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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Kinks ??/??/?? Club Vegas Session Live at The Kinks' North London Konk Studios @ 320

Fabulous Recording

01 Club Vegas Intro
02 Catch Me Now I'm Falling
03 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
04 I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Dave)
05 Now And Then
06 Victoria
07 Hard Way
08 I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Instrumental)
09 Come Dancing
10 Till The End Of The Day
11 Top Of The Pops
12 Tired Of Waiting
13 Set Me Free
14 Well Respected Man
15 Muswell Hillbilly
16 Have A Cuppa Tea
17 Uncle Son
18 Sunny Afternoon
19 Dead End Street
20 David Watts
21 "Satisfaction"Jam
22 Autumn Allmanac
23 Around The Dial
24 Low Budget
25 Welcome To Sleazy Town
26 Stat Of Confusion
27 Superman
28 Destroyer



paul said...

Thanks Tony
Anybody know the date for this ?
Or better still, where to get artwork for this (yeah Tony I know you chuck artwork away, but its nice to have if you burn to disc, which I would like to do with this)

Creedance Kiddo said...

Took a bit of page turning but basically this is what I found out. After being inducted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on January 17, 1990, the band planned taking up an eight day residency in a theatre on Broadway (NYC). The series os shows was to be called straightfowardly enough: The Kinks On Broadway and was initially planned to done at the tail end of their american tour, that started in April and ended on the 13th of May. Rehearsels for the tour were held between March 12 - 23, 1990 at Konk Studios. The band did the tour, but played only in Universities; the Broadway series never happening. Later tapes of a run through recorded during one of those rehearsels in March started showing up, generally called Club Vegas Tapes (or Session) due to Ray playing a few lounge-like versions of a couple of songs. A possible musical remark about the potencial lounge like atmosphere of the show?
The Kinks on this occation are: Ray Davies-gtr,voc; Dave Davies-gtr,voc; Jim Rodford-bs; Mark Haley-kbd; & Bob Henrit-dr.

paul said...

Creedance, Many thanks for that, when I tried to look for artwork, I got a Bootleg title and the date 1993, but no artwork, but your explination proves that to be wrong, so again thanks for clearing that one up
Still after artwork if anybody finds any

Anonymous said...

Thaks for the great show! There's a link to artwork on this page:


paul said...

First, thank you for the link
Sadly where I live is where I work and Torrents are blocked, so as I cant upload stuff to that or any other site I can't join (and so, can't get to the artwork)Lifes a bitch sometimes !!!!

beblue said...

Wow - great find! Thanks for the boot & the background info.

Paul - I wouldn't worry about not getting the artwork. It's a wonky/grainy image with both front and back in a single jpeg. You're better off making something yourself.

Anonymous said...

Track 2 is "Tired Of Waiting" not Catch Me Now

Anonymous said...