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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Rolling Stones Got To Be Worked On! Various Olympic Studios Sessions 1966-1970 @ 192

Click on the images for full sized versions of the artwork.

The Rolling StonesGot To Be Worked On! [Rover Records, 1CD]Various Olympic Studios Sessions 1966-1970

These days aspiring bootleggers have many sources to choose from to compile a new release, as Rover Records has done with this brand new 2007 bootleg. Stones sessions can be found on Yellow Dog's Black Box, Invasion Unlimited's series of outtakes, Scorpio's Time Trips, the numerous Japanese labels that specialise in repackaging. What's needed then is a "concept". Rover Records has come up with a nice idea of putting together tracks that "could have, should have" been released except some tracks "got to be worked on!" Sound quality on this boot is seriously fantastic.

Rover has focused on The Stones' brilliant period from 1966 to 1970 when Brian Jones was still coherent, creative and committed, at least half the time. The sessions span from Their Satanic Majesties, Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed to Sticky Fingers. Practically everything here has been released before say some reviewers but to these ears, if they have, I have not heard them in this quality. Perhaps the most bootlegged tracks here are the ones from the Beggar's album - outtakes of Stray Cat Blues, Parachute Woman, Factory Girl, Dear Doctor and No Expectations. Coming a close second are the outtakes from Sticky Fingers.

The two tracks that make their debut appearance on bootleg are Version 3 of Get Yourself Together and perhaps Yesterday's Papers. Here's a review from the net by "Another": "The first tracks are produced by Andrew Oldham: "Get Yourself Together" features Stu on piano and ends with Charlie still banging on the drums, while "Yesterday's Papers" has Jagger almost cracking in laughs while singing. "Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue" is the early take of "Dandelion" with Keith Richards on vocals. "Old King Cole" is an instrumental early take of "We Love You", produced by Glyn Johns. With "Child Of The Moon" that features Nicky Hopkins on this alternate mix version enters Jimmy Miller in the production seat."The version of "Jumping Jack Flash" comes from the first take recorded live in the studio, used for the promo film (without make up); on "Pays Your Dues" there is Rick Grech on electric violin while Roger Chapman is on background vocals. "Stray Cat Blues" is an alternate mix with ad lib vocals, louder bass and lead guitar. "No Expectations" feature Nicky Hopkins on piano and Stu on organ and starts with some studio dialogue, while you can hear Jagger mumbling the melody during the song. On "You Got The Silver" never have the acoustic guitars sound so wide open. "Wild Horses #1" is the 4th version which is a reworked take of the 3rd version without piano. Ry Cooder is on guitar on "Sister Morphine" while the alternate take of "Gimme Shelter" has no backing vocals. Nicky Hopkins' piano introduces differently "Loving Cup", the take of "Bitch" is the alternate mix, second version. No sax is featured on "Brown Sugar" and Jim Dickinson is featured on tack piano in the second version of "Wild Horses"."

01 Get Yourself Together
02 Yesterdays Papers
03 Sometimes Happy Sometimes Blue
04 Old King Cole
05 Child Of The Moon
06 Jumping Jack Flash
07 Pay Your Dues
08 Stray Cat Blues
09 Parachute Woman
10 Factory Girl
11 Dear Doctor
12 No Expectations
13 You Got The Silver
14 Wild Horses #1
15 Sister Morphine
16 Gimme Shelter
17 Loving Cup
18 Dead Flowers
19 Bitch
20 Brown Sugar
21 Wild Horses #2



fulhamx said...

The more I play this bootleg, the better it gets, one of my current fav's by a long chalk, but a question?
I've only ever seen this posted at 192, are there copies floating around at a higher bitrate ? and if you have one at 320, would you consider re-posting at that rate?
This will do for now as the music is fantastic, but would love to upgrade

Steve said...

Hi Tony,

The sound quality for this is superb. Not sure if you can help though with 1 amazing track from this period called "I Don't Know The Reason Why" aka "Hillside Blues". I have this outtake in standard boot quality but would love to hear it in higher quality.
Keep up the great work! and many thanks.

detroitrockcity said...

Wow. This one merits repeated listening. this 'no expectations' makes me wanna move to the woods and play the dobro all day on the cabin porch. ditto 'lovin'cup'. thanks TT.