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Monday, August 27, 2007

I Think This One Says It Best

Hey all you overly anal and serious types, cut this blogger some SLACK. He's just kiddin' around. I enjoy these sarcastic posts as much as the music.(Just don't get TOO wacky!!)Cheers from Atlanta.

We will now return to serious blogging. No laughing. No Smiles. Just posts. I can't help but picture some of you guys sitting around in your tighty whiteys bathing in the glow of your monitors all pissed off with no where to go. Bruce Springsteen SUCKS !!!!


Anonymous said...

My undies are not white. It's peach. And "The Boss" still sucks. I thank you Chuckles.


Anonymous said...

hey wheres my cut? i could retire to a desert island on the six downloads trip shakespeare probably got
mick d

Anonymous said...

LOL yeh... who wears tighty whiteys? I sit in front of my monitor in all my fat, white, naked glory LOL

Anonymous said...

funny,funny, funny do you have that christmas song where britney spears farts jingle bells.i tell you it would be worth .99 all day long.and she don't even need white undies.

Anonymous said...

britneys well know for follow throughs..theres no way you'd want to here her sharting jingle bells