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Monday, August 27, 2007


Since so many people are so negative about my new business venture, I am raising the prices. Gosh, I am going to pee my pants. I am now thinking about a sex chat room where you can all type out your fantasies and I will give psychological advice. I don't know ... maybe charge $3.99 per minute.


Anonymous said...

which means people prefer your musical tastes to your sense of humor!!!
ha ha ha!
springsteen really sucks by the way.

Erik said...

Pure comedy! BTW, got any good Black Crowes shows? Thanks a million for the best source on the "internets" for highest quality boots!

Anonymous said...

Hey all you overly anal and serious types, cut this blogger some SLACK. He's just kiddin' around.

I enjoy these sarcastic posts as much as the music.

(Just don't get TOO wacky!!)

Cheers from Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Naaaaaaaaaaa! Do $10, that's much better to count and people can sent you banknotes directly to your new domicile on the Caiman Isle! I'm just making plans for shooting a crocodile to make you a big suitcase for all the bucks! M.

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderfull, who needs this fucking music, but a sexchatroom, thats what I want.