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Friday, March 21, 2008

R.E.M. Remnants 1981-2004 Every Non-Lp A-Side, Every B-Side 1 Of 12 @ 320

01 Radio Free Europe 1981 original Hib-Tone A-Side single.
02 Sitting Still 1981 original Hib-Tone B-Side single.
03 Radio Free Europe 1983 "Radio Free Europe" A-Side single.
04 Gardening At Night 1997 "In The Attic" compilation CD
05 Ages Of You 1986 "Live! For Life" LP.
06 Catapult 1992 "Murmur" reissue LP/CD.
07 Pretty Persuasion 1992 "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD.
08 All The Right Friends 1993 "Dead Letter Office" reissue LP/CD. Recorded at the "Murmur" recording sessions.
09 Tighten Up 1985 Bucketful Of Brains #11 Flexi and "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD.
10 Moon River 1992 "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD.
11 Gardening At Night 1984 "Rockville" UK 12" B-Side and "Murmur" reissue LP/CD.
12 9-9 1984 "Reckoning" 12" UK B-Side and "Murmur" reissue LP/CD.
13 Windout (With Friends) 1992 "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD
14 Reckoning Coda 1984 "Reckoning" LP.
15 Don't Go Back To) Rockville 1984 "Rockville" A-Side Single.
16 White Tornado 1992 "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD. Also appeared on the B-Side of the "Superman" single.
17 Gardening At Night 1993 "Dead Letter Office" reissue LP/CD.
18 Gardening At Night 1992 "Alternate Radio Sampler" CD.
19 Just A Touch 1993 "Life's Rich Pageant" reissue LP/CD.
20 Driver 8 1985 "Wendell Gee" 12" B-Side single.
21 Can't Get There From Here 1985 "Can't Get There From Here" 7" A-Side Single.
22 Swan Swan H 1987 "Athens, GA Inside Out" Soundtrack.
23 Dream (All I Have To Do) 1987 "Athens, GA Inside Out" Soundtrack.
24 Tired Of Singing Trouble 1993 "Life's Rich Pageant" reissue LP/CD.
25 Superman 1986 "Superman" 7" A-Side Single.


Anonymous said...

Can't thank you enough! Keep up the beautiful work!

MongrelPiano said...

Niiiiice...keep these coming, please!

tmb said...

FANtastic :) Do we get the following eleven pleae? Thanks so much for this and the reat blog that goes with it!

Anonymous said...

thank you!
any chance of the "newer" b-sides?

thanks again!!