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Sunday, March 23, 2008

R.E.M. Remnants Vol 2 of 12 1981-2004 Every Non-Lp A-Side, Every B-Side @ 320

01 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 1987 "It;s The End Of The World" A-Side Single.
02 Romance 1987 "Made In Heaven" Soundtrack.
03 Finest Worksong 1988 "Eponymous" LP/CD.
04 Finest Worksong 1988 "Finest Worksong" 12" A-Side Single.
05 Finest Worksong 1988 "Finest Worksong" 12" A-Side Single.
06 This One Goes Out 1987 "The One I Love" 12" A-Side Single.
07 Maps And Legends 1987 "The One I Love" B-Side Single.
08 Disturbance At The Heron House 1987 "The One I Love" 12" B-Side Single.
09 Last Date 1987 "The One I Love" 7" B-Side Single.
10 Time After Time 1988 "Finest Worksong" 7" B-Side Single. Medley of songs: Time After Time/Red Rain/So. Central Rain.
11 Orange Crush 1993 "Find The River" CD Single.
12 The Eleventh Untitled Song 1989 "Stand" 12" B-Side Single.
13 Memphis Train Blues 1989 "Stand" 7" B-Side Single.
14 Deck The Halls 1988 "Winter Warnerland" Compilation LP/CD Promo.
15 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers 1988 Fan Club A-Side Single.
16 See No Evil 1988 Fan Club B-Side Single.
17 Pop Song 89 1989 "Pop Song '89" 7" B-Side Single.
18 Ghost Rider 1989 "Orange Crush" 7" B-Side Single.
19 Dark Globe 1989 "Orange Crush" 12" B-Side Single.
20 Funtime 1989 "Get Up" 7" B-Side Single.
21 Skin Tight 1989 "Stand" 12" B-Side Single.
22 Orange Crush 1991 "Radio Song" CD Single.
23 Academy Fight Song 1992 "Bucketful Of Brains" Flexi Disc.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. How many volumes are there going to be?

Anonymous said...

Wow... very cool!
If I'm reading this right there gonna be 12 volumes of this! I can hardly wait!