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Friday, November 9, 2007

Smuggled Sounds

For some cool shows check out Smuggled Sounds http://live-bootleg.blogspot.com/


jj.n said...

Hi! Im new here and find it through Smuggled Sounds. Excellent blog this one as well as SS.

One thing I didnt figured out, that I assume everyone else understand but me, are why you have to split up the gigs, even those that isnt a 4 hour Springsteen show, on several files?

TonyTiger - said...

Rapidshare has a 100MB file size limit. Shows bigger than that have to be split into multiple files

jj.n said...

Oh, I would have understand that with more thinking :)

I assume that it would be less files when having it coded in 192-256 instead, which I also think is good enought for me:)

Thanks anyhow for this blog!

Dutchboy said...

More boots overhere:
Enjoy !