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I received my first notice from a copyright holder to remove a post. King Crimson to be exact. It has me a little scared. I had assumed I was safe posting bootlegs. Now, maybe not. I removed the post. What do I do now? Shut down the blog? Try to take it private again? I may have a way, but it may crap out like the last time. Your thoughts? Insights? Ideas? Send me an email at blind-pig@live.com or leave a comment under any post.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

There's Always A Comedian

To those complaing about some of my posts not having track numbers in the track names (Mick D), and the tracks un-RARing in alpha order....all the tracks are "IPOD ready" with track numbers in the ID Tags. So, if for some reason, whatever system/software you are using does not recognize the ID tags, they will be in alpha order. Get an IPod and iTunes. The best piece of technology ever developed on the planet. More important than aspirin. I dare you to say different. I pitty the poor fool without an IPod.


Anonymous said...

yes Mr T i am that poor fool without an i pod though my baby says its the best thing shes ever bought...so i stand humble and corrected...and i was only teasing before, you know that we all know your the man with the plan....the best blogmiester there is..

aikin said...

waaa - my songs are out of order - waaa

just kidding! I have iTunes and all that and still about half of what I download un-RARs out of order.

I just refer to the source and reorganize itmyself. It's a small hassle in a world of bigger hassles.

Anonymous said...

Again I agree with the "tiger"!

In fact as an I-Tunes / I-Pod user, I HATE when I have to waist time stripping out the track numbers in the song title.

There is a nifty spot in I-Tunes where you can put...GASP...a track number.

In fact Windows has this feature built in as well.

If you choose your file and right click and choose properties there is a nifty little tag called...track number! Wow...titles are titles, track numbers are track numbers...get it together people it aint that hard.


Anonymous said...

hey tony i think i just did my first ever sucessful rapidshare thingy....its something semisonic
and its sitting in your email box

all the best mick d