in the URL, but that shows up at the bottom of the browser as lix.in is transferring to Rapidshare.

Moody Blues - New Links

Moody Blues Live in Poplar Creek IL, 1981 @ 192

Reversal Of A Cast In Stone Policy

A Moody Blues link has been deleted? Have you no shame? Are you a mad? I will reup links. No problem at all. In fact, I love to reup links. It is a holy mission of mine. A Jihad if you will. I will become a SUICIDE REUPPER! If you find a link that has been deleted. You just let me know. I'll take care of it. You bet I will.

Richard Thompson Live- Aptos CA, Fat Fry Festival, 1994 @ 192

I Misunderstood
Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart
Taking My Business Elsewhere
I Feel So Good
Shoot Out The Lights
Don't Sit On My Jimmy Shands
Galway To Graceland
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Mingus Eyes
Dimming Of the Day
She Twists The Knife Again
Now That I'm Dead
Two Left Feet
King Of Bohemia - Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me


Randy Newman Live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1979 @ 192

Sigmund Freuds impersonation
He gives us all his love
It's money that I love
Yellow man
In Germany before the war
Short people
Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear
The story of a rock and roll band
I think it's going to rain today
Sail away
Louisiana 1927
The girls in my life (part 1)
Rider in the rain
Lonely at the top
God's song
Mr Sheep
Political science
Texas girl at the funeral of her father
Davy the fat boy


Ry Cooder Live in Cotati Cabaret, Cotati CA, 1984 @ 192

Little Sister
Smack Dab In The Middle
Go Home, Girl
If Walls Could Talk
Denomination Blues
How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?
Available Space
Goin' To Brownsville
Money Honey
Down In The Boondocks
Why Don't You Try Me?
The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor)
Crazy 'Bout An Automobile
Never Make Your Move Too Soon
Down in Hollywood


Steve Earle And The Dukes Live in London, England, Shepherds Bush Empire, 1996 @ 192

I Feel Alright
Hard-Core Troubadour
Now She's Gone
My Old Friend the Blues
The Other Kind
Nowhere Road
Angry Young Man
I Ain't Ever Satisfied
South Nashville Blues
Valentine's Day
Billy And Bonnie
Fearless Heart
The Devil's Right Hand


Santana Live in San Francisco CA, 1981 @ 192

E Papa Re
Primera Invasion
Tales Of Kilimanjaro
Black Magic Woman-Gypsy Queen
All I Ever Wanted
Aqua Marine
Body Surfin`
Well All Right
Brightest Star
Over And Over


Bob Dylan Live in the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA, 1965 @ 192

She Belongs to Me
To Ramona
Gates of Eden
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Desolation Row
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Mr. Tambourine Man
Tombstone Blues
I Don't Believe You
From Buick 6
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Maggie's Farm
It Ain't Me Babe
Ballad of a Thin Man
Like a Rolling Stone


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Answering Comments and Email

1. I will get around to reupping Kiss.

2. Someone complained there was a problem with the Can Stuttgart file. I downloaded and played the files. Seems OK. Anyone else have problems?

3. Monkey Girl - I appreciate the photos. My wife does not. How can one not appreciate Tony Tiger written across a pair like that in red cake frosting? Rocket would love to get some pix from you. I do not think my wife would approve of a meeting during your trip to Key West.

4. I do have Okkervil River. One of my current favorites. Will post soon.

5. I do have J. Geils Band. I will start working on it.

6. I do not have Parliment or Kraftwork. Not my style. It's ok if it's yours.

7. Thank you all for your comments and emails.

Robert Plant 4/27/2005 London @ 320

Another Tribe
Shine It All Around
Black Dog
Freedom Fries/Morning Dew/Thats The Way/All The Kings Horses
Tin Pan Ally/TakambaGallows Pole
Mighty Rearranger/Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
The Enchanter
Whole Lotta Love


Doobie Brothers Live in Los Angeles CA, 1979 @ 192

Here To Love You
Take Me In Your Arms
Depending On You
Pat chatter/band intros
Clear As The Driven Snow
Open Your Eyes
Jesus Is Just Alright
Echoes of Love
Long Train Runnin'
Sweet Maxine
It Keeps You Runnin'
Neal's Fandango
Don't Stop To Watch The Wheels
Minute By Minute
Black Water
Slat Key Soquel Rag
Steamer Lane Breakdown
Takin' It To The Streets
Road Angel
I Cheat The Hangman coda
China Grove
What A Fool Believes
Ecstatic crowd, Pat chatter and intro
Listen To The Music


Steve Earle Live in Chiari, Italy, Teatro Cinema Comunale, 1999 Solo Acoustic @ 192

Steve's Last Ramble
More Than I Can Do
Now She's Gone Goodbye
South Nashville Blues
My Old Friend The Blues
Valentine's Day
Outlaw's Honeymoon
The Devil's Right Hand
Brand New Companion
Hometown Blues
Tom Ames' Prayer
Billy Austin
Angel Is The Devil
Christmas In Washington
Telephone Road
I Ain't Ever Satisfied
I Feel Alright
Guitar Town
Copperhead Road


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Steve Earle And The Dukes Live in St. Gallen, Switzerland, OpenAir, 1998 @ 192

Hard-Core Troubadour
Mystery Train Part II / Copperhead Road
band Introductions / Telephone Road
More Than I Can Do
I Feel Alright
Guitar Town
I Ain't Ever Satisfied
The Devil's Right Hand
Johnny Too Bad
The Unrepentant


Van Morrison Live at The Lion's Share, San Anselmo CA, 1973 @ 192

Since I Fell For You
I've Been Working
Into the Mystic
I Just Want to Make Love to You
Hard Nose the Highway
St. Dominic's Preview
Hey Good Lookin'
Everybody's Talking
Help Me
I've Been Working
Wild Children
St. Dominic's Preview
Listen to the Lion
Since I Fell For You
The White Cliffs of Dover
Hard Nose The Highway
I Just Want to Make Love to You


Neil Young Rio De Janeiro 01/20/01 @ 320

01 Sedan Delivery
02 Hey Hey My My
03 Love and Only Love
04 Cinnamon Girl
05 Fuckin up
06 Cortez The Killer
01 Like A Hurricane
02 Rockin In The Free World
03 Powderfinger
04 Down By The River
05 Welfare Mothers


The Who 1989 Tommy Anniversary Tour Join Together @ 320

Amazing Journey
The Hawker (Eyesight To The Blind)
Cousin Kevin
The Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Do You Think It's Alright?
Fiddle About
There's A Doctor
Go To The Mirror!
Smash The Mirror
Tommy Can You Hear Me?
I'm Free
Miracle Cure
Sally Simpson
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It!
Eminence Front
Face The Face
I Can See For Miles
A Little Is Enough
Love Reign O'er Me
Trick Of The Light
Rough Boys
Join Together
You Better You Bet
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again


Monday, September 10, 2007

Do You Have Prince Albert In A Can?

Can Megapost

Wikipedia says: Can was a musical group formed in West Germany in 1968. One of the most important "krautrock" groups, Can had a style grounded in the art rock of bands such as The Velvet Underground, with strong experimental and world music influences.

Described by keyboard player Irmin Schmidt as an "anarchist community"[1] and constructing their music largely through free improvisation and editing, which bassist Holger Czukay has referred to as "instant compositions",[2] they had only occasional commercial success, with singles such as "Spoon" and "I Want More" reaching national singles charts. However, through albums such as Tago Mago (1971) and Ege Bamyasi (1972), Can exerted a considerable influence on avant-garde, experimental, underground, ambient, New Wave and electronic music

Can formed in Cologne in 1968 comprising bass guitarist Holger Czukay, keyboard player Irmin Schmidt, guitarist Michael Karoli, and drummer Jaki Liebezeit, along with original member David Johnson, an American composer, flutist, and electronic musician who left in 1969 after the band had begun taking a more rock-oriented direction. They used the names Inner Space and The Can before finally settling on Can. Liebezeit subsequently suggested the backronym "communism, anarchism, nihilism" for the band's name.[4]

In the autumn of 1968, they enlisted the creative, highly rhythmic, but unstable and often confrontational American vocalist Malcolm Mooney, with whom they recorded the material for an album, Prepared to Meet Thy Pnoom. This first album was rejected by their record company[5], and was not released until 1981, under the name Delay 1968. The band decided to record another album of original material from scratch, which later became Monster Movie, released in 1969. Mooney's bizarre and (often apparently psychotic) ranting stood in contrast to the stark minimalism of the music, which was influenced particularly by garage rock, funk and psychedelic rock. Repetition was stressed on bass and drums, particularly on the epic "Yoo Doo Right" which had been edited down from a six-hour improvisation to take up a mere single side of vinyl.

Mooney returned to America soon afterwards on the advice of a psychiatrist after being told that getting away from the chaotic music of Can would be better for his mental health.[6] He was replaced by the less overtly challenging Kenji "Damo" Suzuki, a young Japanese traveller found busking outside a cafe by Czukay and Liebezeit. Though he only knew a handful of guitar chords and improvised the majority of his lyrics (as opposed to committing them to paper), Suzuki was asked to perform with the band that same night. The band's first record with Suzuki was Soundtracks, released in 1970, which also contained two tracks recorded with Mooney.

Classic years: 1971–1973

The next few years saw Can release their most acclaimed works, which arguably did as much to define the krautrock genre as those of any other group. While their earlier recordings tended to be loosely based on traditional song structures, on their mid-career albums the band reverted to an extremely fluid improvisational style. The double album Tago Mago (1971) is often seen as a groundbreaking, influential and deeply unconventional record, based on intensely rhythmic jazz-inspired drumming, improvised guitar and keyboard soloing (frequently intertwining each other), tape edits as composition, and Suzuki's idiosyncratic vocalisms.

Tago Mago was followed by Ege Bamyasi (1972), a more accessible but still avant-garde record which featured the catchy "Vitamin C" and the Top 40 German hit "Spoon." Next was Future Days (1973), an unassuming but quietly complex record which represents an early example of ambient music and is perhaps the band's most critically successful record. Also included on this album was the refreshingly unexpected pop song "Moonshake". Suzuki left soon after the recording of the latter album to marry his German wife and become a Jehovah's Witness, and the vocals were taken over by Karoli and Schmidt[7], although after the departure of Suzuki, fewer of their tracks featured vocals, as Can found themselves experimenting with the ambient music they began making with Future Days.

Later years: 1974–1979

Soon Over Babaluma from 1974 continued in the ambient style of Future Days, though regaining some of the abrasive edge of Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi. In 1975 Can signed to Virgin Records in the UK and EMI/Harvest in Germany. The albums Landed (1975) and Flow Motion (1976) saw Can moving towards a somewhat more conventional style as their recording technology improved. Accordingly, the disco single "I Want More" from Flow Motion became their only hit record outside of Germany. In 1977 Can were joined by former Traffic bassist Rosko Gee and percussionist Rebop Kwaku Baah, both of whom provided vocals to Can's music, appearing on the albums Saw Delight (1977), Out of Reach (1978) and Can (1979). During this period Holger Czukay was pushed to the fringes of the group's activity; in fact he just made sounds using shortwave radios, morse code keys, tape recorders and other sundry objects. He left Can in late 1977 and did not appear on the albums Out Of Reach or Can, although he did do some production work on the latter album. Can disbanded shortly afterwards, but reunions have taken place on several occasions since.

1968 Delay @ 320

1969 Monster Movie @ 192

1970 Soundtracks @ 192

1971 Tago Mago @ 224

1972 Ege Bamyasi @ VBR

1973 Future Days @ @ 320

1974 Soon Over Babaluma 2004 Remaster @ 320

1975 Landed @ 320

1976 Flow Motion @ 192

1976 Unlimited Edition @ 192

1977 Saw Daylight @ 320

1978 Out Of Reach @ 256

1979 Can @ 256

1989 Rite Time @ 192

1972 Berlin Bootleg@ 192 A bit on the rough side but very interesting

Canobits I @ 192

Canobits IIa @ 192

Canobits IIb @ 192

Canobits IIc @ 192

Canobits III @ 192

Canobits IV A 192

1973 Scotland Bootleg @ 192

1971-1977 Live Music

1975 Stuttgart Bootleg @ 128 Don't let the bit rate fool you this sounds pretty nice

Monster Movie Remaster @ VBR

1973 Paris Bootleg @ 192

Peel Sessions @ VBR

Radio Waves @ 192

Sacrilege I Remixes @ VBR

Sacrilege II Remixes @ VBR

The Legendary Can @ 192

1973-05-12 Paris Remastered @ 320

A couple more boots for tomorrow. InfiniteFool over at http://infinitefool.blogspot.com/ did a Can megapost last month. He has a few things I don't have here. I should stay more current with my fellow bloggers. Could have saved myself some typing.

Waylon Jennings Live in Worcester MA, 1984 @ 192

Luckenbach, Texas
Are You Ready For The Country
I Can Get Off On You
Lonesome, On'ry And Mean
I May Be Used (But Baby I Ain't Used Up)
Bob Wills Is Still The King
Kissing You Goodbye
Dreaming My Dreams With You
Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand
Good Old Boys
Jessi Colter Intro
Good Hearted Woman
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
Honky Tonk Heroes
Are You Sure Hank Did It This Way?
Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Ain't Livin' Long Like This
Musical Outro
I've Always Been Crazy
You Make The Sun Want To Shine


Waylon Jennings Live- Civic Center, Atlanta, GA, 1987 @ 192

Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit Has Done Got Out of Hand
Working Without A Net
Gemini Song
I Wonder What You'll Do When I'm Gone
Deep In The West
I've Always Been Crazy
Willy The Wandering Gypsy And Me
Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Rose In Paradise
I May Be Used
It's Not Suppose To Be That Way
Will The Wolf Survive
Goodhearted Woman
Ain't Living Long Like This
Honky Tonk Heroes


Wilco Live in San Jose CA, 2004 @ 192

At Least That's What You Said
Muzzle Of Bees
Hell Is Chrome
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Company In My Back
Jesus, Etc
Handshake Drugs
A Shot In The Arm
War On War
I'm The Man Who Loves You
Poor Places
Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Another Man's Done Gone
Via Chicago
I'm Always In Love
California Stars
The Late Greats
I'm A Wheel


Wilco Live in New Orleans LA, 2000 @ 192

I'm Always In Love
I Must Be High
Too Far Apart
How To Fight Loneliness
Hotel Arizona
Red-Eyed & Blue
I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
Someone Else's Song
Sunken Treasure
She's A Jar
A Shot In The Arm
Hesitating Beauty
Christ For President
Airline To Heaven
Can't Stand It
encore break/crowd
New Madrid
California Stars
Casino Queen
Hoodoo Voodoo



I have recently rediscovered Can. I haven't listenend to them in about two years, but now I remember why they were one of my favorites. I have 29 Can studio and bootleg CDs. If there is enough interest I will post them all here in one swoop - only if there is enough interest. I don't want to go to that much effort and find 1 guy in Monaco likes Can. So if you are interested -or not - please leave a comment. I am itchin' to post.

Neil Young Birmingham 1987-06-02 @ VBR

1-01 Mr.Soul
1-02 Cinnamon Girl
1-03 When You Dance I Can Relly Love
1-04 Down By The River
1-05 Heart Of Gold
1-06 See The Sky About The Rain
1-07 Too Lonely
1-08 When You Lonely Heart Breakes
1-09 Drive Back
1-10 Open Star
1-11 Cortez The Killer
2-01 Sugar Mountain
2-02 American Dream
2-03 Mideast Vacation
2-04 Long Walk Home
2-05 Powderfinger
2-06 Like A Hurricane
2-07 Tonight's The Night


The Who 1982 Farewell Tour Who's Last @ 320

01 - My Generation
02 - I Can't Explain
03 - Substitute
04 - Behind Blue Eyes
05 - Baba O'riley
06 - Boris The Spider
07 - Who Are You
08 - Pinball Wizard
09 - See Me, Feel Me
01 - Love Reign O'er Me
02 - Long Live Rock
03 - Reprise
04 - Won't Get Fooled Again
05 - Dr. Jimmy
06 - Magic Bus
07 - Summertime Blues
08 - Twist And Shout


Willie Nelson And Merle Haggard Live at La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX, 1997 @ 192

Funny How Time Slips Away
I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink
Big City
The Silver Eagle
Love is King
Fiddle Solo
Be My Valentine
Old Fashioned Love
I Can Fly
Rosetta (take two)
I'm Not Trying to Forget You Anymore
Look What Thoughts Will Do
I Want To Be With You Always
If You Got The Money Honey I Got the Time
Pancho And Lefty
Reasons to Quit
Cotton College Song
On The Road Again
Why Do I Have to Choose
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Whiskey River
Silver Wings
Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
I've Got No Reason to Quit
I Gotta Get Drunk
I'm the Man With the Blues
Blues Song
I've Got the Money if You Got the Time


The Highwaymen Live in Los Angeles, CA, 1996 @ 192

Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash/Kris Kristofferson

It Is What It is
Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line
Folsom Prison Blues
Me and Bobby McGee
Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain
Live Forever
I've Always Been Crazy
Ring of Fire
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Band Introduction
Make it Through the Night
Still is Still Movin to Me
Everybody Gets Crazy Now and Then
Will the Wolf Survive
Get Rhythm
Shipwrecked in the EIghties
Undo the Wrong > Wild Ones
Ain't No Good Chain Gang
Bird on a Wire
Here Comes the Rainbow
An End to Understanding
Ghost Riders in the Sky
Orange Blossom Special
Between Heaven and Here
Night Life
Good Hearted Woman
Chase the Feeling
Desperados Waiting for a Train
Always On My Mind
Big River > I Do Believe > Death & Hell
Why Me Lord


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Steve Earle Acoustic Show in San Francisco CA, Great American Music Hall, 1996 @ 192

Mystery Train Pt 2
Hometown Blues
Devil's Right Hand
Tom Ames Prayer
Angel Is The Devil
Sometimes She Forgets
You Know The Rest
Now She's Gone
My Old Friend The Blues
South Nashville Blues
Little Rock And Roller
Regular Guy
Ellis Unit One
I Ain't Ever Satisfied
Rivers Of Babylon
I'm Nothing Without You
When Will We Be Married
Ruby Ridge
Land Of The Navajo
I'm Looking Through You
White Freightliner Blues
Northern Winds
Ben McCullough
Copperhead Road
Fearless Heart
Guitar Town
Down The Road
Home town Blues


The Doors Live in Detroit Cobo Hall, 05/08/1970 @ 192

Roadhouse Vamp
Hello to the Cities
Dead Cats, Dead Rats
Break on Through (to the Other Side)
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Back Door Man
Five to One
Roadhouse Blues
You Make Me Real
Ship of Fools
When the Music's Over
People Get Ready
Mystery Train
Away in India
Light My Fire
Been Down So Long
Love Hides
Mean Mustard Blues
Carol (reprise)
Close to You
I'm a King Bee
Rock Me Baby / Heartbreak Hotel
The End


My Morning Jacket Live at the Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA, 2006 @ 192

It Beats For You
What A Wonderful Man
One Big Holiday
Lay Low
Phone Went West
I Needed It Most
At Dawn
The Way That He Sings
They Ran
Wordless Chorus
Off the Record
I Will Sing You Songs
Run Thru


Grateful Dead Live- Barton Hall, Ithaca, NY, 1977 @ 192

New, New Minglewood Blues
The Loser
El Paso
They Love Each Other
Lazy Lightning
Brown Eyed Women
Mama Tried
Row Jimmy
Dancin' In The Streets
Scarlet Begonias / Fire In The Mountain
Estimated Prophet
St.Stephen - Not Fade Away - St. Stephen
Morning Dew
One More Saturday Night


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Brian Jonestown Massacre Show

There is an excellent BJM show @ 320 over at http://blaseblog.blogspot.com

After listening to this show, I am now on the hunt for more live BJM. They seem to be very rare. If anyone knows of a link to a quality BJM show, PLEASE let me know.

Blue Oyster Cult KBFH 1986 @ 255

R U Ready To Rock
White Flags
Take Me Away
Dancin In The Ruins
Shadow Warrior
Burnin For You
Wings Of Mercury
Don't Fear The Reaper


Rush 04/02/94 Madison WI USA @ 160

The Spirit Of Radio
The Analog Kid
Cold Fire
Time Stand Still
Nobody's Hero
Roll The Bones
Stick It Out
Double Agent
Mystic Rhythms
Closer to the Heart
Show Don't Tell
Leave That Thing Alone Intro
Leave That Thing Alone
The Rhythm Method
The Trees
Hempispheres: Prelude
Tom Sawyer
Force Ten


Friday, September 7, 2007

The La's 04/23/91 Marquee Club Marrquee, London @ 192

Son Of A Gun
Freedom Song
Clean Prophet
Come In Come Out
Way Out
Timeless Melody
I Can't Sleep
There She Goes
Follow Me Down
Knock Me Down
Liberty Ship


Moody Blues Live in Poplar Creek IL, 1981 @ 192

I saw the Moodies at this show. It was the night I turned invisible, had super intense death rushes, and saw auras streaming off the band. A good night.

Gemini Dream
The Story in Your eyes
Twlight Time
Tuesday Afternoon
The Voice
Steppin' in a Slide Zone
Talking Out Of Turn
The Balance
Isn't Life Strange
22,000 Days
I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)
Nights In White Satin
Legend of the Mind
Ride My See-Saw


Bob Dylan Live in Mansfield MA, 1993 @ 192

You're Gonna Quit Me
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
All Along The Watchtower
Under The Red Sky
I & I
Watching The River Flow
BlackJack Davey
To Ramona
Boots Of Spanish Leather
God Knows
Maggie's Farm
Ballad Of A Thin Man
It Ain't Me Babe
If Not For You
Mr Tambourine Man
Don't Think Twice
Man In The Long Black Coat
Girl Of The North Country
One More Cup Of Coffee


Jimmy Buffett Live in San Francisco CA, 1975 @ 192

The Wino and I know
The Great Filling Station Holdup
Drunken 15 Year Old Girlfriend
Life is Just a Tire Swing
Tryin' to Reason with Hurricane Season
Grapefruit Juicyfruit
Pencil Thin Mustache
Havana Daydreamin’
Door Number Three
Big Rig
A Pirate Looks at Forty
They Don’t Dance Like Carmen No More
Kick it in Second Wind
He Went to Paris


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Come @ VBR

"Come's music evokes those moments in rock's demonic journey when the seam is about to split." - New York Times.

"Music you won't soon forget." - Rolling Stone.

"Come really rock, with force, like hell, almost literally." - Melody Maker.

"Impossibly original." - Option.

Come was an American indie rock band from 1990-1998. Come was formed in Boston by Thalia Zedek (vocal, guitar), Chris Brokaw (guitar, vocal), Arthur Johnson (drums), and Sean O'Brien (bass).

Come came into being after a mutual acquaintance invited Brokaw, O'Brien, and Johnson to play with him. Brokaw was playing drums with Codeine, Johnson had previously drummed for Athens, Georgia band Bar-B-Q Killers, and O'Brien had played with two other 1980s Athens bands, Kilkenny Cats and Fashion Battery. After playing one show together, Brokaw, O'Brien, and Johnson decided to split off into their own project and invited Thalia Zedek to join them. Zedek had played in the bands Uzi and Dangerous Birds. Her most recent band at the time, the post-no wave New York band Live Skull, had disbanded in 1990 and Brokaw and Zedek had been talking about playing together.

After a year of jamming together, Come released the 12-inch single "Car" on Sub Pop in 1991. The song, a seven-minute epic in the blues-noir style of The Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls, encapsulated what was to become Come's trademark style: dark, intense and lengthy songs marked by Zedek's emotional and distressed vocals, abrupt rhythms, and the tension-filled guitar interplay between Zedek and Brokaw, both extraordinarily accomplished guitarists.

In 1992, Come released their debut album, 11:11, on Matador Records. 11:11 received acclaim from both the independent and established media. After the release of 11:11, Brokaw left Codeine, devoting himself full-time to Come.

Come's second album, Don't Ask Don't Tell, was released in 1994. Though somewhat calmer than its predecessor, it was equally as grave. Among the highlights of the album, and of the whole of the band's impressive song catalogue, are the two dark ballads, "Let's Get Lost" and "Arrive," each closing a side of the vinyl edition.

Johnson and O'Brien left the band after Don't Ask Don't Tell to pursue other careers. The following album, the short Near-Life Experience, was recorded with a number of different musicians, including drummer Mac McNeilly of the Jesus Lizard and John McEntire of Tortoise.
In 1998, Come released the 66-minute tour de force Gently, Down the Stream, which took its cue from Near Life Experience, but featured a more fluent integrated soundscape.

Zedek and Brokaw took a break after Gently, Down the Stream, and the band never regrouped. Its founders have since each released multiple solo albums, and have performed together on many occasions.

1994 Don't Ask Don't Tell

1996 Near Life Experience

1998 Gently Down The Stream

Neil Young Live in Saratoga NY, 1997 @ 192

I mislabeled the RAR file it is 97 not 87.

Slip Away
Down By The River
Crime In The City
From Hank To Hendrix
The Needle And The Damage Done
Throw Your Hatred Down
Big Time
Hey Hey, My My
Sedan Delivery
Piece Of Crap
Mansion On The Hill


Neil Young Live in Werchter, Belgium, 1996 @ 192

Hey Hey, My My
Down By The River
Big Time
Slip Away
The Needle And The Damage Done
Sugar Mountain
Cinnamon Girl
Fuckin' Up
Cortez The Killer
Music Arcade
Like A Hurricane
Sedan Delivery
Rockin' In The Free World


Neil Young Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1989 @ 192

Hey Hey, My My
Rockin' In The Free World
The Old Laughing Lady
Don't Let It Bring You Down
Crime In The City
Too Far Gone
This Note's For You
The Needle And The Damage Done
Fuckin' Up
After The Gold Rush
Hanging On A Limb
Heart Of Gold
Rockin' In The Free World


Neil Young Live on Austin City Limits, 1984 @ 192

Are You Ready For The Country?
Hawks And Doves
Comes A Time
Bound For Glory
Are There Any More Real Cowboys
Heart Of Gold
Roll Another Number
Southern Pacific
Field Of Opportunity
Old Man
Down By The River
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
Forever Young


Neil Young Live in Cincinnati OH, 1970 @ 192

On the Way Home
Broken Arrow
I Am a Child
Dance, Dance, Dance
Sugar Mountain
Don't Let It Bring You Down
The Old Laughing Lady
The Loner
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Come on Baby, Let's Go Downtown
It Might Have Been
Down by the River
Cinnamon Girl


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

John Mellencamp Live at Indiana U, Bloomington IN, 1984 @ 192

Heartbreak Hotel
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Pretty Ballerina
Jack And Diane
Crumblin Down
Thirty Days In The Hole
Ain't Even Done With The Night
Thundering Hearts
Down South Jukin'
A Little Night Dancin'
Hand To Hold Onto
Authority Song
I Need A Lover
Play Guitar
Pink Houses
Golden Gates
Shoot Out The Lights
Serious Business
Hurts So Good
Jackie O


Huey Lewis And The News Live in San Francisco CA, 1985 @ 192

The Heart Of Rock & Roll
Change Of Heart
Do You Believe In Love
Heart And Soul
Walking On A Thin Line
Buzz Buzz Buzz > Someday You'll Be Mine
Love Is A Whisper Token
If This Is It
I Want A New Drug
Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
A Little Lie
Bad Is Bad
Some Of My Lies Are True
Workin' For A Livin'


New Link For Stray Cats

Stray Cats 1983 Toronto @ 192

Elvis Costello Live in Long Beach CA, 1979 @ 192

Goon Squad starts out rough then clears up. Not a perfect recording but not bad either.

Goon Squad
Oliver's Army
Busy Bodies
Two Little Hitlers
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
Green Shirt
Moods For Moderns
No Dancing
Sad About Girls
Big Tears
Motel Matches
Accidents Will Happen
Big Boys
Party Girl
Lipstick Vogue
Watching The Detectives
Pump It Up
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding
Radio, Radio


Yo La Tengo 1994-01-04 REMASTERED Monchengladbach, Germany @ 320

Back in the day I used to go to this record store. I spent a lot of time there. Looking for records ... and stalking the ultra hot hippie chick that worked there. She was always braless. Alway either constantly aroused or very cold. One day, I guess being obvious I was staring at her, she asked if I was having trouble finding what I was looking for. After I mumbled something I am sure was incoherent, she said, "I am going to turn you on to something", Much to my disappointment, it was Yo La Tengo. Well, to make a long story short, Yo La Tengo became one of my favorite bands. I even asked the hippie chick out. She had a boyfriend, but she introduced me to her best friend. Very skinny, heavily tattooed and multiple piercings. But cute ... in kind of a Friday the 13th way. She turned me on, too. Much to my disappointment it was nipple pinching, Jack Daniels, and Sonic Youth. Sonic Youth became another favorite band ... Which again is another story.

Big Day Coming
I Heard You Looking
From A Motel 6
Walking Away From You
Drug Test
The Summer
Nowhere Near
Double Dare
Out The Window
Mushroom Cloud Of Hiss
Sudden Organ
Out The Window
Fog Over Frisco
Somebody's Baby
I Wanna Destroy You
Sloop John B


Yo La Tengo @ VBR

Wikipedia says: Yo La Tengo is an American indie rock band, based in Hoboken, New Jersey. With more than 15 albums released over a period of twenty years, they have demonstrated unusual longevity for the indie-rock scene. While they are a critical favorite with a devoted fan base they have achieved limited mainstream success.

The band's name comes from a baseball anecdote. During the 1962 season, New York Mets center fielder Richie Ashburn and Venezuelan shortstop Elio Chacón found themselves colliding in the outfield. When Ashburn went for a catch, he would scream, "I got it! I got it!" only to run into the 160-pound Chacón, who spoke only Spanish. Ashburn learned to yell, "¡Yo la tengo! ¡Yo la tengo!" which is "I've got it" in Spanish. In a later game, Ashburn happily saw Chacón backing off. He relaxed, positioned himself to catch the ball, and was instead run over by 200-pound left fielder Frank Thomas, who understood no Spanish.[1]

The band wanted a name that sounded foreign in order to avoid any connotations in English and Kaplan is a devoted baseball fan. However, it still irks them when they are asked the origin of the name. The band once performed a cover of the Mets theme song "Meet the Mets" during a benefit appearance on radio station WFMU's pledge drive. A track on I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass is called "The Story of Yo La Tango" in apparent reference to an all-too-frequent misspelling of the band's name.

Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley, a husband/wife duo, formed the band in 1984. They went through several other band members before stabilizing with lead guitarist Dave Schramm and bass player Mike Lewis (founding bass player of Boston garage-punk mainstays DMZ and Lyres, and a member of Brooklyn garage band The A-Bones throughout his tenure in Yo La Tengo) for their debut recording, "The River of Water". In 1986, their first LP Ride the Tiger was released.

Schramm and Lewis left the band, and Stephen Wichnewski joined, with Kaplan taking on the role of lead guitar. New Wave Hot Dogs (1987) did much to establish the band's reputation among rock critics, though it sold poorly. President Yo La Tengo (1989) continued this trend, with rave reviews yet poor sales.

1990 saw the release of Fakebook, an album of mostly acoustic tunes, including covers from Gene Clark, Cat Stevens, Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers, The Escorts, The Flamin' Groovies, The Scene Is Now, the Kinks, the Pastels, Daniel Johnston, and several songs by Yo La Tengo themselves. May I Sing with Me (1992) included new bassist James McNew (of Christmas and Dump), who has stayed with the band ever since. Painful (1993), Electr-O-Pura (1995) and I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (1997) marked a steady progression towards a sprawling, multi-faceted style, which included such disparate elements as folk, punk rock, shoegazing, long instrumental noise-jams and electronica oriented songs. Painful was also the beginning of the band's fruitful creative relationship with producer Roger Moutenot, who has produced every subsequent Yo La Tengo album release. During these years their cult grew and, thanks to almost constant touring and unrelenting critical praise, they became one of the most prominent American indie rock bands. They released And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out in 2000 and Summer Sun in 2003.

1989 President Yo La Tengo/New Wave Hot Dogs

1990 Fakebook

1992 May I Sing With Me

1993 Painful