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Saturday, December 15, 2007

REPOST Jethro Tull 11/12/80 Sports Arena LA Pre-FM @ 320 NEW LINKS

This is one of my favorite Tull boots...

Sound quality is a strong 9. Sounds like a SBD to me as crowd noise is present but in the background. Perhaps taped for an FM broadcast (pre-FM?)? A good mixture of newer and older stuff. Personally I loved the 'Jobson' era, as short lived as it was.


01 Intro
02 Black Sunday
03 Crossfire
04 Songs From The Wood
05 Hunting Girl
06 The Pine Marten's Jig
07 Heavy Horses
08 Ian Anderson Introduces The Band
09 Skating Away (On The Thin Ice Of A New Day)
10 Instrumental (Including Ian Anderson Flute Solo)
11 Power Trio
12 Jobson Keyboard Solo
13 Uniform
14 Drum Solo
15 Working John, Working Joe
16 Protect And Survive (Including Jobson Violin Solo)
17 Locomotive Breath
18 Black Sunday (Reprise)
19 Guitar Hero Intro
20 Aqualung
21 Bungle In The Jungle
22 Interview WIth Ian Anderson



Toxxy said...

Yes indeed, a good Tull show. Thx TT. Even though the sound IS good, it COULD be a very good AUD not a SDB, it's lacking a bit of "depth" in my opinion. But as I said, the sound IS good, so it hardly matters what the source is. Thx again TT :-)

whiskeyman said...

thanks a lot!

Les said...


yabanjin said...

Very nice. Any more Tull would be appreciated -- the earlier the better.

bluesmutt said...

Greetings, Does anyone have a good Jethro Tull boot from the 2007 tour? I saw a recent show that was excellent. Good fortune brought me a third row seat on the center aisle, but I didnt have a recorder.

They did two sets about 75 minutes each with a brief intermission. Martin Barre (original guitarist since 1969)is amazing. Right up there with the very best for tone and complexity, able to change pace and turn on a dime. And Ian Anderson is still the medieval court jester, playing in a one legged stork stance, or flying about the stage. Although his voice has changed a bit it's still that unique theatrical tool. He constantly uses his eyes, face expressions and odd breathing noises to emphasize his playing, everything from mandolin to bouzouki. During flute solos he would come right to the stage edge, literally 15 feet away!

I was really surprized that they only played their earliest music, my favorite four albums. The first set began with blues from This Was and progressed thru Stand Up and Benefit, ending with a wild version of "Nothings Easy". The second set was almost all Aqualung, with a long remix from Thick As A Brick in the middle. They also dedicated a song ("America" from Westside Story) to Keith Emerson and the Nice that was a compilation of many styles and genres. Nearly every song seems improvised, but the band is so incredibly tight that they must be well rehearsed rearrangements. It's just too hard to believe they could make such fast time and texture changes on the fly. The encore was "Locomotive Breath", which for me was the perfect ending. Although I saw them play Aqualung from beginning to end when it was new*, I actually only understood those lyrics about five years ago...And the train it wont stop going but it could slow down!

As you can tell I highly recommend this show if the circus comes to town. They will begin a 40th anniversery tour next year. Cheers!

* 1971 @ Chicago Civic Opera House, yea I'm that frickig old!

Iván Correa said...

The Same Word: Thanks!!!


desde Concepción-Chile

;);) :)

Iván Correa said...

hello Great Blog Thanks for Your Job Men

From Chile
Un gran Abrazo