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Friday, August 24, 2007

I Ain't Feelin' Much Love ...

Not much in the way of comments the last few days. Do you like the shows? Hate them? If nobody cares, I should probably start posting once a week. Sniffle.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, we're unappreciative and haven't shown the love. However, I meant to mention a tidbit about the Radiohead show you have up. 3 or 4 years ago, Q magazine did the 100 best gigs ever. Radiohead at Glastonbury 97 came in at # 1.


Pat said...

nargo only pawn in game of life. No, wait... nargo rocks!

Kevin said...

You've posted some great stuff. I've downloaded the Patti Smith, Bowie and Decemberists so far. I'll continue checking out your archive. Keep it up and many thanks.

Gunboy 3 said...

You've got the best shows out there, sorry about the lack of gratitude. We love your stuff and hope it keeps coming!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

MongrelPiano said...

Serves you right for besmirching the purity of FLAC files...SHAME ON YOU. =P

Gary said...

The Tom Petty shows you've posted as of late are pure dynamite...and the Cheap Trick show is no slouch either...keep 'em coming, homeboy, keep 'em comin'!

Anonymous said...

Nargo like candy ... no wait Nargo da man!

Anonymous said...

Your site/page/archive/whatever is easily one of the best I've come across.

Besides the quality of your stuff, you have the widest breadth of GOOD bands/artitsts that generally go unnoticed on similar places.

Instead of having to go through the slogs and slogs of Zeppelin, Metallica, and whatnot (which is not to crap on either of them as bands) your archive has all the stuff you'd really like to find.

Great bands, great sounding shows. The onyl dissapointment I have is my lacking the ability to get stuff to you you'd want. But I'll work on that soon enough.


Anonymous said...

just found out about your site, looks like you have a bunch of cool stuff worth checking out.
much appreciation for putting it out there

Anonymous said...

Pls keep on posting.You have so many great shows on your blog,the Tom Petty stuff is pure gold!!!!!!
Thank you kindly for your great work.


Anonymous said...

Tony, of course we love ya :) You post some killer quality shows, many of them rare and hard to find (especially for the many of us who don't have time or patience for the ratio nonsense of the bit-torrent crowd), and you post a great variety so there is something for everyone.

To use a well-known phrase... "they'rrrrr.....ggrrrrrrrreaat" :)

Anonymous said...

King Nargo!!!!

Anonymous said...

MongrelPiano - Piss off music snob! Probably one of those Trader's Den freaks....ooh the FLAC, protect the FLAC...whatever loser.
Think we can't find your precious concerts somewhere's else?