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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Led Zeppelin 12/10/07 O2 Arena Version 4 Trainspotter Source @ 320

Version 4 Trainspotter Source

Click on the images to get the full size artwork.

Trainspotter said: Judging from the other recordings available it was a wise choice standing where I did, although my back did not thank me for standing for over 4 hours. The band got on stage at 9 PM exactly and finally left at 11.12 PM. There were no idiots in my vicinity and I believe that I got an excellent recording of the entire concert, and I would rate it as my best ever. Am very pleased that it was this historic show that it all worked out so well. I still cannot believe that I was there! Enjoy the show and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody. Really nice artwork is included, created by Paul Price, a professional graphic artist, who also created the beautiful artwork for “The Holy Grail” Earls Court 25th May 1975 DVD release.

Recorded by Jules McTrainspotter. A Trainspotter Production. Direct distribution by Royal Orleans.
Recording equipment: Sony D7 DAT recorder & Sony ECM-717 stereo microphone. Maxell DM180 DAT tape.

Location: Standing 30 yards dead centre of Jason Bonham, and about 10 yards in front of the sound crew. I use the term “sound crew” loosely, there were numerous minor problems throughout the show.

Transfer: Playback on a Fostex D-5 DAT recorder using an AES/EBU digital coaxial lead into a Fostex CR200 CD recorder. Extracted with EAC on a Plextor 48/24/48A writer to my PC.
Mastering: Fade ins and outs using Adobe Audition 3. Que stops created in CD Wave Editor 1.91. No other mastering done. This is a pure DAT to CDR upload, identical to my Master DAT.

01 - Good Times Bad Times
02 - Ramble On
03 - Black Dog
04 - In My Time of Dying
05 - For Your Life
06 - Trampled Under Foot
07 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
08 - No Quarter
09 - Since I've Been Loving You
10 - Dazed and Confused
11 - Stairway to Heaven
12 - The Song Remains The Same
13 - Misty Mountain Hop
14 - Kashmir
15 - Whole Lotta Love
16 - Rock and Roll
Version 5
Coming Soon
Version 3
Version 2
Version 1


Kikerock said...

Dear Tony

this version is the definitive version of the concert. The sound is better than the others. Excellent resolution sounds, Robert sings fast beside me, in a few words, excellent!

Marry Chritsmas to everyone,Kike.

Jack said...

If this beats the V3 Matrix version, I'll swear Santa saw Zeppelin this year.


johnnylove said...

Historic as it may be, its almost sad to listen to. way way WAY past thier prime. Sort of like The Rolling Stones.Your better off downloading an older show. Reunions are never good. I'm glad The Clash never did one!

Anonymous said...

Johnnylove....are you mad? I've heard Zep boots from every stage of their career and beleive me even at the height of their powers they had many a sloppy night thanks to a certain guitarist's indulgences.
At the o2 Zep sounded tight and spot on. Of course it's not quite the same without John...you can never duplicate his drum sound, but Jason held his own.
The Stones? Please. Saw them 3 times since Steel Wheels and they sound better too. Again having heard numerous shows from "back in the day" they actually sound better with age. Same with The Who. This year's shows were some of their best.
Like fine wine, some bands get better with age. Allman Brothers come to mind.

Thank you Tony for V.4.0...looking forward to hearing it having gone through the others, which by the way all sound pretty good to me.

Fretthis from the GTR101 forum.

Creedance Kiddo said...

Fretthis said it all. The band souds tight, focused and really into what they're doing.

boboquisp said...

Sounds better than the others to my ears. Thanks

vegasjohn said...

Thanks, can't wait to hear this version.

johnnylove said...


Chocoreve said...

Many thanks to you and to Jules McTrainspotter, great work!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

best sounding post of this show i've heard, except for the nob singing along.

Anonymous said...

The Hammer of the Gods............
..........Whole lotta London......

Anonymous said...

I'm a little naive about these things, but anyway, I've downloaded these rar files, but I have no idea how to make them play. Could someone help me? Thanks