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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lou Reed Leave Me Alone Live @ 320

01 Introduction / Jam *
02 Sweet Jane *
03 Coney Island Baby *
04 I Believe In Love **
05 Lisa Says **
06 Kicks **
07 She’s My Best Friend **
08 I’m Waiting For The Man **
09 Sheltered Life **
10 The Kids **
11 Claim To Fame *
12 Vicious Circle **
13 Walk On the Wild Side **
14 Rock And Roll Heart **
15 Charley’s Girl **
16 Kill Your Sons **
17 Satellite Of Love **
18 How Do You Think It Feels **
19 You Wear It So Well **
20 Oh, Jim **
21 Berlin **
22 Ladies Pay
23 Heroin **
24 Leave Me Alone ***

* Albany, NY – 16 November 1976
** Akron, OH – 23 October 1976
*** Christchurch, New Zealand – 08 March 1975 ???

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Anonymous said...

Hey i Think u have a cool blog! Lots of really cool stuff! I think people like u are wonderful 4 sharing all this great music!Keep up the GREAT work !

Anonymous said...

Ps WHats wrong with the Lou Reed stuff ?

Anonymous said...

I just finished downloaing Lou Reed and am listening to it now. Great sound quality/setlist.I think the complaining guy was maybe expecting The Velvet Underground or something ! Lou Changes it up ! THANSK!
Love, Johnnylove

length said...

thanks 4 this great reed gig

Anonymous said...

This site is great!! Godd to see someone post out of the ordinary material. I may not like everything you post, but admire you for doing it. Too many people only post set types of music. Post everything and let them decide. Does the reed show "leave me alone" have Steve Hunter & Diock Wagner on twin lead guitars?
Keep up the great work. I for one enjoy it.

TonyTiger said...

I'll have to ceck on the Hunter Wagner. I don't know if I have that info.

Ludovico said...

Lots of good stuff on this blog! This Lou Reed is particularly interesting. Many songs done live that he may very well not have performed since the mid seventies. Great sound quality as well, great to here Lou so clearly when he snarls "ain't that some fucking claim to fame!"

1000 thank yous!

TonyTiger said...

I am happy to serve.

skylark said...

Steve & Dick are well and truly gone, but true to form Lou has assembled a top-class group of musos, this time with a jazz-bent (the opening jam is fab). The style is very much like Rock And Roll Heart, in fact 7 of the songs are from that record. I haven't heard a set-list like this either and it's just fantastic, thanks Tony!

Les said...


Les said...


DMAN said...

A funky Lou Reed? I love it. Not one for the purists, perhaps, since it's often Velvets or nothing for too many of them. But this is fun, especially if you lived through the Seventies and have an unspoken weakness for a slice of Jazz fusion. If nothing else, it's funny to hear Lou delivering his lines in such a po-faced way when some of his band are noodling musos ....