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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jimi Hendrix 02/24/69 Royal Albert Hall London Soundboard @ 320

01 Jimi Raps With The Audience / Tune Up
02 Lover Man
03 Stone Free
04 Hear My Train A Comin
05 I Don't Live Today
06 Red House
07 Foxy Lady
08 Sunshine Of Your Love
09 Bleeding Heart
10 Fire
11 Little Wing
12 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
13 Room Full Of Mirrors
14 Purple Haze
15 Wild Thing


Talking Heads 1979-08-24 Boston MA @ 320

Artists Only
Stay Hungry
The Book I Read
Electric Guitar
Warning Sign
Building On Fire
Memories Can't Wait
Psycho Killer
Life During Wartime
Take Me To The River


Joe Jackson Live @ 320

CD 1

Joe Jackson Palladium NYC 1979 King Biscuit Flower Hour
Look Sharp
Get That Girl
Is She Really Going Out With Him?
Kinda Kute
I'm the Man
Got the Time
Aint That A Shame

Joe Jackson King Biscuit Flower Hour (source unknown)
Instant Mash
Sunday Papers
Baby Stick Around


BBC Concert London BBC Rock Hour 1980
Look Sharp
Baby Stick Around
Sunday Papers
One More TIme
It's Different For Girls
Don't Wanna Be Like That
Happy Loving Couples
I'm the Man
Got the Time
Is She Really Going Out With Him?
Come On


Monday, March 24, 2008

Eric Clapton March / April 1980 Unreleased Studio Album Surrey Sound Studios Leatherhead, Surrey, England @ 320

01 Blues Intro
02 There Ain't No Money
03 Games Up
04 Rita Mae
05 Freedom
06 Evangelina
07 Home Lovin
08 Hold Me Lord
09 Something Special
10 I'd Love To Say I Love you
11 Catch Me If You Can
12 Thunder And Lightning
13 Oh How I Miss My Baby's Love

Bruce Cockburn 10/23/81 Rainbow Music Hall Denver CO Pre-Fm Soundboard @ 320

01 - You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance
02 - The Trouble With Normal
03 - The Strong One
04 - The Coldest Night Of The Year
05 - Going Up Against Chaos
06 - Radio Shoes
07 - Creation Dream
08 - Rumours Of Glory
09 - Civilization And Its Discontent
01 - Band Introduction
02 - Mama Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long
03 - All's Quiet On The Inner City Front
04 - Broken Wheel
05 - Justice
06 - Tokyo
07 - Loner
08 - Wanna Go Walking
09 - It's Going Down Slow
10 - Wondering Where The Lions Are
11 - All The Diamonds In The World

The Beatles The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts @ 320

Disc.1 August 23, 1964 (Stereo Source)
01: Introduction
02: Twist And Shout
03: You Can't Do That
04: All My Loving
05: She Loves You
06: Things We Said Today
07: Roll Over Beethoven
08: Can't Buy Me Love
09: If I Fell
10: I Wanna Hold Your Hand
11: Boys
12: A Hard Days Night
13: Long Tall Sally

August 30, 1965 (Stereo Source)
14: Introduction
15: Twist And Shout
16: She's A Woman
17: I Feel Fine
18: Dizzy Miss Lizzy
19: Ticket To Ride
20: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
21: Can't Buy Me Love
22: Baby's In Black
23: I Wanna Be Your Man
24: A Hard Days Night
25: Help
26: I'm Down

Disc.2 August 29, 1965 (Stereo Source)
01: Tuning
02: Twist And Shout
03: She's A Woman
04: I Feel Fine
05: Dizzy Miss Lizzy
06: Ticket To Ride
07: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
08: Can't Buy Me Love
09: Baby's In Black
10: I Wanna Be Your Man
11: A Hard Days Night
12: Help
13: I'm Down
14: Interview With John And Ringo (August 23, 1964)
15: Press Conference (August 29, 1965)
*** Misiing track from disc 2

Sunday, March 23, 2008

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton Bluesbreaking 1965 - 1966 Live performances, singles, and rare BBC recordings @ 320

01 Crawling Up A hill
02 Crocodile Walk
03 Bye Bye Bird
04 I'm Your Witchdoctor
05 Telephone Blues
06 On Top Of The World
07 Maudie
08 It Hurts To Be In Love
09 Have You Ever Loved A Woman
10 Bye Bye Bird
11 Hoocjie Coochie Man
12 Stormy Monday
13 Lonely Years
14 Bernard Jenkins
15 On Top Of The World
16 Key To Love
17 Hideaway
19 Little Girl
20 Tears In My Eye
21 Parchman Farm

R.E.M. Remnants Vol 2 of 12 1981-2004 Every Non-Lp A-Side, Every B-Side @ 320

01 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 1987 "It;s The End Of The World" A-Side Single.
02 Romance 1987 "Made In Heaven" Soundtrack.
03 Finest Worksong 1988 "Eponymous" LP/CD.
04 Finest Worksong 1988 "Finest Worksong" 12" A-Side Single.
05 Finest Worksong 1988 "Finest Worksong" 12" A-Side Single.
06 This One Goes Out 1987 "The One I Love" 12" A-Side Single.
07 Maps And Legends 1987 "The One I Love" B-Side Single.
08 Disturbance At The Heron House 1987 "The One I Love" 12" B-Side Single.
09 Last Date 1987 "The One I Love" 7" B-Side Single.
10 Time After Time 1988 "Finest Worksong" 7" B-Side Single. Medley of songs: Time After Time/Red Rain/So. Central Rain.
11 Orange Crush 1993 "Find The River" CD Single.
12 The Eleventh Untitled Song 1989 "Stand" 12" B-Side Single.
13 Memphis Train Blues 1989 "Stand" 7" B-Side Single.
14 Deck The Halls 1988 "Winter Warnerland" Compilation LP/CD Promo.
15 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers 1988 Fan Club A-Side Single.
16 See No Evil 1988 Fan Club B-Side Single.
17 Pop Song 89 1989 "Pop Song '89" 7" B-Side Single.
18 Ghost Rider 1989 "Orange Crush" 7" B-Side Single.
19 Dark Globe 1989 "Orange Crush" 12" B-Side Single.
20 Funtime 1989 "Get Up" 7" B-Side Single.
21 Skin Tight 1989 "Stand" 12" B-Side Single.
22 Orange Crush 1991 "Radio Song" CD Single.
23 Academy Fight Song 1992 "Bucketful Of Brains" Flexi Disc.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fugazi 1995-04-05 Irving Plaza, NYC @ 320 Remastered

Wikipedia says: Fugazi is an American DIY post-hardcore band that formed in Washington, D.C. in 1987. The band's continual members were guitarists Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto (who both shared vocal duties), bassist Joe Lally and drummer Brendan Canty. Noted for their ethical stance and manner of business practice, the band experienced commercial success during the 1990s while remaining on their independent record label, Dischord Records. Fugazi has been on hiatus since 2002.

After the hardcore punk group Minor Threat dissolved, Ian MacKaye (vocals and guitar) was active with a few short-lived groups, most notably Embrace. MacKaye decided he wanted a project that was "like the Stooges with reggae," but was wary about forming another band after Embrace's break up. MacKaye recalled, "My interests were not necessarily to be in a band [per se], but to be with people who wanted to play music with me."[1] MacKaye recruited ex-Dag Nasty drummer Colin Sears and bass guitarist Joe Lally, and the trio began practicing together in September 1986. After a few months of rehearsals, Sears returned to Dag Nasty and was replaced by Brendan Canty (earlier of Rites of Spring). One day Canty's Rites of Spring bandmate Guy Picciotto dropped by during a practice session to see how his friend was getting along; he later admitted he secretly harbored the idea of joining the group. But Picciotto was disappointed that there seemed to be no place for him; he said, "It seemed really completed already [. . .] It had a completely different feel from what I'd been doing with Brendan. It seemed just solid and done."[2]

After some uncertainty from Canty about what he wanted to do with his future, the trio regrouped and booked their first show at the Wilson Center in early September of 1987. The group still needed a name, so MacKaye chose the word "fugazi" from Mark Baker's Nam, a compilation of stories from Vietnam War veterans, it originally being an acronym for 'Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In'. The band began inviting Picciotto to practices. Inspired by use of a foil in hip hop, Picciotto sang backup vocals. After his band Happy Go Licky broke up, he became more involved with Fugazi. MacKaye eventually asked Picciotto to become a full member, which he accepted

Brendan #1
Birthday Pony
Facet Squared
Justice Brenner
Bend For The Scraping
Margin Walker
Bad Mouth
Gimme The CUre
Guy And Ian
Return The Screw
Smallpox Champion
Back To Bass
Joe Lally's Song
Latest Grace
Forensic Scene
Long Distance Runner
Glue Man


Material Issue Live, Alternates, And Covers Volume 3 Of 15 @ 320

01 ... We're Material issue ...
02 Why
03 I Want You
04 Chance Of A Lifetime
05 Walk Into The Fire
06 Echo Beach
07 Renee Remains The Same
08 What Girls Want
09 Valerie Loves Me
10 Dizzy
11 Bones
12 Quicksand
13 Blue Is For Boys
14 Carousel
15 976-Love
16 Our Daughter
17 London Girl
18 Off The Hook
19 Two Steps
20 Satellite
21 Mrs. Beautiful
22 What If I Killed Your Boyfriend
23 You Were Beautiful
24 ... Nothing Beats A Budweiser ...


Elvis Costello 78 Leicester @ 192 Rescued From Hear Rock City

01 Love Comes In Spurts
02 No Action
03 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
04 Blame It On Cane
05 The Beat
06 Dr. Luthers Assistant
07 This Year's Girl
08 (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
09 Less Than Zero
10 Whole Wide World
11 Roadette Song
12 Neat Neat Neat
13 Little Triggers
14 Radio Radio
15 You Belong To Me
16 Miracle Man

Badfinger 1971 New York @ 192 Rescued From Hear Rock City

01 My Dark Hour
02 Midnight Sun
03 Better Days
04 Blodwyn
05 We're For The Dark
06 Feelin Alright
07 I Can't Take It
08 No Matter What

Friday, March 21, 2008

Neil Young Times Square - Unreleased Album @ 320

Just so you know ... this sounds a little odd ... see comment
1. eldorado
2. someday
3. crime in the city (zero to sixty)
4. box car
5. don't cry
6. heavy love
7. wrecking ball
8. cocaine eyes
9. on broadway
10. rockin' in the free world
11. the needle and the damage done
12. no more #1
13. no more #2

Tracks 1-9 from the unreleased LP "Times Square"
Recorded at the hit factory, new york 1988.
tracks 10-12 Saturday night live sept 30 1989.
track 13 saturday night live 30 sept. 1989 (rehearsal)

R.E.M. Remnants 1981-2004 Every Non-Lp A-Side, Every B-Side 1 Of 12 @ 320

01 Radio Free Europe 1981 original Hib-Tone A-Side single.
02 Sitting Still 1981 original Hib-Tone B-Side single.
03 Radio Free Europe 1983 "Radio Free Europe" A-Side single.
04 Gardening At Night 1997 "In The Attic" compilation CD
05 Ages Of You 1986 "Live! For Life" LP.
06 Catapult 1992 "Murmur" reissue LP/CD.
07 Pretty Persuasion 1992 "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD.
08 All The Right Friends 1993 "Dead Letter Office" reissue LP/CD. Recorded at the "Murmur" recording sessions.
09 Tighten Up 1985 Bucketful Of Brains #11 Flexi and "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD.
10 Moon River 1992 "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD.
11 Gardening At Night 1984 "Rockville" UK 12" B-Side and "Murmur" reissue LP/CD.
12 9-9 1984 "Reckoning" 12" UK B-Side and "Murmur" reissue LP/CD.
13 Windout (With Friends) 1992 "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD
14 Reckoning Coda 1984 "Reckoning" LP.
15 Don't Go Back To) Rockville 1984 "Rockville" A-Side Single.
16 White Tornado 1992 "Reckoning" reissue LP/CD. Also appeared on the B-Side of the "Superman" single.
17 Gardening At Night 1993 "Dead Letter Office" reissue LP/CD.
18 Gardening At Night 1992 "Alternate Radio Sampler" CD.
19 Just A Touch 1993 "Life's Rich Pageant" reissue LP/CD.
20 Driver 8 1985 "Wendell Gee" 12" B-Side single.
21 Can't Get There From Here 1985 "Can't Get There From Here" 7" A-Side Single.
22 Swan Swan H 1987 "Athens, GA Inside Out" Soundtrack.
23 Dream (All I Have To Do) 1987 "Athens, GA Inside Out" Soundtrack.
24 Tired Of Singing Trouble 1993 "Life's Rich Pageant" reissue LP/CD.
25 Superman 1986 "Superman" 7" A-Side Single.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Neil Young 1985 Old Ways Early Unreleased Version The Castle Studio Nashville TN USA @ 320

1. Beautiful Bluebird (The Castle Studio)
2. Leavin' The Top 40 Behind (The Castle Studio)
3. Nothing Is Perfect (The Castle Studio)
4. Time Off For Good Behaviour (The Bennett House, Franklin, Tennessee, USA 1st July 1985)
5. Silver & Gold (1st version) (The Castle Studio)
6. Good Phone (Let Your Fingers Do The Walking) (The Castle Studio)
7. Silver & Gold (2nd version) (The Castle Studio)
8. Your Love Again (The Castle Studio)
9. Amber Jean (The Castle Studio)
10. Thank God I'm On The Road Tonight (Hillbilly Band) (The Castle Studio)
11. I Wonder Why (Demo recorded 1984 or 1985)
12. Rainin' In Paradise (Studio outtake not included on the 'Trans' Album)
13. Country Home (The Chicago Auditorium, 15th November 1976 - Live Soundboard)
14. Lotta Love (The Chicago Auditorium, 15th November 1976 - Live Soundboard)
15. Like A Hurricane (The Chicago Auditorium, 15th November 1976 - Live Soundboard)
16. Give Me Strength (The Chicago Auditorium, 15th November 1976 - Live Soundboard)
17. Tell Me Why (The Chicago Auditorium, 15th November 1976 - Live Soundboard)
18. Love Song (w/ Elton John & Friends - Bridge Benefit 1st November 1992)

David Bowie 1972 The Year of the Spiders BBC Sessions Various Dates & Location @ 320

[Maida Vale Studios, London, UK]

1. Hang Onto Yourself
2. Ziggy Stardust
3. Waiting For The Man
4. Queen Bitch
5. Five Years

[Maida Vale Studios, London, UK]

6. White Light White Heat
7. Making Believe
8. Hang Onto Yourself
9. Suffragette City
10. Ziggy Stardust

[The Aeolian Hall, London, UK]

11. Starman
12. Space Oddity
13. Changes
14. Oh You Pretty Things

[Maida Vale Studios, London, UK]

15. Andy Warhol
16. Lady Stardust
17. White Light White Heat
18. Rock'n'Roll Suicide

The Who 1986 Alone & Together Various Solo And Group Performances Soundboard @ 320

Won't Get Fooled Again
Magic Bus
Pinball Wizard
Summertime Blues
Behind Blue Eyes
My Generation
I Can't Explain
Baba O'Riley
Who Are You

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eric Clapton 01/13/73 The Rainbow Concert Early And Late Shows 25th Anniversary Edition Rainbow Theatre London Soundboard @ 320

Pete Townshend - guitar
Ron Wood - guitar
Steve Winwood - keyboards
Rick Grech - bass/percussion
Jim Capaldi - drums
Jimmy Karstein - drums
Rebop - percussion

Disc 1

1. - Introduction -
2. Layla
3. Badge
4. Blues Power
5. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
6. Take It Easy
7. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
8. Little Wing

Disc 2

1. Bottle Of Red Wine
2. After Midnight
3. Bell Bottom Blues
4. In The Presence Of The Lord
5. Tell the Truth
6. Pearly Queen
7. Let it Rain
8. Crossroads

Disc 3

1. Layla
2. Badge
3. Blues Power
4. Nobody Knows You
5. Take It Easy
6. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
7. Little Wing

Disc 4

1. Bottle of Red Wine
2. Presence Of The Lord
3. Tell The Truth
4. Pearly Queen
5. Key To The Highway
6. Let it Rain
7. Crossroads
8. Layla

Iggy Pop 12/12/86 Volkshaus, Zürich Soundboard @ 320

01 I Got A Right
02 Gimme Danger
03 Some Weird Sin
04 Real Wild Child
05 Sister Midnight
06 Blah Blah Blah
07 Nightclubbing
08 Fire Girl
09 Five Foot One
10 Shades
11 Loose
01 TV Eye
02 Down On The Street
03 China Girl
04 The Passenger
05 Winners And Losers
06 Search And Destroy
07 Raw Power
08 Cry For Love
09 Search And Destroy


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eric Clapton And Friends 03/30/76 - Happy, Happy Birthday Eric The Shangri-La Studios (Studio Sessions) Malibu, CA, USA @ 320

I had a magnificent birthday party right in the middle of the sessions and we decided to record everything and everybody that came into the studio. There's Billy (Preston) singing a couple of Ray Charles songs with The Band backing him along with Jesse Ed Davis, me, Robbie (Robertson) and Woody (Ron Wood) on guitars. Bob (Dylan) showed up about eight o'clock in the morning and it went on from there.- ERIC CLAPTON

Eric Clapton: Guitar & Vocals
Robbie Robertson: Guitars
Jesse Ed Davis: Guitars
Ron Wood: Guitars
Bob Dylan: Guitar & Vocals
Billy Preston: Keyboards & Vocals
Van Morrison: Vocals
Rick Danko: Vocals & Bass
Garth Hudson: Organ
Richard Manuel: Vocals & Piano
Leven Helm: Vocals & Drums

01. It's Eric Clapton's Birthday (Billy Preston on vocals)
02. Who Do You Love? (Van Morrison on vocals)
03. Hard Times (Rick Danko on vocals)
04. Stormy Monday (Van Morrison on vocals)
05. - Intrumental Jam Session -
06. Adios Mi Corason (Bob Dylan on vocals)
07. The Water Is Wide (Bob Dylan on vocals)
08. Idiot Wind (Bob Dylan on vocals)
09. Big River (Eric Clapton on vocals)
10. Steppin' Out (Levon Helm on vocals)

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 09/26/86 Bochum, Zeche, The Funeral Tour @ 320

01 I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
02 Your Funeral My Trial
03 She Fell Away
04 Long Time Man
05 All Tomorrows Parties
06 Sad Waters
07 The Singer
08 By The Time I Get To Phoenix
09 Stranger Than Kindness
10 The Carnival Is Over

Mathew Sweet Girlfriend On Mars Volume 3 Of 5 Alternates And Cool Stuff @ 320

01 Played Out
02 Final Hour
03 Strange Faces
04 Girlfriend
05 Dvine Intervention
06 Looking At The Sun
07 Winona
08 Superdeformed
09 Goodfriend
10 Divine Intervention
11 Bovine Connection
12 Devil With The Green Eyes
13 Time Capsule
14 I Almost Forgot
15 Come To California
16 Where Do You get Love
17 Come To California
18 Ask For Jill

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Rolling Stones More Stoned Than You'll Ever Be: Anthology 1963-1971 @ 320

Disc 1: 1963-1964
1. Baby What's Wrong
2. Bright Lights Big City
3. Road Runner
4. Diddley Daddy
5. I Want To Be Loved
6. Come On
7. Memphis Tennessee
8. Roll Over Beethoven
9. There Are But Five Rolling Stones
10. Not Fade Away
11. Andrew's Blues
12. And Mr. Spector And Mr. Pitney Came Too
13. As Time Goes By
14. Route 66
15. Cops And Robbers
16. You Better Move On
17. Mona
18. Stewed And Keefed
19. Tell Me Baby
20. High-Heel Sneakers
21. Down In The Bottom
22. 2120 South Michigan Avenue
23. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
24. Blue Turns To Gray
25. Da Doo Run Run
26. Hear It

Disc 2: 1965-1968
1. The Last Time
2. Play With Fire
3. Satisfaction
4. Mercy Mercy
5. The Spider And The Fly
6. Fannie Maae
7. Get Off Of My Cloud
8. Looking Tired
9. 19th Nervous Breakdown
10. Paint It Black
11. Con Le Mie Lacrime
12. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby
13. Ruby Tuesday
14. Yesterday's Papers
15. Get Yourself Together
16. Title 15
17. Blues 3
18. Gold Paainted Fingernails
19. 2000 Light Years From Home
20. Citadel
21. 5 Part Jam (part 1)
22. Hamburger To Go
23. Still A Fool
24. Blood Red Wine

Disc 3: 1968-1971
1. (I'm A) Highway Child
2. No Expectations
3. Sister Morphine
4. Honky Tonk Women
5. You Got The Silver
6. Jiving Sister Fanny
7. I Was Just A Country Boy
8. Downtown Suzie
9. Wild Horses
10. Brown Sugar
11. Cocksucker Blues
12. Leather Jacket
13. Who Am I?
14. Good Time Women
15. Shake Your Hips
16. Aladdin Story
17. Travellin' Man
18. Potted Shrimp
19. Sweet Black Angel
20. Let It Rock

Cheap Trick 06/10/78 Paradise Theatre Boston MA @ 192 Rescued From Hear Rock City

Hello There
Come On
Stiff Competition
On Top Of The World
Big Eyes
High Roller
Clock Strikes Ten
Need Your Love
Southern Girls
California Man
Goodnight Now
Auf Wiedershen

Boston King Biscuit Flower Hour 1977 @ 192 Rescued From Hear Rock City

Rock And Roll Band
Shattered Images
More Than A Feeling
Drums & Guitar Solos
Peace Of Mind
Something About You
A Man I'll Never Be
Blues Intro
This Time / Slow Blues
Foreplay / Long Time
Television Politician

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yuh Need Some Country Bootlegs?

Bonnie Raitt 03/27/71 The Jabberwocky Club Syracuse University, 1971 Solo Acoustic Soundboard @ 192
Buck Owens and the Buckaroos 01/15/89 Victoria Theater San Francisco CA Soundboard @ 320
Buck Owens Birchmere-Alexandria, VA March 1st, 1989 @ VBR
Emmylou Harris 1974 Red Fox Inn, Bethesda MD, Soundboard @ 320
Gene Clark And The Silverados 02/19/75 Ebbets Field Denver Co FM @ 320
George Jones And The Jones Boys 1963 Live In The Studio @ 320
George Strait 03/03/82 Lonestar Cafe New York City, NY @ 320
Gram Parsons 03/13/73 Live on WLIR FM @ 192
Jimmie Dale Gilmore 07/14/91 Slims San Francisco CA Soundboard @ 320
Joe Ely 06/21/98 Summer Solstice Festival Ben Lomand CA Soundboard @ 320
Joe Ely 10/08/93 Sinatra Disco Vergiate Italy Soundboard @ 320
John Hiatt And The Guilty Dogs 07/26/93 Grant Park, Chicago, IL, USA @ 320
John Hiatt and the Guilty Dogs 02/24/94 Chicago Park West @ 320
Johnny Cash And The Carter Family 03/31/86 Wembley Arean London U.K. Soundboard @ 320
Johnny Cash And The Original Tennessee Two Country Style USA 1958 Guest Star 1959 Radio Broadcast Transcription Discs @ 320
Johnny Cash Rapidshare Blogspot 12/08/94 Frank Erwin Center University Of Texas Austin Tx Soundboard @ 320
Keith Whitley 11/13/98 Gilley's Pasadena Texas Pre-FM @ 320
Sir Douglas Quintet 05/31/85 Rote Fabrik Zurich, Switzerland @ 320
Sir Douglas Quintet 08/22/69 Philadelphia Folk Festival Philadelphia PA Soundboard @ 320
The Highwaymen Live in Los Angeles, CA, 1996 @ 192
Jayhawks 1995 Ames IA, People's Bar & Grill Soundboard @ 192
The Jayhawks 1995-05-26 Frutigen, Switzerland @ 256
The Jayhawks Sweden 3/29/95 @ 256
The Jayhawks 03/16/95 Austin, Texas @ 192
Waylon Jennings Live in Worcester MA, 1984 @ 192
Waylon Jennings Live- Civic Center, Atlanta, GA, 1987 @ 192
Willie Nelson 1975 The Boardinghouse San Francisco CA FM @ 320
Willie Nelson 02/26/75 Panther Hall Fort Worth Texas Soundboard @ 320
Willie Nelson Rapidshare Bootleg 09/11/84 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Soundboard @ 320
Willie Nelson And Merle Haggard Live at La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX, 1997 @ 192
Townes Van Zandt 1984 Houston TX, Rockefeller's @ 192
Townes Van Zandt 11/20/93 Bethlehem PA Soundboard @ 320
Townes Van Zandt And Guy Clark 1991-02-16 - Cactus Case, Austin, TX @ 320
Uncle Tupelo 08/15/90 Off Broadway St Louis MO @ 320
Uncle Tupelo April 29, 1994 - Blue Note, Columbia, MO @ 320

Adrian Belew 07/18/89 Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA FM @ 320

Wikipedia Says: Adrian Belew (born Robert Steven Belew, December 23, 1949, in Covington, Kentucky) is an American guitarist and vocalist (and sometimes drummer, pianist and bass player), perhaps best known for his work as a member of the progressive rock group King Crimson, which he first joined in 1981.

He has also released a number of solo albums for Island Records and Atlantic Records, and has worked with many other musicians. He was nominated for a Grammy in 2005 for his single Beat Box Guitar, in the category Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

Belew rose to prominence as a guitarist alongside several name acts before becoming the front man for King Crimson. He prevailed through a competitive audition to perform with Frank Zappa in 1977, appearing in Zappa's 1979 concert film Baby Snakes, as well as Zappa's controversial album Sheik Yerbouti. Belew then played for David Bowie's "Heroes" tour in 1978, recorded for the double live album Stage, and contributed to Bowie's next album, Lodger. (Later, in 1990 he acted as musical director on Bowie's 'Sound + Vision' tour while providing guitar/backing vocals.) Belew next assisted Talking Heads on Remain in Light and the subsequent tour (documented in the second half of The Name of This Band is Talking Heads), and played for Heads' side projects: the debut album by Tom Tom Club, The Red and the Black by Jerry Harrison, and several tracks of David Byrne's The Catherine Wheel soundtrack.

In addition, Belew is well-regarded for his contributions, particularly on guitar, to various other artists' recordings. His session credits include Lights Out by Peter Wolf, Earth Moving by Mike Oldfield and Paul Simon's landmark 1986 album Graceland. He worked with Laurie Anderson during the mid-1980s, appearing on Mister Heartbreak and her subsequent concert film Home of the Brave, and then again for her 1994 album, Bright Red. He contributed to a Ryuichi Sakamoto album called Lefthanded Dream in 1981, together with Robin Scott of the pop group "M". During the 1990s and 2000s, he contributed to three Nine Inch Nails albums, The Downward Spiral , The Fragile and Ghosts I-IV. He played synthesized guitar on the song God Shuffled His Feet by Crash Test Dummies in 1993. In 1995 he produced two tracks on Jars of Clay's debut album, including the crossover Christian hit "Flood".

Belew's vocals are known for their distinct, sometimes manic feel - his singing voice is often compared to that of Talking Heads singer David Byrne, an easy comparison after his early 80's work with that band. Robert Fripp considered David Sylvian for a new incarnation of King Crimson in the early 1990s, but Sylvian declined the offer.[1] Thus, Belew has been their lead vocalist for every incarnation since 1981, and Crimson has used Belew's studio outside Mt. Juliet, Tennessee for rehearsals and recording since 2000.

01 - Hot Zoo
02 - 3 Of A Perfect Pair
03 - intros
04 - Bad Days
05 - Coconuts
06 - One Of Those Days
07 - Bird In A Box
08 - 1967
09 - Oh Daddy
10 - Heart Beat
01 - House Of Cards
02 - Bumpity Bump
03 - Motor Bungalow
04 - Rail Song
05 - Super Boy
06 - Elephant Talk
07 - ovation & dj
08 - Guitar Sounds
09 - Big Electric Cat
10 - ovation & dj
11 - Pretty Woman
12 - ovation & dj

The Mars Volta 01/30/08 Bren Events Center University of California Irvine, CA FM @ 320

01-A Fistful of Dollars intro
02-Roulette Dares
03-Viscera Eyes
04-Wax Simulacra
09-Vismund Cygnus
11-Drunkship of Lanterns
13-Day of the Baphomets

Kiss Lost Alive II @ 192 Rescued From Hear Rock City

01 Detroit Rock City
02 Take Me
03 Ladies Room
04 Do You Love Me-
05 Makin' Love
06 I Want You
07 God Of Thunder (incl. Drum solo)
08 Cold Gin
09 Beth
10 Shout It Out Loud
11 Rock And Roll All Nite
12 Larger Than Life
13 Rocket Ride
14 All American Man
15 Anyway You Want It
16 Rockin' In The USA

MC5 1972 Thunder Express Live In The Studio @ 256 Rescued From Hear Rock City

Kick Out The Jams -- Empty Heart
Ramblin' Rose
Thunder Express
Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa
Motor City Is Burning
I Can Only Give You Everything
I Just Don't Know

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Neil Young Love Art Blues Soundboard And Audience @ 320

1. Country Home (Young)
Concert - Chicago Nov 15 1976
late show with Crazy Horse

2. Lotta Love (Young)
Concert - Chicago Nov 15 1976
15 Nov 1976
late show with Crazy Horse

3. Tell Me Why (Young)
Concert- Chicago Nov 15 1976
late show with Crazy Horse

4. Pardon My Heart (Young)
Audience Recording
Bottom Line - 16 May 1974

5. Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Neil Young)
Studio - Tonight's The Night - Acetate 1973

6. See The Sky About To Rain (Young)
Concert- New York Dec 4 1970

7. Stringman (Young)
Concert - London, England Mar 31 1976
with Crazy Horse

8. Buffalo Stomp/Buffalo Stomp Refrain (Neil Young)
Where The Buffalo Roam Soundtrack Album
1980 Neil Young

9. Pushed It Over The End (Live Aug. 27, 1974, CSNY 12' Single)(Young)

10. Campaigner (Original Extra Verse Version)(Young)
(unidentified - date unknown)
from the "Decade" test pressings

11. It Might Have Been (unknown)
Concert- New Orleans LA - Sep 27 1984
with the International Harvesters

12. Four Strong Winds (I.Tyson)
Concert- New Orleans LA - Sep 27 1984
with the International Harvesters

13. Traces (Young)
Studio - Tonight's The Night - Acetate

14. War Song (Non-LP Version)(Young)
unidentified - 1972
45 RPM single- Neil Young & Graham Nash- Young writes and releases the record to coincide with the 1972 Democratic Party's California primary election, with proceeds going to help with George McGovern's expenses.

15. Out Of My Mind (Young)
Concert - San Francisco, CA - May 27 1978

16. Give Me Strength (Young)
Concert - Chicago, IL - 15 Nov 1976
late show

17. Love Art Blues (Young)
Concert - 14 Sep 1974

18. Danger Bird (Young)
Concert - Santa Cruz, CA Nov 13 1990
13 Nov 1990
with Crazy Horse

Mathew Sweet Girlfriend On Mars Volume 2 Of 5 Alternates And Cool Stuff @ 320

01 Sense Of Adventure
02 You
03 Never Said Goodbye
04 Speed Racer
05 My Pet
06 Scooby Doo Where Are You
07 Dragon Lady
08 A Day In The Light
09 Bold Moves
10 Flipper
11 Dark Secret
12 Happiness
13 If It's Happening, You'll Know It
14 CLose Inside
15 Final Hour
16 Viscious Circle
17 Something Becomes Nothing
18 How Cool

Material Issue Live, Alternates, And Covers Volume 2 Of 15 @ 320

01 16 Tambourines
02 Valerie Loves Me (CMJ Version)
03 She's Going Through My Head
04 A Very Good Idea
05 Mary Spins A Rainbow
06 Chance Of A Lifetime
07 Color T.V.
08 Carol
09 Master Of Ceremonies - Intro
10 Going Through your Purse
11 Kim The Waitress
12 Very First Lie
13 The Fan
14 Funny Feeling
15 What Girls Want
16 Diane
17 Valerie Loves Me
18 Ballroom Blitz
19 What Girls Want (Love Mix)


Rockpile BBC A Mess of Blues Live 1977 @ 192 Rescued From Hear Rock City

Tracks 1-9: BBC Paris Theatre
London April 7th, 1977
Tracks 10-13: John Peel Show
BBC February 8th, 1977

Down Down Down
Back to Schooldays
I Knew the Bride
A Mess of the Blues
They Called it Rock
I Hear You Knockin'
Here Comes the Weekend
So Fine
Heart of the City
Ju Ju Man
Heart of the City
I Knew the Bride
Down Down Down
Run Rudolph Run