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Friday, July 13, 2007

Lone Justice 12/17/86 Paradise Theater Boston MA @ 320

Sexy Maria, ohh yeah. The double entedre of "You ain't afraid to let me have it. You ain't afraid to stick it in" still gets me going.

01 You Are The Light
02 Working Late
03 Wait Till We Get Home
04 Sweet Sweet Baby
05 This World Is Not My Home
06 Ways To Be Wicked
07 Wheels
08 Shelter
09 Belfry
10 I Found Love
11 A Little Bit Of Heaven
12 Inspiration
13 Soap, Soup, and Salvation
14 East Of Eden
15 Don't Toss Us Away
16 Sweet Jane



infinitefool said...

Hoodoo Gurus, Del Fuegos, now Lone Justice!!! Man, you never fail to impress.

Look for a Maria McKee solo post over at Infinite Foolishness in a day or two.

TonyTiger said...

Thanks. I'm Blushing. I'll send folks over for the Maria.

Goldy said...

Great post. I posted some solo Maria on the Guitars 101 website and it generated some other Lone Justice and solo Maria posts.

Thanks again for this show. Let me know if you want more. . .

TonyTiger said...

I would love to have more quality Lone Justuce. Have any links?

Anonymous said...

This is the place for live music. It must be a ton of work, but it's highly appreciated.

TonyTiger said...

You're welcome

Monkey Flinging Poo said...

Thanks for this upload. It's the kind of post you wouldn't expect to find all over the place and is a nice surprise. Again, I love your mix of classic rock with alternative-type bands (especially from the '80s). Keep up the great work.

TonyTiger said...

Thanks, monkey

Anonymous said...

great set, great stuff.

Thanks for your efforts

WVKayaker said...

This is a very nice sounding boot. I have another from the same venue a year earlier as well as a CD of Demos to check out.

Alan said...

I can't tell you ow long I've been looking for a Lone Justice show. I saw them in Hollywood in 1984 when Maria McKee was becoming the darling of L.A. music critics. She blew the roof off that night, and this great sounding 1986 show really captures Maria and the band at their peak. Many, many thanks!:)

s1rrah said...

Much love for this post mang.

Talk about taking me back.

"Wheels" is enough to make one cry.

Fantastic show and unbelievable sound quality.

I was a diehard Lone Justice fan in the 80's but haven't heard a lick of their stuff for the past, at least 15 years, ... until now.

Thanks again.

I'll have to line up a playlist with your Db's show, the very fine early R.E.M and this.