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Friday, November 2, 2007

The Fixx 11/18/82 Boston Mass Paradise Rock Club Master FM @ 320

Notes from the original torrent poster:

This is one of the first few shows from the 1st U.S. Fixx tour. They released an officiallive disc in the King Biscuit disc series of the My Father's Place concert of Nov. 30, this was 12 days earlier and was WBCN's 1st and last live Fixx broadcast (they did a few more recorded elsewhere later on). I recorded the original broadcast, although 83 was a year I didn't have a very good component deck for recording FM's. They rebroadcasted most of this show later and between the 2 I put together a complete version that sounds quite nice. The broadcast was recorded Yamaha 500 to Naka. 125 so it sounds clean and crisp, and only left out the encore song and some of the introduction, both of which I was able to splice in from the original (and it all sound pretty good, maybe better than it did live after some level balancing). There were some problems in the original broadcast, nothing major or lasting very long. Although they threw in a couple from the second album (Reach the Beach, One Thing Leads to Another) this tour focused on the debut album, Shuttered Room and includes a hefty sampling from it. Because it was such a short set (this is all of it), I'm including (with fingers crossed)2 songs (audio only) from Sat. Night Live which I don't believe have been released (if I'm wrong about that the moderaters at DIME may have to remove Tracks 17 and/or 18 of this torrent). It was already evident in this early set that the Fixx have a knack for making catchy, creative pop hooks and hits, which would continue through most of the decade, enough to make them my all time #1 favorite 80's band. I hope to show you why I feel that way with at least 5 Fixx torrents,and that may not be enough to do the job. Along with this, there's an 83 (was to be "fixpol" torrent, but yyzed311 offered an improved version of the "pol" part so I gave him the Fixx part of it to share on dime),an 84, an 86 and an 87 that go from club to home of the NFL New England Patriots to theater and back to another club, and prove that no matter how big the gig or the venue, these guys knowhow to make a concert fun and educational and sound good, they enjoy doing it, and they're very good at it. Their releases are also good, particularly their 1st 3 (Shuttered Rooms, Reach the Beach and Phantoms) and the KBFH show which was released later. As is true for most (if not all) my Fixx uploads, this show has some songs you won't hear in any of my other Fixx shows (sinking island, liner, going overboard, kingdom cristsake and I found you).

01 Intro
02 Liner
03 Cameras in Paris
04 One Thing Leads To Another
05 Kingdom Christsake
06 Stand or Fall
07 Going Overboard
08 I Found You
09 Reach the Beach
10 The Fool
11 Some People
12 Lost Planes
13 Red Skies
14 encore break
15 Sinking Islands
16 Ken Shelton Wrapup
17 One Thing Leads To Another (SNL 02/11/84)
18 Red Skies (SNL 02/11/84)



Doug said...

Awesome! Any other Fixx would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Now here's something you don't see very often. Thanks very much for this!