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Monday, November 19, 2007

Neil Young And The International Harvesters 09/25/84 Studio 6A, University Of Texas, Austin TX @ VBR

Recorded For Austin City Limits Broadcast - Excellent Sound

Info. From Original Poster: Information provided by Ian Rosen, who sent the discs (Thanks to Ian and to Mike Cordova for the seed discs): Songs are taken from a bootleg called "Last Of A Dying Breed".This set omits all of the non-Austin City Limits songs (the bootleg included songs from 1976, among other things) so that the only songs are from that show. I believe the source is the soundboard recording for the television show, though what was eventually broadcast on TV was much less than what is on these discs.

01 - Are You Ready For The Country_
02 - Hawks & Doves
03 - Comes A Time
04 - Bound For Glory
05 - Let Your Fingers Do The Walkin'
06 - Are There Any More Real Cowboys
07 - Heart Of Gold
08 - Amber Jean
09 - Band Introductions
10 - Roll Another Number (For The Ro
11 - Southern Pacific
12 - The Needle And The Damage Done
13 - Helpless
01 - California Sunset
02 - It Might Have Been
03 - Soul Of A Woman
04 - Field Of Opportunity
05 - Old Man
06 - Powderfinger
07 - Get Back To The Country
08 - Down By The River



infinitefool said...

This is a classic set. Anyone who doesn't have it, should download it immediately. Good live versions of "Hawks & Doves" are almost impossible to find (it was performed fewer than 40 times, mostly on this tour) and this version of "Down by the River" absolutely smokes.

Anonymous said...

I had many happy contacts with both Mike Cordova and Ian Rosen during my ten years on the Rust mailing list, so this will be excellent quality.. this is a killer set, from Neil's "country" period in 1984... great tv show, excellent soundboard and the full show... what more could you want? :) Thanks for sharing this, Tony, awesome stuff :)

WVKayaker said...

Thanks for posting this complete concert from ACL and the notes too, that explain the previous available boots out there that included non ACL tracks. I had my suspisions and now they've been confirmed.
Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

I had the good fortune to see Neil Young and the International Harvesters at the MN State Fair(9/1/85)The show absoluetly smoked. Neil's ensemble was was unlike any other band I have seen or heard. They could slip gears from country to grunge without a slip. Thank you, Tony for making this show available and for making this blog still THE BEST THING THING AMERICA HAS GOING FOR IT. For what it's worth, even with tinny junk computer speakers, I can make out the differences between 320 vs 192. I am not complaining. Just stating an observation. Peace.

Knox said...

WOW!!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Thanks so much.