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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bruce Springsteen SUCKS!!!!!

Before I start more hate mail about "yawning" the Boss.....I was kidding....yawn....I was just sleepy....really. Bruce Springsteen SUCKS!!!! Ha Ha. It's a joke, son. Not really. The Grateful Dead SUCKS!!. See another joke. (Insert band name here) SUCKS!!!! Come on and hate me. I am the Lord Zeus of my blog. I have the power!!!!!!!! If you want a safe PC blog, go see Rocket over at Hear Rock City. He has the George Bush of blogs. See...I am funny...another joke.


Anonymous said...

Dude, your blog rocks!!!! Just surprised by the Bruce Yawn...Just remember that comedy is not pretty

Anonymous said...

People are So Sensitive about lots of things, aren't they! (Someone will probably bitch 'cause I didn't use a question mark...)
Man, I dig your blog - I don't care what anyone says - You Keep DOING What You DO!
Every Band SUCKS! to Someone!
Hear Rock City IS a Classic Rock Blog, AND Still I deviate from that every so often...Labels Suck!
Hear Rock City SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Actually I never got Springsteen myself. Not that I don't think he puts on a good show and can't write a good song now and again. But overall I am not into it.
I thinks if you say that your are bored and sleepy with something that's OK. And likewise (and I did not read the nasty commets link) somebody is going to get bugged with it. Aint live grand?

veejay said...

Man, one suggestion from a german alister: just ignore hatemails or comments. simply delete them. you cant be everybodys darling, just make your thing. your blog rocks, no matter what...

electric-larry said...

Thanks for your postings-if I never see another Springsteen post, all the better.

I hope that some don't ruin it-this is a great site

Anonymous said...

Why are they coming here to find Springsteen. Aren't there a million Boss fan sites to cater to their needs?
I have some Boss live and treasure the really good ones I have, but like radio or TV if you don't like something turn the dial or change the channel. Don't like what's on here, well there are millions of other bogs out there.
Nargo - Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why Springsteen sucks...It's the critics fault. My friends and I back in the day use to read local L.A. music critics make this guy out to be God, and it just never lived up to the hyped. He may have started out to be MR.BLUE-COLLAR HERO, but come on, NOW?