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Monday, July 23, 2007

From The Archives: Yes

Yes 03/22/84 Phoenix - Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum @ 320
Yes 1979-04-18 Quebec @ 320
Yes 09/19/78 Cleveland Ohio @ 320
Yes 06/09/79 Chicago, Illinois @ 320

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

three fantasic yes shows all worth an instant download...amazing stuff...but the 84 show...are you sure its yes? i thought they had split up by then...this purile pop junk cannot surely be yes...oh sure it sounds like squire and white are in the band kind of and that appears to be jon andersons voice..though god knows what pedestrian lyrics hes singing on those unfamiliar tracks...hey is that weak barely audible sound tony kaye on a token keyboard..where they dig him up from... badfinger or some such and where on gods holy flip flops is steve howe? who's this second rate rundgren wannabe destroying the old songs with run of the mill guitar playing by numbers, sounds like hed be better off doing cliched soundtracks for cliched action films set in L.A....by odins custard who ever this lot are they aint no yes covers band and thats for sure..they are mangling up some classics there and dear oh dear the other pop tracks are so lightweight mor nonsense they would be hard to mangle anyway....surely if this was indeed the mighty chris squire then he must have died of bordom playing them?

hold on i just found a picture of these imposters on the net...looks like anderson with sillier hair..kinda looks like squire but dressed as henry VIII ...but this shower of fools (in the truest Mr. T way) cant be yes.. they are all dressed up like duran duranees or something......
are you trying to tell me that a band as brilliant and inovative as Yes would have sold us all down the swanee with this insulting pile of dross?...no i just cannot believe it to be so......not Yes...never Yes
mick d--still in denial twenty years on