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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Any last requests?

The Steely Dan and Tom Petty will be up this afternoon that have been requested. If there are any other pre-hacker shows I have missed you want up before my vacation, let me know today.


Anonymous said...


Any good old Iggy Pop boots ?

Or Roxy Music ?

Anyway this is just great what ya do !

Thanks and all the best


TonyTiger said...

I have more iggy pop and roxy music. I put some up after vacation.

Anonymous said...

Tony :)

How about the AC/DC Hammersmith 1979 Remastered show? That was one of the pre-hacker shows.

If you don't have time to upload it before vacation, no problem.. hope you have a great time wherever you are going :)

TonyTiger said...

I'll put the AC/DC up this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

any more rudgren would be nice
have a great vacation you deserve it this is the best and most vibrant blog ever
mick d

Creedance Kiddo said...

The Faces shows other than the two at the Paris Theatre, which I managed to get before the hacker incident. Do you have any more Television for us to look forward to after your vacation? Or Damned, Buzzcocks, Stranglers? Regarding the question of size, I like the 320 option, but it would be nice if you would choose something other than Rapidshare. THAT'S what really slows us down, I would think. Anyway, have a great vacation and thank you wants again for all the great music.

junglefish said...

Hello TonyTiger,

Thanks so much for the shows !

Actually what I miss the most is not a musical show, it's your presentation text that used to be on the top right of your blog, in your pre-hacker days, the mood and motion behind it was peaceful and excellent and should be kept in mind in a place where no rules apply most of the time.
Words can be more powerful than mp3 sometimes...

Any music? How about Jon Anderson, in his "Olias Of Sunhillow" days? Otherwise never mind, your blog is music already...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

You had posted 3 or 4 different Allman Brothers shows prior to being hacked. If you can put those back up, that would be great.


Anonymous said...

Do you have more Hiatt? Steve Earle? Any chance you have the Pleasure Barons, Joe Strummer post-Clash? Anything like that would be great.

Thanks for everything. You've done a lot for my iPod in recent months.

Anonymous said...

Id pay in blood for a quality Zeppelin in Japan if it was the one which included 'Tea for One'.

Anonymous said...

Any Stevie Marriott - solo or with group(s)?

TonyTiger said...

No Steve Marriot other than Humble Pie.

Will Divide said...

Clash at Bonds?

Dylan with Petty?

Little Feat with Lowell?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all your work! You're the best!

I would KILL...KILL...KILL I say for a boot from Oingo Boingo or The Blasters.

Thanks again!

Nate said...

Looking for INXS boots! Got anything?

TonyTiger said...

Currently I do not have any Oingo boingo or blasters. I have been looking for OB. I do have INXS. I'll see what I have after I get back from vacation.

TonyTiger said...

I just downloaded a new Hiatt from Chicago 93.

TonyTiger said...

Yes to little Feat