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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Captain Beefheart Bat Chain Puller REMASTERED Unreleased Album @ 320

01 - Bat Chain Puller
02 - Seam Crooked Sam
03 - Harry Irene
04 - Poop Hatch
05 - Flavor Bud Living
06 - Brickbats
07 - Floppy Boot Stomp
08 - A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbi Gets To A Diamond
09 - Owed T'Alex
10 - Odd Jobs
11 - The 1010th Day Of The Human Totem Pole
12 - Apes-ma



Henry's Archive said...

This collection seems a little incpmplete. As a big fan of the Captain, I saved a bunch of tracks years ago from "the radarstation" posted Feb.14, so scroll down if you please:

Anonymous said...

This IS the original and complete Bat Chain Puller (coming from a Beefheart expert on such matters). I don't know what you're version is, Henry...

Uncle Spellbinder said...

The track listing from the remaster in this blog differs from this version.

Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)

Henry's Archive said...

My version is:

Bat Chain Puller
Seam Crooked Sam
Harry Irene
A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets A Diamond
The Floppy Boot Stomp
Flavor Bud Living
Carson City
Odd Jobs
The Thousandth And Tenth Day Of The Human Totem Pole
The Witch Doctor Life
Candle Mambo #1
Candle Mambo #2
Run Paint Run Run
Suction Prints
When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy

total time: 58'.57"
from the 'radarstation'
just for collector's sake,
and greetings to your expert, he'll be glad to have this :)

Baker said...

Shiny Beast is one of my favorite of Beefheart & The Magic Band's albums. I've always wanted to hear the original version for comparisons sake; thanks a lot for this.