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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Welcome 1st Timers

No - That's not me! I feel like he looks sometimes, though.

Tons of first time visitors have been visiting the blog over the last week or so. Welcome to my little place on the net. In case you haven't figured it out, I have a live music habit - a monkey on my back that I can't shake. Take a look around and take something home with you. Lord, knows I don't need it all. The quality of these shows are excellent. I try not to post anything that SUCKS. Leave a comment if you like something ... if you have the time. I get lonely sitting here by myself.


Anonymous said...

Last night I saw the Dirty Projectors in Berlin. It was fantastic - incredible harmonies by the girls, mad guitar playing and pretty good drumming. Any chance for some live material by this band?

Anonymous said...

"I try not to post anything that SUCKS"

Does that include poetry or just music?


TonyTiger - said...

I've not heard of the Dirty projectors. But I will see if I can find anything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome,but your excellent site keeps me coming back--I never know what's next and it's always fabulous. Huzzah!
Tom W.
ps Isometimes feel like that chimp,too....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the site, especially the early rem live I have just DLed which I am much looking forward to. Great site. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Love your site and I just wanted to say thanks for all your tinme and generosity, happy trails and good wishes from Scotland, JB

Anonymous said...

your blog is one of my favorites on the net. It's a pleasure to break the dull grind. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

This site owes me new boxers... everytime I come here, I crap myself!

Keep up the EXCEPTIONAL work!

infinitefool said...

You feel like a monkey looks? How odd, I look like a monkey feels.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother, thanks so fricken much for these beautiful shows that you've posted. I couldn't get this good of a variety at my local brewery. I'm totally retarded when it comes to the "Torrent" world. Any help out there.......?