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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Days Of 320 Are Numbered

I'm simply running out of disk space. I am going to start doing my torrent/lossless conversions at 192. I have about 800 GB of disk space with about 50 GB remaining to use for music. I hurts me to do this. I like 320. It may be all in my head, but I believe I can tell the difference. Sure, Sure, everyone has an opinion. But, I have the sweetest headphones in the world that brings the music alive in a way that God intended. Alas, I will miss 320. When the 50 GB is gone, this blog will be at an end. Don't be scared. At 192 I can continue on for several months. Your benefit will be faster downloads with less files to snarf.


Anonymous said...

don't worry, we'll still be there, tiger!
192 is the usual cd bitrate, so i would be surprised someone could complain.....
carry on!

Anonymous said...

Why not VBR? I convert all 320 to VBR simply because 320 results in files that are too large while not containing additional information (that you can actually hear). For music from CDs 320 is actually a waste - CDs don't contain that kind of information anyway.

Monkey Flinging Poo said...

I actually prefer 192, especially for concerts that might not be 100% perfect sounding anyway.

Anonymous said...

....or you could charge every download like you said before!!!
now that's a good idea!!!!
only joking.

yabanjin said...

First, allow me to say that monkey flinging poo is the best internet alias ever. Second, we all appreciate your hard work and perspiration. And speaking as someone who has burned a lot of these shows to CD, 192 is going to take up a lot less room. My advice is to use your discretion vis-a-vis the sound quality. Also, I just checked out an episode of "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain where he samples the cuisine in Key West, and it really made me want to go there. The place looks like paradise. I never realized what your part of the country had to offer. Of course, I'm in Japan right now, so there are some pretty yummy vittles here too. I just chowed down on some succulent carp sushi this afternoon.

glassesface said...

Oh no! 320 is the way to go and the main reason I keep coming back to your wonderful site.

Anonymous said...

time for an external HD!!!! Ha, thanks for everything and whatever bit rate you choose is cool. It is your site after all.

ghostfrog said...

Dude, you have the best site around. You don't need to explain yourself to the likes of us.
Keep it up, though!

johnnylove said...

Im a dumb ass- can someone explain this to me? What is all this? will i still be able to come to nargo the borts deviant subculture and download shows. Im new to this computer crap.only had this thing for a little under a year!I'm guessing it has something to do with "space" & "sound quality". Please someone explain.

Anonymous said...

One more vote for VBR. It's smaller in size with little if any quality difference.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just delete all the shite like Bowie, Steely Dan, etc., and free up lots of space?

Arcangelo said...

Hi King of Quality! 320 or 192 is not a problem when the quality of the source of your post is the greatest in the blogosphere!.

Maybe for great near infinite quality bootlegs like Blondie with Fripp maybe you can try VBR with range (MAX 320 - MIN 192)

The file will be a lot small and quality still is great.

I will make a test and write here the results about filesize. Maybe that can help in something


Arcangelo said...

Hi again TT.. i finish first part of my little research

I select "I feel love" to make the test. (time 7:35 and 17.804 KB (your original file is a little small because i embbed "the sexual response" album_art in the id3_v2

LAME is 3.97

Your Orginal

-V n 0 -B 320 -b 192 (my prefered)
Stereo 48.000
13,969,277 205.Blondie-I_Feel_Love_(Donna_Summer)_max320-min192-vn0_48000_st.mp3

VBR 320-192 44100 Joint Stereo [[ i hate joint stereo :D ]]

VBR -V n 9 -B 320 -b 32 [[horrible quality!! (really) :( ]]
10,945,277 205.Blondie-I_Feel_Love_(Donna_Summer)_vbr_max320_min32_-vn9(lowest_q)_joint-stereo.mp3


Hope this can help you in something
Good luck and the best for you and all your family and people
and Thank you for the music my friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks and more thanks, I can store more at 192 on my comp & ipod.

and here...
certainly not 320


jb said...

Just keep doing what you do at 192 and all will be well. Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

It's not in your head,I can hear the difference as well.320 is the way to go! 192 is okay,but 320 is better.I love your 320 shows they're much better than the 192 shows.There is no way of getting around the 320 sound quality.Best Regards,Charles

Anonymous said...

what kind of headphones do you have? I like hooking my ipod headphones to my cpu...

We should all chip in and buy TT some extra disk space!!


Anonymous said...

Mr Tony :)

no problems, we appreciate all that you post, no matter what bitrate..

I have heard many 192kbs encodings that sound no different from a 256 or 320 encoding.. it all comes down to using a good encoder..

many times I have heard 256 or 320 rips that are terrible, because the ripper used a bad encoder which compresses badly and causes that high-pitch metallic "sybilance" sound to be introduced at around 8khz pitch. UGH!!! ehehe ;)

Anyway, dude, your rips are mighty and top quality so 192 will be fine... thank you for sharing so much and for caring about the quality shared... thank you also for the variety that you post (like the jazz posts the past day or two)

you rock, you roll, you rule :)

paul said...

Please keep 320, if people say they can't hear a difference, then it's true that using mobile phones, i-pods etc is making them deaf!
Plus, if you burn onto cds to play on hifi's boy can you hear the difference then
It's your blog to do as you wish, but posting at 320 makes you stand out from most of the others on the net
So do you want to be better than most or just another blog ?
Whatever you do good luck