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Friday, August 17, 2007

Jellyfish 04/04/93 San Juan Capistrano CA @ 320

A bit on the PERFECT side. The best Jellyfish I ever heard.

01 That Is Why
02 New Mistake
03 Joining A Fanclub
04 I wanna Stay Home
05 The Ghost At Number One
06 The Man I used To Be
07 Baby's Coming Back
08 The King Is Half Undressed
09 No Matter What



ghostfrog said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Concert!! Thanks for posting. Here's a review I found...

Copyright 1993 The Times Mirror Company
Los Angeles Times
April 6, 1993, Tuesday, Orange County Edition

Listeners who tune in to the taped radio broadcast recorded on
Sunday at Jellyfish's Coach House show will have a hard time
believing there's been no post-production tampering. But those
spot-on, four-part harmonies, the little refrains dashing through
the songs like cartoon characters, the decorative vocal fills
perfectly placed into churning rock arrangements -- all were
clearly and thrillingly live
The vocal gymnastics weren't the least of the pleasures
afforded on stage by a band whose diversity and principled adherence to classic pop-rock sources has kept it from being easily slotted into today's radio formats. For Jellyfish, the intense response from the packed house must have sounded like a ringing endorsement
of its commercially difficult course.
As it begins touring in support of its second album, "Spilt
Milk," the group has scrapped much of the zany, "Sesame Street"
attire and madcap antics that were tending to overshadow the music.
Only a couple of nods to '70s ephemera remained -- a Lite-Brit
e game sitting atop an amplifier, and an Olivia Newton-John
The lineup is different, too, with bassist Tim Smith and guitarist Eric Dover supporting the core songwriting team of lead
singer and drummer Andy Sturmer and keyboardist-guitarist Roger
Manning. Jellyfish now attacks its richly melodic music with much
more focus, letting the intended spirit of fun rise naturally from
the grooves.
At the Coach House, the usual game of name-that-influence
("Abbey Road" here, "Pet Sounds" there, the Who and the Small Faces
etc., etc.) was secondary to the combination of rock drive and
exacting pop craftsmanship. Sturmer, who sings while standing at his center-stage drum kit, also flashed a taut vocal style that infused many of the songs with a genuine soulfulness.
While this is all pretty irresistible, you have to hope that
the Manning-Sturmer team eventually builds enough thrust to escape the gravity of all those sources and breaks into a space all its own. They certainly have the gifts and the integrity. All they need now is a vision all their own.
As for the broadcast, no air date has been set, but it was
recorded for Westwood One's syndicated "In Concert: New Rock"
series, which airs locally on KROQ-FM's "Concert Vaults" program.

Anonymous said...

Excellent show - Any possibility of posting the original studio albums?

Had them both at one point but no idea where the cds are now