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Friday, August 31, 2007

Teenage Fanclub BBC Live At The Lemon Tree 2000 @ 192

01. Everything flows
02. Ain't that enough
03. Don't look back
04. Start again
05. The sun shines from you
06. Mellow doubt
07. Verisimilitude
08. I need direction
09. Metal baby
10. Your love is the place where I come from
11. The Shadows
12. Speed of light
13. About you
14. Neil Jung


Blue Oyster Cult 1977 BBC @ 256

01 R U Ready To Rock
02 E.T.I
03 Cities On Flame
04 Hot Rails To Hell
05 Godzilla
06 This Aint The Summer Of Love
07 Born To Be Wild
08 Don't Fear The Reaper


Eurythmics 1983 Glasgow @ 192

01 - Powerful Imagination
02 - Never Gonna Cry Again
03 - The Walk
04 - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
05 - I Can Hear You
06 - Satellite Of Love
07 - Band Intros
08 - Favourite Boyfriend
09 - Love Is A Stranger
10 - Somebody Told Me


Mathew Sweet 05/01/97 Belly Up Club Solano Beach CA @ 320

01 Come To Calofornia
02 Divine Intervention
03 Into Your Drugs
04 Girlfriend
05 Sick Of Yourself
06 Evangeline
07 Over It
08 Where You Get Love
09 Moonage Daydream
10 Do Ya
11 Ugly Truth


Van Halen 10/15/77 Pasadena Convention Center @ 320

Excellent Vanhalen. Rehearsal tracks are only a tad less quality that the show tracks. Very nice.

01-On Fire (Rehearsal) Instr
02-Voodoo Queen (Rehearsal) Instr
03-Atomic Punk (Rehearsal) Instr
04-Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Rehears
05-On Fire (Rehearsal)
06-On Fire
07-Feel Your Love Tonight
08-Runnin' With The Devil
09-Atomic Punk
10-Little Dreamer
11-Somebody Get Me A Doctor
12-Ice Cream Man
13-Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
16-You Really Got Me


Blind Melon 1995-09-12 - Commadore Ballroom @ 320

Toes Across the Floor
Tones of Home
No Rain
St. Andrew's Fall
The Duke
Car Seat
Filler: Galaxie
Filler: Walk
Filler: Change
Filler: No Rain


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toxxy ...

A fixed version is one that can't have babies. Everyone knows that.

The Cars Candy O Monitor Mixes @ 192

Night Life Baby
One Too Many Times
Since I Held You
Double Life
Shu Bee Doo
Candy O
Night Spots
Slip Away
Lust for Kix
Got A Lot On My Head
Dangerous Type
That's It
You Can't Hold On Too Long


The Who The Complete Amsterdam 1969 Remastered - FIXED VERSION @ 320

House Annoucement
Heaven And Hell
I Can't Explain
Fortune Teller
Young Man Blues
A Quick One While He's Away
Happy Jack
I'm A Boy
It's A Boy
Amazing Journey
Eyesight To The Blind
The Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Do You Think It's Alright
Fiddle About
Tommy Can You Hear Me
There's A Doctor
Go To The Mirror
Smash The Mirror
Miracle Cure
Sally Simpson
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It
Summertime Blues
Shakin All Over
My Generation


Elton John 1988-09-16 - Poplar Creek, Chicago IL - King Biscuit Flower Hour @ 320

101 Sixty Years On
102 Burn Down The Mission
103 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
104 Have Mercy On The Criminal
105 Funeral For A Friend Love
106 Tiny Dancer
107 The Ballad Of Danny Bailey
108 Philadelphia Freedom
201 I Don't Wanna Go On With You
202 That's Why They Call It The Blues
203 Sad Songs - Say So Much
204 Goodbye Marlon Brando
205 A Word In Spanish
206 Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
207 Daniel
208 Candle In The Wind
209 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting


Simon And Garfunkle 11/11/69 Miami University in Oxford, Ohio @ 320

01 Mrs. Robinson
02 Fakin It
03 The Boxer
04 So Long, Frank Loyd Wright
05 Why Don't You Write Me
06 That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
07 Cuba SI, Nixon No
08 Bridge Over Troubled Water
09 The Sound Of Silence
10 Bye Bye Love
11 Homeward Bound
12 At The Zoo
13 America
14 Song For The Asking
15 A Poem On The Underground
16 For Emily Wherever I May Find Her


Soundgarden 09/20/96 MTV Session @ 320

01-Burden in My Hand
03-Blow Up the Outside World
05-Black Hole Sun


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

From The Archive

John Hiatt And The Guilty Dogs 07/26/93 Grant Park, Chicago, IL, USA @ 320
John Hiatt and the Guilty Dogs 02/24/94 Chicago Park West @ 320
Steve Earle and the Dukes 1996-03-20 Philedelphia Pennsylvania @ 320
The Clash 11/27/82 Bob Marley Centre Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica COMPLETE VERSION @ 320
Mission Of Burma 2004-10-16 - Cat's Cradle @ VBR
The Pretenders HEATWAVE FESTIVAL,MOSPORT AUG.23,1980 @ 320
The Pretenders 07/12/85 Philadelphia PA Chestnut Cabaret @ 320

Blue Oyster Cult 06/18/81 Bonds International NY @ 255

Dr. Music
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
Burnin' For You
Fire of Unknown Origin
Cities on Flame with Rock & Roll
Joan Crawford
Flaming Telepaths
Veteran of the Psychic Wars
Hot Rails to Hell
Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Born to be Wild
5 Guitars
Roadhouse Blues


Eric Clapton 12/4 - 12/5/74 Hammersmith Odeon London @ VBR

Let It Grow
Can't Find My Way Home
I Shot The Sheriff
Tell The Truth
The Sky Is Crying / Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Rambling On My Mind
Little Wing
Singin' The Blues
Let It Rain


Spoon The Way We Get By @ 192

The Way We Get By
Metal Detektor (Live)
I Am the Key (Live)
Anticipation (Live)
Someone Something (Live)
Me and the Bean (Live)
Advance Cassette (Live)


Kings Of Leon 07/01/07 Berlin Columbiahalle @ 320

01 Black Thumbnail
02 Taper Jean Girl
03 King of the Rodeo
04 True Love Way
05 Soft
06 Fans
07 Arizona
08 Mollys Chambers
09 The Bucket
10 Milk
11 Four Kicks
12 On Call
13 California Waiting
14 Spiral Staircase
15 Trani
16 Knocked Up
17 Charmer
18 McFearless
19 Slow Night So Long


Joy Division Live At Winter Garden @ 256

Sorry no date

01 - Joy Division - I remember nothing
02 - Joy Division - Colony (live at
03 - Joy Division - These days (live


Joy Division Live At Lyceum Ballroom London @ 256

Sorry no date.

01. Joy Division - Incubation - (liv
02. Joy Division - The eternal - (li
03. Joy Division - Heart and soul -
04. Joy Division - Isolation - (live
05. Joy Division - She's lost control


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Elton John 07/07/82 Kansas City, Missouri @ 320

01 Funeral For A Friend, Love Lies Bleeding
02 All The Young Girls Love Alice
03 Someone Saved My Life Tonight
04 Better Off Dead
05 Ball and Chain
06 Empty Garden
07 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
08 The Bitch Is Back
09 Pinball Wizard
10 Ticking
11 Eltons Song
12 Chloe
13 Where To Now Saint Peter
14 Where Have All The Good Times Gone
15 Rocket Man
16 Bennie and The Jets
17 Teacher I Need You
18 Dear John
19 Your Song
20 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
21 Daniel
22 Crocodile Rock
23 Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On, I Saw
24 Twist and Shout


Everclear 02/15/00 Portland Oregon @ VBR

Everything To Everyone
Father Of Mine
Fire Maple Song
I Will Buy You A New Life
Santa Monica


Everclear 01/14/98 Toronto @ VBR

Everything To Everyone
I Will Buy You A New Life
Loser Makes Good
Heroin Girl
Normal Like You
Santa Monica
Local God


Kings Of Leon 2006 Sydney 26th February @ 256

Molly's Chamber
Pistol Of Fire
Wasted Time
The Bucket
Four Kicks
King Of The Rodeo
California Waiting
Spiral Staircase
Slow Night So Long
Head To Toe


Joy Division Extra+Unreleased @ 256

Joy Division - Autosuggestion (Princ
Joy Division - Candidate (Pennine So
Joy Division - Ceremony (Graveyard S
Joy Division - Chance (atmosphere)
Joy Division - Colony (BBC Studios,
Joy Division - Dead souls (Central s
Joy Division - Exercise one (John Pe
Joy Division - Glass (Eden Studios,
Joy Division - Ice age (Eden Studios
Joy Division - Insight (Eden Studios
Joy Division - Interzone (Arrow stud
Joy Division - Love will tear us apa
Joy Division - Shadowplay (Arrow stu
Joy Division - Something must break
Joy Division - The drawback (Arrow s
Joy Division - The only mistake (Pen
Joy Division - These days (Pennine S
Joy Division - Transmission (Eden St
Joy Division - Walked in line (Straw


Kula Shaker Live in A Smokin' Paradise @ 160

I don't have a date on this one.

01- hey dude
02- hurry on sundown
03- 303
04- great hosannah
05- mystical machine gun
06- s.o.s.
07- greatful when you're dead - jerry was there
08- into the deep
09- i'm still here
10- tattva
11- shower your love
12- dance in your shadow
13- smart dogs
14- hush
15- sound of drums
16- time worm
17- last farewell
18- govinda


Monday, August 27, 2007

Dreams Do Come True ...

My Hero

Mudhoney 1992 Mud Songs Fucking Live @ 192

01 Who you drivin' now
02 Get into yours
03 You got it
04 How lucky you are
05 If i think
06 Into the drink
07 Dirty flow
08 Let it slide
09 This gift
10 Ich bin ein schmetterling
11 No one has
12 Good enough
13 Touch me i'm sick
14 Dead love
15 Thorn
16 Here comes sickness
17 In 'n' out of grace
18 Hate the police
19 Flat out fucked
20 Money rolls right in


Joy Division Peel Sessions @ 256

Exercise One
She's Lost Control
Love Will Tear Us Apart
24 Hours
Sound Of Music


I Think This One Says It Best

Hey all you overly anal and serious types, cut this blogger some SLACK. He's just kiddin' around. I enjoy these sarcastic posts as much as the music.(Just don't get TOO wacky!!)Cheers from Atlanta.

We will now return to serious blogging. No laughing. No Smiles. Just posts. I can't help but picture some of you guys sitting around in your tighty whiteys bathing in the glow of your monitors all pissed off with no where to go. Bruce Springsteen SUCKS !!!!


Since so many people are so negative about my new business venture, I am raising the prices. Gosh, I am going to pee my pants. I am now thinking about a sex chat room where you can all type out your fantasies and I will give psychological advice. I don't know ... maybe charge $3.99 per minute.

New Blog Format

Starting Sept. 1 NargoTheBort's Deviant Subculture goes pay-per-download. For $1.95 you can download 1 complete show. You may purchase a 10 show package for $9.95. A yearly subscription may be purchased for $99.95 for unlimited downloads. Get it now while it's all free. I kill me. Snicker.

Deep Purple 1993 The Lost Milan Tape @ 320

101 Opening
102 Highway Star
103 Black Night
104 Talk About Love
105 A Twist In The Tale
106 Perfect Strangers
107 Difficult To Cure
108 Jon Lord Solo
109 Knocking At Your Back Door
201 Anyone's Daughter
202 Child In Time
203 Anya
204 The Battle Rages On
205 Lazy
206 Ian Paice Solo
207 Space Truckin'
208 Woman From Tokyo
209 Paint In Black
210 Smoke On The Water


Joy Division BBC Sessions @ 128

Exercise One
She's Lost control
Love Will Tear Us appart
24 Hours
Sound Of Music
Transmission 2
Sh'es Lost control 2
Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris Interviewed By Richard Skinner


Kula Shaker 01/27/97 Live at Aston Villa Leisure center Birmingham @ 192

I have recently Discovered Kula Shaker. I have heard about them for years but never gave them a listen for some reason. HOLY COW BATAMAN they rock. Much cooler than a pay-per-download blog.

Knight on the Town
Grateful when you're Dead
Jerry Was Here
Ragi One (waiting for tomorrow)
For This Love
Drop In the Sea
Smart Dogs
Start All Over
Hey Dude
Hollow Man (parts 1 & 2)
Into The Deep


Jeff Healey Band 1989 Live From London @ VBR

The Better It Gets
I'm Tore Down
My Little Girl
Blue Jean Blues
I Need To Be Loved
Roadhouse Blues
See The Light
That's What They Say
All Along The Watchtower


John Fogerty Roskilde 1997 - Crystal Cat Records @ 256

Born On The Bayou
Green River
Bring It Down To Jelly Roll
Southern Streamline
Who'll Stop the Rain
The Midnight Special
A Hundred And Ten In The Shade
Down On The Corner
Swamp River Days
Hot Rod Heart
Before You Accuse Me
The Old Man Down The Road
Walking In A Hurricane
Bad Moon Rising
Fortunate Son
Proud Mary
Travelin' Band
fogerty interview


Placebo 2004 Live @ The Wireless @ 192

Bulletproof Cupid
Every You Every Me
Protect Me From What I Want
The Bitter End
Special Needs
English Summer Rain
Special K
Taste In Men
Slave To The Wage
Pure Morning
Where Is My Mind


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Joe Jackson Hatfield Polytechnic--11-29-79 @ 192

Look Sharp!
Baby Stick Around
Sunday Papers
One More Time
It's Different For Girls
Don't Wanna Be Like That
Happy Loving Couples
I'm The Man
Got The Time
Is She Really Going Out With Him?
Come On


Kings Of Leon 11/20/04 Berlin Huxleys Neue Welt @ 320

01 Happy Alone
02 Red Morning Light
03 Wasted Time
04 Taper Jean Girl
05 Pistol Of Fire
06 The Bucket
07 Soft
08 Joes Head
09 Mollys Chambers
10 Milk
11 Razz
12 Four Kicks
13 California Waiting
14 Slow Nights, So Long
15 Trani
16 King Of The Rodeo
17 Head to Toe
18 Spiral Staircase


Joy Division 1980-02-28 - Preston @ 192

Twenty Four Hours
The Eternal
Heart and Soul
She's Lost Control


Saturday, August 25, 2007

From The Archives

Red Hot Chili Peppers 1986-05-02 Seattle REMASTERED @ 320
Robert Palmer 1979 The Warner Bros. Radio Show @ 320
Screaming Trees 03/21/97 Olympia Washington @ 320
Steve Earle and the Dukes 1996-03-20 Philedelphia Pennsylvania @ 320
The Cars 1984-09-11 Houston, TX REMASTERED @ 320
Blondie 1979 Palladium NYC @ 320
Faith No More 01-12-97 - Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK @ 320
Jim Carroll Band Paradise Theatre, Boston Dec. 1, 1980 WBCN-FM @ 320
Warren Zevon 09/29/82 The Metro Boston @ 320

Afternoon Matinee: Echo And The Bunnymen Kilburn National 1997 @ 192

02.I want to be there when you come
03.Baseball Bill
04.The Cutter.
05.Just a touch away
08.I'll fly tonight
09.Seven seas
10.Villiers Terrace
12.Lips like sugar
13.Ocean rain
14.Nothing lasts forever


About Rocket @ Hear Rock City

The Man is a God !!! HIS blog is a shrine. Without HIM I wouldn't be here (Really). HE is an inspiration to bloggers everywhere. If I had a picture of HIM I would carry it in my billfold and show everyone. If I was gay ... and if HE was gay (maybe HE is. I don't know. It's ok if HE is.) ... I would kiss HIM so deeply ... Go visit HIS blog. Leave HIM lots of comments. HE is too proud to beg, so HE has asked me to beg for HIM. The link is over on the right somewhere.

Thanks For The Comments, Jerks

Thanks to all of you for the comments. And thanks for putting up with my sense of humor. I don't think Bruce Springsteen sucks and I really don't care if I get comments or not (but I do! Ohhh God I love comments) . What I have found out is that people won't leave comments about shows, but they will leave comments about my moronic begging for comments. I have fun with you people. Now ... to the butt wipe who doesn't get it and and complains I am a low life for pandering for comments ... EAT ME. See ... just kidding ... I think you are a moron ... Hah another joke ... my begging for comments made you leave a comment ... and you called me shallow ... when you succumbed to my mind control ... Now ... send me money ... All of you ... Lots and lots of money .. and leave me alone with your girlfriends ...

Spoon Live on KCRW 2007 Santa Monica CA @ 320

02.Rhythm & Soul
03.Don't Make Me A Target
04.The Underdog
05.They Never Got You
07.Don't You Evah
08.The Beast & Dragon
09.You Got Your Cherry Bomb
10.Black Like Me


Queensryche 03/24/95 Gotanda Kani-Hoken Hall Tokyo Japan @ 320

01 9:28 AM
02 I Am I
03 Damaged
04 Bridge
05 Screaming In Digital
06 NM 156
07 My Global Mind
08 Neue Regel
09 I Remember Now
10 Anarch-X
11 Revolution Calling
12 Operation: Mindcrime
13 Spreading The Disease
14 The Mission
15 I Don't Beleive In Love
16 Waiting For 22
17 My Empty Room
18 Real World
19 Eyes Of A Stranger
201 Promised Land
202 Disconnected
203 Lady Jane
204 Empire
205 Jet City Woman
206 Out Of Mind
207 One More Time
208 Silent Lucidity
209 Take Hold Of The Flame
210 Someone Else?


Friday, August 24, 2007

I Ain't Feelin' Much Love ...

Not much in the way of comments the last few days. Do you like the shows? Hate them? If nobody cares, I should probably start posting once a week. Sniffle.

Bad Company 1974 Newcastle @ 320

01 - Little Miss Fortune
02 - Rock Steady
03 - Ready For Love
04 - Don't Let Me Down
05 - Easy On My Soul
06 - Bad Company
07 - Deal With The Preacher
08 - Movin On
09 - Can't Get Enough
10 - The Stealer
11 - Rock Me Baby


Grand Funk Railroad 09/06/82 Budokan Tokyo Japan @ 320

01: Footstmpin' Music
02: Paranoid
03: Queen Bee
04: Closer To Home
05: Heartbreaker
06: Mean Mistreater
07: We're An American Band
08: T.N.U.C.
09: Inside Looking Out
01: Locomotion
02: Gimme Shelter
Live In University Of Hawaii, 1970(Mono)
03: Are You Ready
04: Paranoid
05: In Need
06: Mean Mistreater
07: Closer To Home - Hooked On Love


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cheap Trick 10/16/95 The Joint Las Vegas @ 320

01 Intro
02 She's Tight
03 Girlfriend
04 I Want You To Want Me
05 Cold Turkey
06 Heaven Tonight
07 Magical Mystery Tour
08 Band Intro
09 Don't Be Cruel
10 The Flame
11 Ain't That A Shame
12 Surrender
13 Voices
14 Need Your LOve
15 Dream Police
16 Goodnight


Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 03/24/80 The Polytechnic, Oxford University, England @ 320

01 Intro
02 Even The Losers
03 Here Comes My Girl
04 I Need To Know
05 Luna
06 Stories We Could Tell
07 Refugee
08 Breakdown
09 American Girl
10 Shadow Of A Doubt
11 Anything That's Rock N Roll


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hung Over This Morning

It was a great party last night. Vaseline is everywhere. For those of you that were there, thanks for coming. If you couldn't make it, we'll have a 200,000th Party. Britney is still crashed. Snoring away. Sometimes it's hard to get her to leave. Now, if I can only figure out what the strange rash is ... you know ... down there.

Radiohead Glastonbury Festival 6.28.97 @ 192

My Iron Lung
Planet Telex
Exit Music (For A Film)
The Bends
Nice Dream
Paranoid Android
Karma Police
Climbing Up The Walls
No Surprises
Talk Show Host
Fake Plastic Trees
The Tourist
High & Dry
Street Spirit


Sonic Youth 2004-08-14 Boston, MA REMASTERED @ 320

Burning Spear
Pattern Recognition
Disconnection Notice
New Hampshire
Dude Ranch Nurse
Sugar Kane
Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
I Love You Golden Blue
Paper Cup Exit
White Cross
Unmade Bed
Pacific Coast Highway
Expressway To Yer Skull


The Cure 1991-01-19 London REMASTERED @ 320

Pictures Of You
Fascination Street
Just Like Heaven
The Walk
Let's Go To Bed
Why Can't I Be You
In Between Days
A Forest
Never Enough
Three Imaginary Boys
Boy's Don't Cry


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There It Is ...

100,000 visitors ... There's the doorbell again ... It's Paris, Britney, and Lindsay ... Nude lap dances for everyone! Now if I could only figure out how Molly can do THAT with a cigar while balancing three midgets ...


Molly Ringwald just arrived with a trio of midgets, a gallon jug of vaseline, and a box of cuban cigars. Let's Party!!!

Some Fan Mail

Congrats, TonyTiger! Wish I could be there. Let's have dinner again next week. My treat.
Love ya, Harrison Ford

Baby, why haven't you returned my call? Too busy blogging? Brad misses you. Your side of the bed is getting cold.
Angie Jolie

Tony, your blog is the best. Happy 100,000. When are we going to talk about turning your blog into a film? ... Tom Cruise

Your blog is HOT! Just like you. I'll see you later. I'll bring some special friends. Warm up the baby oil.
Kisses, Paris

My blog will never be as great as yours. You deserve the glory of 100,000 visitors. Can you give me some pointers on how to be as great as you?
Rocket @ Hear Rock City

Sometime today ...

... the 100,000th visitor will walk through the doorway. Make sure to get some punch and cookies. I'll put out pizza and beer this evening. It is rumored Paris Hilton will stop by. She frequents this blog quite often I am told.

Led Zeppelin 1973-01-22 Southampton, Uk REMASTERED @ 320

My favorite Led Zep boot.

Rock And Roll
Over The Hills And Far Away
Black Dog
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
Dancing Days
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song
Dazed And Confused
Stairway To Heaven
Whole Lotta Love
Thank You
How Many More Times
Communication Breakdown


The Plimsouls One Night in America—Live 1981 @ VBR

Hush Hush (Live)
Now (Live)
How Long Will It Take (Live)
I Want What You Got (Live)
A Million Miles Away (Live)
Time Won’t Let Me (Live)
In This Town (Live)
One More Heartache (Live)
Help Yourself (Live)
I’ll Get Lucky (Live)
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Live)
Come on Now (Live)
Sorry (Live)


The Beatles Ultimate Live Masters (Secret Trax) @ 192

01 Intro
02 I Saw Her Standing There
03 From Me To You
04 Money
05 Roll Over Beethoven
06 You Really Got A Hold On Me
07 She Loves You
08 Twist And Shout
09 I Want To Hold Your Hand
10 Intro_Monry
11 Twist And Shout
12 From Me To You
13 Beatles Interview At The Bourget Airport
14 (Trini Lopez) If I had A Hammer
15 Robert Marcy's Comment
16 From Me To You
17 This Boy
18 I Want To Hold Your Hand
19 She Loves You
20 Twist And Shout
21 Robert Marcy's Comment
22 I Saw Her Standing There
23 This Boy (partial)
24 Twist And Shout
25 From Me To You (incomplete)
26 Long Tall Sally
27 From Me To You )Incomplete)
28 From Me To You


Lynyrd Skynyrd 1975 The Unreleased KBFH Show @ 192

Double Trouble
Ain't The One
The Needle & The Spoon
Saturday Night Special
Gimme Three Steps
I Got The Same Old Blues
Simple Man
Whiskey Rock & Roller
Call Me The Breeze
T For Texas
Sweet Home Alabama


Weezer Paris Black Sessions (02-21-95) @ 192

01 Buddy Holly
02 No One Else
03 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
04 Say It Ain't So
05 Undone
06 Surf Wax America


Monday, August 20, 2007

Stray Cats 1983 Toronto @ 192

Baby Blue Eyes
Double Talking Baby
Rumble In Brighton
Drink That Bottle Down
Built For Speed
Banjo Song
Jennie Jennie Jennie
Stray Cat Strut
Lonely Summer Nights
Rev It Up
Come On Everybody
Runaway Boys
Oh Boy
Something Else
Fishnet Stockings
Rock This Town


Lemonheads 1994-03-20 - New York @ 160

01 - Confetti
02 - Favorite T
03 - Stove
04 - Mallo Cup
05 - Paid To Smile
06 - Alison's Starting To Happen
07 - The Great Big No
08 - Into Your Arms
09 - Kitchen
10 - Ride With Me
11 - Big Gay Heart
12 - Hannah & Gabi
13 - It's A Shame About Ray
14 - Rockin' Stroll
15 - Down About It
16 - Rest Assured
17 - Bit Part
18 - You Can Take It With You
19 - Being Around
20 - It's About Time
21 - Rudderless


Free Live At The BBC @ 192

Waiting On You
Sugar For Mr. Morrision
I`m A Mover
Over The Green Hills
Songs Of Yesterday
Broad Daylight
I`ll Be Creepin`
Trouble On Double Time
Mouthful Of Grass
All Right Now
Fire And Water
Be My Friend - Take 1
Be My Friend - Take 2
Ride On A Pony - Take 1
Ride On A Pony - Take 2
Ride On A Pony - Take 3
Ride On A Pony - Take 4
Ride On A Pony - Take 5
Get Where I Belong
The Hunter
Free Me
Fire And Water
Be My Friend
Ride On A Pony
Mr. Big
Don't Say You Love Me
All Right Now


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eric Clapton 11/24/99 Yokohama Japan @ 320

Excellent sound on this one.

101-My Father's Eyes
103-River Of Tears
104-Going Down Slow
105-Hoochie Coochie Man
106-She's Gone
107-Ramblin' On My Mind
108-Tears In Heaven
109-Bell Bottom Blues
110-Change The World
201-Gin House
203-Wonderful Tonight
205-Have You Ever Loved A Woman
207-Sunshine Of Your Love


The Police 09/07/79 Voorburg, Vliegermolen @ 320

01 Next To You
02 So Lonely
03 Walking On The Moon
04 Hole In My Life
05 Message In A Bottle
06 The Bed's Too Big Without You
07 I can't Stand Losing You/Regatta De Blanc
08 Roxanne


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kings Of Leon 11/17/04 Cologne Germany @ 320

01 Happy Alone
02 Red Morning Light
03 Wasted Time
04 Taper Jean Girl
05 Pistol Of Fire
06 Holy Roller Novocaine
07 The Bucket
08 Soft
09 Molly's Chambers
10 Razz
11 4 Kicks
12 Joe's Head
13 Clifornia Waiting
14 Slow Night So Long
15 Spiral Staircase


Frank Black And The Catholics 08/24/2001 Lowlands Festival Netherlands @ 320

01-gouge away
02-crackity jones
03-six sixty six
04-monkey gone to heaven
05-all my ghosts
06-i switched you
08-skeleton man
09-i gotta move
10-stupid me
11-ive seen your picture
12-mr grieves
14-blast off
15-llano del rio
16-nimrod's son
17-shrimp song


The Darkness Live At the Astoria London 2003 @ 224

Black Shuck
Growing On Me
Best Of Me
Love Is Only A Feeling
Get Your Hands Of Of My Woman
Stuck in A Rut
Friday Night
I Believe in A Thing Called Love
Givin' Up
Love On the Rocks With No Ice


Ben Folds Five 04/28/97 Irving Plaza @ 320

01 Missing The War
02 Philosophy
03 Emyline
04 Treading Water
05 Selfless Cold And Composed
06 Kate07 Alice Childers
08 Brick
09 Steven's Last Night In Town
10 The Ultimate Sacrifice
11 Jackson Cannery
12 1 Angry Dwarf
13 Satan Is My Master/Free Bird
14 Breathing In
15 Theme From Dr. Peyser
16 Ballad Of Who Could Care Less
17 Best Imitation Of Myself
18 She Does Not Use Jelly
19 Song For The Dumped
20 Underground21 Smoke
22 Julie Ann


Friday, August 17, 2007

Jellyfish 04/04/93 San Juan Capistrano CA @ 320

A bit on the PERFECT side. The best Jellyfish I ever heard.

01 That Is Why
02 New Mistake
03 Joining A Fanclub
04 I wanna Stay Home
05 The Ghost At Number One
06 The Man I used To Be
07 Baby's Coming Back
08 The King Is Half Undressed
09 No Matter What


The Cramps London 04/19/80 @ 320

A taddish on the ruffish side. But that's the only way the Cramps should be listened to.

01 intro
02 Drug Train
03 Love Me
04 Voodoo Idol
05 Rockin Bones
06 Weekend On Mars
07 Uranium Rock
08 The Natives are Restless
09 Under The Wires
10 Strychnine
11 Garbageman
12 Human Fly
13 Teenage Werewolf
14 Sunglasses After Dark
15 I'm Cramped
16 Mad Daddy
17 Interlude - Best Dressed Waitress
18 Louie Louie
19 Hurricane Fighter Plane
20 Surfin' Bird


The dB's Demos 1983/1984 @ 320

A squigum on the rough side but ohhh so cool.

01 White Train #1
02 Modern Boys And Girls
03 Molly Said
04 Elvis What Happened?
05 Big Time (C. Stamey)
06 You Can't Take Her (C. Stamey)
07 ???? (C. Stamey)
08 Rendezvous
09 She Got Soul #1
10 She Got Soul #2
11 Lonely Is
12 Little Hands
13 Death Of Rock
14 Repercussion
15 Spittin Into The Wind
16 This Crazy Town
17 Purple Hose
18 White Train #2
19 Battle Front
20 Darvy
21 Not Cool
22 Love Is For Lovers


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shhhhhh!! Don't tell anyone .... you guys that notice these things....

Every once in awhile...shhhh....you may find an album posted here that has been officially released. Be verwy, verwy, quiet...I am hunting wabbits.

Eric Clapton May 1, 1985 Hartford, Ct @ 320

Tuksa Time
Motherless Children
I Shot The Sheriff
Same Old Blues
Blues Power
Tangled In Love
She's Waiting
Wonderful Tonight
Lay Down Sally
Let In Rain
Forever Man


Aerosmith 1993-10-31 Brussels @ 320

Eat The Rich
Young Lust
Love In An Elevator
Draw The Line
What It Takes
Last Child
The Other Side
Boogie Man
Shut Up And Dance
Stop Messin Around
Rag Doll
Janies Got A Gun
Dude Looks Like A Lady
Dream On
Walk This Way
Livin On The Edge
Sweet Emotion
Peter Gunn
Train Kept A Rollin


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles 1972 Live @ 256

01 - Marbles
02 - Lava
03 - Evil Ways
04 - Faith Interlude
05 - Them Changes
06 - Free From Funkafide Filth


Janis Joplin 1969 Amsterdam Summertime Live @ 256

01 Instrumental
02 Maybe
03 Summertime
04 Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
05 Can't Turn You Loose
06 Combination Of The Two
07 Ball And Chain
08 Piece Of My Heart


Aretha Franklin 1971 Live At The Fillmore West @ 192

Love The One You're With
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Eleanor Rigby
Make It With You
Don't Play That Song
Dr. Feelgood
Spirit In The Dark
Spirit In The Dark (Reprise with Ray Charles)
Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)


Ray Charles - Berlin, 1962 @ 192

Band Intro
Strike Up the Band
One Mint Julep
I Got a Woman
Georgia on My Mind
The Danger Zone
Hallelujah I Love Her So
Come Rain or Come Shine
Hide nor Hair
Alexander's Ragtime Band
I Believe to My Soul
Hit the Road, Jack
The Right Time
Bye, Bye Love
Unchain My Heart
What'd I Say


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Electric Prunes Stockholm 67 @ 192

You Never Had It Better
I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
Try Me On For Size
I Happen To Love You
I Got My Mojo Workin'
Long Day's Flight (Til Tomorrow)
Smokestack Lightning
Get Me To The World On Time


Supertramp 07/23/83 Munich Germany @ 320

01 Crazy
02 Ain't Nobody But Me
03 Breakfast In America
04 Bloody Well Right
05 It's Raining Again
06 Put On Your Old Brown Shoes
07 Hide In Your Shell
08 Waiting So Long
09 Give A Little Bit
10 From Now On
11 The Logical Song
12 Goodbye Stranger
13 Dreamer
14 Rudy
15 Fool's Overture
16 School
17 Crime Of The Century


Monday, August 13, 2007

People Have Been Asking ...

How do I find specific shows on your site there are so many? Well, if you notice, on the right hand side of the page, when you scroll down, there is a section called Shows By Group. Simply select your favorite artist, click, and go. Simple enough?

The Smithereens 06/22/07 Wiggins Park Camden NJ @ 320

01 Introductions
02 Only A Memory
03 House We Used To Live In
04 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
05 Time And Time Again
06 Blodd And Roses
07 A Girl Like You/Pretty Woman/Get Together
08 Crowd/Banter
09 Don't Bother Me
10 Behind Blue Eyes


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whoduh Freakin' Thunk It!!!!

I am always on the look out for that one band that trips my old rock n roll trigger. I am lucky if I find 1 in 100 that really shakes my butt. I was over at Toxxy's blog http://reupped.wordpress.com/ and discovered "The Hamsters Pet Sounds - 10 Years Of Rodent Rock". My personal taste meter was pegged. 2 CDs of rockin' screamin' guitar cover tunes from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, ZZ Top and others. The Hamsters - with a name like that, they gotta be good.

From The Archives: Van Morrison 3 Shows

Van Morrison November 26 1978 The Roxy, LA @ 320
Van Morrison 09/05/71 Pacific Heights Studio SF @ 320
Van Morrison 04/26/70 Fillmore West SF @ 320

From The Archives: David Bowie 4 Shows

David Bowie Serious Moonlight 1983 @ 192
David Bowie Santa Monica '72 @ 160
David Bowie Los Angeles, USA 5th September 1974 @ 320
David Bowie 03/23/76 The Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY, USA @ 320

Violent Femmes 11.02.1984 Live at Alan Bangs' Nightflight @ 160

Flamingo Baby
Kiss off
I ain't gonna wait
Good feeling
Blister in the sun
Country death song
It's gonna rain


38 Special 1984 Dallas @ 256

Wild Eyed Southern Boys
Stone Cold Believer
You Keep Runnin Away
Rough Housin
Around And Around
Hold On Loosely
Backdoor Stranger
Caught Up In You
Rockin Into The Night
Fortunate Son


Pixies 2005-06-08 - NEWPORT @ 192

01 bone machine
02 cactus
03 ed is dead
04 all around the world
05 subbacultcha
06 monkey gone to heaven
07 is she weird
08 here comes your man
09 river euphrates
10 velouria
11 wave of mutilation
12 i bleed
13 crackity jones
14 gouge away
15 hey
16 holiday song
17 nimrod's son
18 mr. grieves
19 caribou
20 Where is my mind
21 gigantic


Foo Fighters 12/05/2002 Copenhagen, Denmark @ 320

All My Life
My Hero
Learn To Fly
For All The Cows
Stacked Actors
Times Like These
Hey Johnny Park
Monkey Wrench
Enough Space


ZZ Top 1994 Live in New York @ 320

World Of Swirl
Waitin' For The Bus
Jesus Just Left Chicago
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
Cheap Sunglasses
Tell It
Fuzzbox Voodoo
Just Got Back From Baby's
A Fool For Your Stockings
Rough Boy
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Planet Of Women
She Loves My Automobile
Antenna Head
La Grange
Sharp Dressed Man
Viva Las Vegas


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bachman Turner Overdrive 04/01/84 Harpo's Detroit Michigan @ 320

01 Intro/Let It Ride
02 Gimme Your Money Please
03 Can't Wait For The Weekend
04 Hey You
05 Blue Collar
06 My Sugaree
07 Not Fragile
08 Rock Is My Life
09 Hold Back The Water
10 Sledgehammer
11 Mississippi Queen
12 Stayed Awaie All night
13 American Woman
14 You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet
15 Roll On Down The Highway
16 Four Wheel Drive
17 Takin Care Of Business


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Joe Jackson 2003-03-27 Fox Boulder @ 320

One More Time
Take It Like A Man
Awkward Age
Look Sharp
Down To London
On Your Radio
Is She Really Going Out With Him
Love At First Sight
Real Men
Mayor Of Simpleton
Stepping Out
Different For Girls
Fairy Dust
Beat crazy
Sunday Papers
Thugs R US
Got The Time
Blaze Of Glory
I'm The Man


Aerosmith 1978.03.26 Philadelphia @ 320

Rats In The Cellar
I Wanna Know Why
Big Ten Inch Record
Walk This Way
Sight For Sore Eyes
Seasons Of Wither
Sweet Emotion
Lord Of The Thighs
Kings And Queens
Chip Away The Stone
Get The Lead Out
Get It Up
Draw The Line
Same Old Song And Dance
Toys In The Attic
Milk Cow Blues
Train Kept A' Rollin'


Doobie Brothers 01/29/79 Tokyo @ 320

01 - Jesus is Just Alright
02 - Long Train Runnin'
03 - Sweet Maxine
04 - It Keeps You Runnin'
05 - Take Me In Your Arms
06 - Open Your Eyes
07 - What A Fool Believes
08 - Neal's Fandango
09 - Echoes Of Love
10 - You Made That Way
11 - Black Water
12 - Steamer Lane Breakdown
13 - Road Ange
l14 - China Grove
15 - Takin' It To The Streets
16 - Listen To The Music


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Be Banned

"This email is to inform you that you have been banned from the Trader's Den. You have converted lossless files to MP3 violating the Terms Of Service."

Ohhh, the purity.... Ohhh the horror.... I am one of the unclean.

Awww, Shucks. I was born to convert. Do you really think I can be kept out? New IP address. New user name. I WILL CONVERT!!!!!! Music to the People. I'll just steal shows from all the other torrent sites I snarf files from. Silly rabbits ....

The Undertones 1981 Holland @ VBR

When Saturday Comes
You Got My Number
Positive Touch
Wednesday Week
His Goodlooking Girlfriend
Jimmy Jimmy
As Long AS I Can See That Girl
Julie Ocean
I Don't Know
You're Welcome
It's Going To Happen
Jump Boys
Girls That Don't Talk
TeenAge Kicks


Roger McGuinn Rockpalast Festival 1977 @ 320

01 Lover Of The Bayou
02 American Girl
03 Mr. Spaceman
04 Why Baby Why
05 Golden Loom
06 Juice Head
07 Chestnut Mare
08 Midnight Dew
09 Dixie Highway
10 We Can Do It All Over Again
11 Shoot Him
12 Feel A Whole Lot Better
13 Turn, Turn, Turn
14 Mr. Tambourine Man
15 Eight Miles High


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Deep Purple Paris 7/9/85 @ VBR

Highway Star
Nobody's Home
Strange Kind Of Woman
blues/Gypsy's Kiss
Perfect Strangers
Under the Gun
Ian Pace drum solo
Knockin At Your Back Door
Difficult To Cure
Space Truckin
'Woman From Tokyo
Black Knight
Smoke On The Water


Monday, August 6, 2007

Cream Bootleg Rapidshare 1968-10-04 Oakland,California REMASTERED @ 320 Pulled From The Vault

White Room
Sunshine Of Your Love
Deserted Cities Of The Heart
Passing The Time / Toad
I'm So Glad


The Who Rockpalast 81 @ 192

I Can't Explain
Baba O'Riley
The Quiet One
Don't Let Go The Coat
Sister Disco
You Better You Bet
Behind Blue Eyes
Another Tricky Day
Pin Ball Wizard
Who Are You
My Generation
Won't Get Fooled Again
Summertime Blues
Twist And Shout
See Me, Feel Me


Santana 1970 Capitol Theatre @ 192

Se A Cabo
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
Oye Como Va
Toussaint L'overture
Evil Ways
Incident At Neshabur
Conquistadore Rides Again


Free 1970 Isle Of Wight @ 192

I am not 100% sure if the date and location is accurate.

01 - Intro
02 - Ride On A Pony
03 - Woman
04 - The Stealer
05 - Be My Friend
06 - Mr Big
07 - Fire And Water
08 - I'm A Mover
09 - The Hunter
10 - Alright Now
11 - Crossroads


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pixies - 04.18.04 Edmonton @ 320

I Bleed
Is She Weird
Mr. Grieves
Here Comes Your Man
The Holiday Song
Nimrod's Son
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Gouge Away
Broken Face
Isla De Encanta
Something Against You
River Euphrates
(Encore Break)
In Heaven
Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Where Is My Mind
Into The White


The Black Crowes 06-15-91 Greek Theater LA @ 329

01 Twice As Hard
02 Thick N Thin
03 You're Wrong
04 Chris Improv/Stare It Cold
05 Seeing Things
06 Sister Luck
07 Hard To Handle
08 Could I've Been Blind
09 Shake Em On Down/GetBack/Thank You/Walk With Jesus/Shake
10 She Talks To Angels
11 Dreams
12 Jealous Again


Saturday, August 4, 2007

More Bands That Suck

If you have a favorite band that sucks, post it here. Tell me how bad they SUCK!!!

Bruce Springsteen SUCKS!!!!!

Before I start more hate mail about "yawning" the Boss.....I was kidding....yawn....I was just sleepy....really. Bruce Springsteen SUCKS!!!! Ha Ha. It's a joke, son. Not really. The Grateful Dead SUCKS!!. See another joke. (Insert band name here) SUCKS!!!! Come on and hate me. I am the Lord Zeus of my blog. I have the power!!!!!!!! If you want a safe PC blog, go see Rocket over at Hear Rock City. He has the George Bush of blogs. See...I am funny...another joke.

Get A Life

I have been getting some hate mail lately. I can't tell if it's from the same person or multiple people (different email addresses same zealous/religious tone to writing). They are complaining how I have compromised the true essence of the blog by posting shows other than classic rock. They feel I have betrayed them. They do not like me posting a variety of bands with different musical styles. What they want to see is Yes, Kansas, and yawn, Bruce Springsteen. Well, I like classic rock. Really I do. But if all I listened to was classic rock, I would be one bored bumpkin. If you don't like MY blog. Go somewhere else. If enough people go elsewhere, then I can shut this puppy down. I post music I like. I hope other people like it too. I you have some kind of constructive point you would like to make, please make it. I am open to it. If you are a weenie with some kind of bizarre, almost scary, philosophical jones about classic rock purity, hire a cheap hooker and pay him or her to listen to you. You can't afford my prices. Hey, I am the last person that should call someone else weird, but you are weird.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 10/06/95 Coleman Coliseum, Tuscaloosa, Alabama @ 320

01 You Don't Know How It Feels
02 Listen To Her Heart
03 I Won't Back Down
04 Free Falling
05 You Wreck Me
06 Mary Jane's Last Dance
07 Don't Come Around Here No More
08 13 Days
09 Girl On LSD
10 Breakdown
11 Cabin Down Below
12 It's Good To Be King
13 Running Down A Dream
14 Honey Bee
15 Gloria
16 American Girl


Friday, August 3, 2007

Moldy Peaches 01/12/2002 Bowery Ballroom - New York City, NY @ 320

You either love them or hate them. I love them. Love that Kimya. She says dick.

01 - On Top
02 - Greyhound Bus
03 - These Burgers
04 - I Forgot
05 - D2 Boyfriend
06 - Lucky Number Nine
07 - Jorge Regula
08 - County Fair
09 - Rainbows
10 - Lazy Confessions
11 - Downloading Porn With Dave-O
12 - Steak For Chicken
13 - Nothing Came Out
14 - Who's Got The Crack
15 - Anyone Else But You
16 - (Banter)
17 - What Went Wrong


Trip Shakespeare 12/14/92 First Avenue Entry Minneapolis MN @ 160

A MickD prensentation.

01 Lulu
02 Ranking Service
03 Turtle Dove
04 Star
05 Unlucky Lady
06 Little Darling
07 Jill Can Drive
08 Your Mouth
09 Graveyard
10 The Crane
11 National Angel
12 Bride
13 Snow Days - Pearle
14 The Slacks
15 Helpless


Jellyfish 1991 Frankfurt Music Hall Germany @ 160

One more from MickD

01 hold your head up-hello
02 calling sarah
03 the king is half undres
04 i wanna stay home
05 mr. late
06 bye bye bye
07 she still loves him
08 will you marry me
09 now she knows she's wro
10 baby's coming back
11 jet
12 no matter what
13 all i want is everythin
14 the man i used to be
15 let em in-that is whay
16 go your own way


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wilco 1997-05-10 The Fillmore San Francisco CA @ 320

d101 Misunderstood
d102 Red-Eyed And Blue
d103 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
d104 Someone Else's Song
d105 Why Would You Wanna Live
d106 Forget The Flowers
d107 That's Not The Issue
d108 Someday Soon
d109 New Madrid
d110 What's The Wotld Got In Store
d111 (Was I) In Your Dreams
d112 Shouldn't I Bee Ashamed
d113 I Must Be High
d114 Passenger Side
d115 Screen Door
d116 Hotel Arizona
d117 Mondayd118 Kingpin
d201 Outtasite (Outta Mind)
d202 The Lonely 1
d203 Dreamer In My Dreams
d204 Sunken Treasure
d205 Gun
d206 Oklahoma USA
d207 Henry & The H Bombs
d208 Color Me Impressed
d209 I Wanna Be Sedated
d210 Paranoid
d211 Ziggy Stardust
d212 Box Full Of Letters
d213 Casino Queen
d214 Drum Solo
d215 We've Been Had


Dave Edmunds 07/22/87 Stockholm Sweden @ 320

01 Crawling From The Wreckage
02 Dear Dad
03 True Love
04 The Wanderer
05 It Comes To Me Naturally
06 Fine Fine Fine
07 Queen Of Hearts
08 Here Comes The Weekend
09 I Knew The Bride
10 Singin The Blues
11 Sweet Little Lisa
12 Send Me Some Lovin
13 It's My Own Business
14 I hear You Knocking
15 Ju Ju Man
16 Sweet Little Sixteen


The dB's Live 81 and 82 @ 160

Another show from MickD.

Here's a replacement for track 10 that is cut.

1 to 16 ritz ny 22 feb 82
17 to 23 london 3 july 81
24 to 25 old grey wistle test 3 july 81

01 living a lie
02 we were happy there
03 happenstance
04 bad reputation
05 ask for jill
06 black and white
07 amplifier
08 i thought you wanted to know
09 good to be alive
10 the fight
11 excitment
12 soul kiss
13 ph factor
14 neverland
15 storm warning
16 death garage
17 start of the 81 show b
18 i feel good today
20 dynamite
21 cycles per second
22 death garage
23 if and when
24 cycles pe second
25 big brown eyes


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Semisonic Cologne Germany 18 Nov 98 Kult Kafe @ 160

Sent to me by the Fab MickD. Keeper of treasures unseen by man for 1000s of years.

01 - f.n.t
02 -singing in my sleep
03 - never you mind
04 - secret smile
05 - all worked out
06 - if i run
07 - d.n.d
08 - eroticcity
09 - delicious
10 - closing time


Frank Black 02/09/96 Astoria London @ 320

01 The Marxist
02 Big Red
03 Los Angeles
04 You Ain't Me
05 Jesus Was RIght
06 I don't Want To Hurt You
07 Superabound
08 Men In Black
09 Mosh, Don't Pass The Guy


Joe Jackson Nakano Sun Plaza Tokyo 10/21/86 @ 320

One More Time
Wild West
Right & Wrong
You Can't Get What You Want
(It's A) Big World
Home Town
On Your Radio
Shanghai Sky
Fifty Dollar Love Affair
Cancer>Be My Number Two>Breaking Us In Two
Steppin' Out
Soul Kiss
It's Different For Girls
The Jet Set
Sunday Papers
Tonight And Forever
Jumpin' Jive Medley: Jack, You're Dead>What's The Use Of Getting Sober?>Jumpin' Jive
I'm The Man
Man In The Street


Catching Up With The Faces

By request here are the Faces links that were deleted.

Detroit Michigan 74


Catching Up With The Grateful Dead

By request here are the Dead links that were deleted awhile ago.