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I received my first notice from a copyright holder to remove a post. King Crimson to be exact. It has me a little scared. I had assumed I was safe posting bootlegs. Now, maybe not. I removed the post. What do I do now? Shut down the blog? Try to take it private again? I may have a way, but it may crap out like the last time. Your thoughts? Insights? Ideas? Send me an email at blind-pig@live.com or leave a comment under any post.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Get A Life

I have been getting some hate mail lately. I can't tell if it's from the same person or multiple people (different email addresses same zealous/religious tone to writing). They are complaining how I have compromised the true essence of the blog by posting shows other than classic rock. They feel I have betrayed them. They do not like me posting a variety of bands with different musical styles. What they want to see is Yes, Kansas, and yawn, Bruce Springsteen. Well, I like classic rock. Really I do. But if all I listened to was classic rock, I would be one bored bumpkin. If you don't like MY blog. Go somewhere else. If enough people go elsewhere, then I can shut this puppy down. I post music I like. I hope other people like it too. I you have some kind of constructive point you would like to make, please make it. I am open to it. If you are a weenie with some kind of bizarre, almost scary, philosophical jones about classic rock purity, hire a cheap hooker and pay him or her to listen to you. You can't afford my prices. Hey, I am the last person that should call someone else weird, but you are weird.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one, Tony. In the words of Frank Zappa: "Do what you like, do what you will, just don't mess up your neighbor's thrill."

Graveyard-Boots said...

This is a great blog. I've found several excellent boots here. I only wish I could find the original FLAC files for some of 'em. By the way, what do you have against Springsteen?

Anonymous said...

Tony, don't let this shitbag get you down.. you are doing an awesome thing by posting such a great variety of artists...

This hatemail jackass is like those "time-warp" hicks in places like Ohio and Indiana, that only want to hear "Stairway to heaven" and "freebird" and are scared to death of anything new or that deviates from "the norm".

Please, please, keep on doing what you are doing... and remember, that hatemail is just that.. it's mail, the jerk isn't showing up at your door.. you can ignore/delete his rantings....

Thanks for all you have posted and for such a variety, too... :)

Anonymous said...

Nargo, you suck. You obviously don't know that the whole purpose of a blog is to only post music that someone else likes! You must cater to the likes of one person and no one else - YOUR likes and the likes of your OTHER vistors are irrelevant! :)

Just kidding, of course.

Your blog is one of the BEST out there. I check it every day. Sometimes there's something I like, sometimes there isn't. However, there's always something that SOMEONE likes.

Your blog is called NargoTheBort's Deviant Subculture, not NargoTheBort's Classic Rock Blog. You also don't have anything on your page saying it's a classic rock blog. So, no one should be making any assumptions.

I've found a lot of great stuff on your blog, and I look forward to seeing what else you will be posting in the future - in ALL of its variety.

Ignore the naysayers.

Keep up the good work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, fuck them all. You have provided me with some of the best boots I have ever ever EVER heard.

And, to answer Graveyard, Bruce is, sadly one of the most under-bootlegged artists. His live concerts are sooooo difficult to find that I consider each one I come across to be such a rarity that I shout it from the mountaintops.

Oh, and since this the internet and sarcasm is often misunderstood.....by "under-bootlegged" I mean grossly over saturated.

Anonymous said...

Dude, your site is dang cool. So are you for posting such great music for FREE! Keep up the great work and please ignore the haters.

John in San Diego

Anonymous said...

I agree with graveyard-boots..I have found some fantastic stuff on this great blog, but to "Yawn" Springsteen is ridiculas. The man has probably got more live bootlegs out on him 2nd only to the Grateful Dead speaking of Yawn. Anyway, listen to Springsteen live at the Roxy '78 and tell me if that's a "Yawn".

Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome! You post amazing shows! I also check this blog daily and look forward to the variety.

I have downloaded bands I never liked or listened to before just for the heck of it and found some real gem's in the process.

Keep doing what you enjoy and thank you again!


Duke said...

Keep the light on. Great stuff on your blog. Never mind the elephants.

Anonymous said...

pete yorn!?

Anonymous said...


Man,don't give up,ok? Your job is amazing and greetings from Brazil,Miguel.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is sending the hatemail well frankly....FUCK OFF! This guy and his site rock! Free downloads of great stuff......if you don't like it then don't go on the site....assholes!

thanks for the great music! ignore the idiots

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog. Come on now, Del Fuegoes Live. Enough said. Do not listen to hate mail. Pure jealousy

infinitefool said...

I'm confused. Isn't this YOUR blog? Doesn't that make you the sole judge of what is or isn't appropriate to post here?

If someone hates your blog, why would they visit it? If they want a "purer" (read more narrow-minded) vision, why not start their own blog?

Maybe I'm just naive...

Anonymous said...

yea.. like what everybody above me said ;O)

Thanks man

Creedance Kiddo said...

Dude, I love your blog. i think the thing I most like about it is that it does not have Bruce Springstein. That's deviating from the norm, and I like it. I'd be even happier if there wasn't so much Tom Petty (yawn), but that's my problem, not yours. Tony, you are THE DUDE. Enjoy deleting those emails. We're on your side. Hail Bwana Dik!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony,
No matter what you do, there will always be some WANKER that hates it. Who cares about these people whith one brain cell. I may not be into all you post, but at least I have the option of downloading it or not. As for converting to MP3, who gives a shit. If there is something I have been trying to get I don't care what format its in as long as the quality is good. Thanks for all the hard work and keep posting. bluesBob.