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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

DVD Rips?

To those folks that have downloaded the Mp4s and the MP3 rips of the DVDs, what do you think? Quality of sound? Video quality? Are the individual tracks for the videos a good way to go? I have some righteous Who and some cute-as-a-bug Pat Benatar ready to go, but should I change anything? Video ripping is new to me.


Anonymous said...

The mp3 rips I made with DVD Audio Ripper are excellent. I play them through my iPod in the car and through my Altec-Lansing im7. Both sound great.

Anonymous said...

They sound as good as any other mp3 IMHO.

Gary said...

Sound quality of the audio rips is fine...a little treble-heavy, but still fine...able to EQ it out and it's a treat to have.

There's a ton of DVD concerts I'd love audio rips of...ever hear/see the Stray Cats 'Rumble In Brighton' live concert DVD? Peter Gabriel's 'Growing Up/Live' DVD?

I haven't downloaded the iPod video portions...my iPod (60-gig) is so full of music...there's no ROOM for any videos on it!

Pat Benatar - do it!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Since the days of cassettes and VHS tapes; I've been making audio albums of my favorite concerts. With the advent of digital media (including CDR & DVD) the shows sound better than ever. If you've got some great music shows... rip away. I'll give them a listen to.

Chris (new to this site, & enjoying it)

Anonymous said...

I ripped my Led Zep DVD to .wav using DVD Audio Extractor 4.2.1 and then encoded to 320k mp3. Sound is incredible. As with any digital audio -- the quality of the source is the only thing that really matters. I've heard great DVDs and poor ones.

Anonymous said...

Boost up the sound level a bit. I notice your settings for DVD rip are really low. I sometimes rip DVD audio and the trick is to turn the volume settings up a little lower than when they start peaking out. This should help a bit. Thanks for all the great quality classic concerts. Listening to all these live bands brings back memories when really GOOD bands used to turn out good music. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like the idea of ripping that Led Zep DVD. If you would consider posting that I would be so grateful. Thanks for the great blog!