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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Robert Cray With Stevie Ray Vaughan Bootleg 01/21/87 Club Redux Dallas Texas FM @ 320

Click on artwork for full size.

Notes From Original Seeder

Sound Quality: A-/A in my estimation. Just a few slight
disruptions that shouldn't take away from your listening

Okay guys, to steal a line from Letterman "wake the kids and
phone the neighbors"! Here's a show that's near and dear to
my heart having grown up in Dallas, TX listening to KZEW (98FM)
and Q102 radio. I can fondly remember hearing this come down
live on Q102 the night in question as well as the many times
the station replayed a song or two in heavy rotation.

If I may set the scene, Strong Persuader was gaining air-time
across the country (or at least it was in Dallas) and in my
opinion that album represents the pinnacle of Cray's career.
From the moment that track one starts you can feel the
electricity in the air and it's clear that Bob and the band
are charged up. Add to the fact that 'young' Mr. Stevie Ray
Vaughan was in attendance and sat in on the last three songs
and you have a recipe for a blockbuster evening. These fine
musicians did not disappoint.

Some personal observations of the show, please. First,
db.etree.org incorrectly lists the location as Houston.
Hearing it live over Dallas radio should be enough to convince
you. Having spent a foggy evening or two at Club Redux should
also cement the location. If that still isn't enough, listen
for the mention of "I'm back here in Dallas" during 'Phone
Booth' (track 11).

Secondly, this next point has always made me laugh and I'll
relay it to the best of my ability. At the end of the third
song (the swingin' 'T-Bone Shuffle') Cray mentions that "we're
recording tonight for K-102" which illicits many of the patrons
to correct him on the radio station call letters - it's Q-102.
Bob quickly remedies his gaff by uttering "Q-102" repeatedly.
The amusing part for this Dallas native is how the station
turned Cray's blunder in to an instant Q102 promo that was
played a million times over. To the savvy listener the edit
(removal of K102) was obvious. This was no doubt spearheaded
by the egocentric and self serving afternoon drive time DJ,
Readbeard (host of the ubiquitous "In The Studio"). Never
has an individual been in love with his own voice and contrived
laughter more than Redbeard. Finally even more hilarious is
when Cray excuses his error by stating that "I don't speak
too good English. I'm from the West Coast"!

In my estimation, song highlights from the night were 'Still
Around' (check out the incredible vocals) and 'Porch Light'.
Oh, and if this version of 'Playin' In The Dirt' doesn't do
it for ya, you need medical attention. Listen to the crowd
pandemonium at the end of that tune!

As advertised, SRV sits in on the last two songs and encore
with his trusty #1. While there aren't any Stevie songs played,
you can't miss his licks in the background. The impromptu
'Cray / SRV Jam' is indeed tasty.

Part of my enjoyment of this site are the various stories
surrounding shows like this. Hope I didn't bore you with
my recollections of this magical night in Dallas. Please
have fun listening and as always don't convert to MP3 or
sell. That's not cool. (oops!)

01 I Guess I Showed Her
02 Still Around
03 T-Bone Shuffle
04 Right Next Door
05 Smokin Gun
06 More Than I Can Stand
07 Bad Influence
08 Playing In The Dirt
09 Porch Light
10 Foul Play
11 Phone Booth
12 False Accusation (w Stevie Ray Vaughan)
13 Cray / SRV Jam
14 New Blood (w Stevie Ray Vaughan)

*** I fat fingered the rar file should be 1987 ***

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is just a great recording of RC tearing it up in Dallas. Take away SRV and you still have a 5 star performance/recording!