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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guided By Voices GBV at the 40 Watt @ 192

Wikipedia says: Guided by Voices (often abbreviated as GbV) was an extremely prolific lo-fi/indie-rock band from Dayton, Ohio. As an integral part of the American independent rock scene from 1986 until 2004, they turned out a number of albums which showcased their propensity for short, catchy songs.

Over the years the band saw many personnel changes, but always maintained the presence of principal singer/songwriter Robert Pollard, a former schoolteacher. Pollard was an avid rock fan, and Guided by Voices' work always reflected his steadfast devotion to The Who, post-British Invasion garage rock, psychedelic, prog-rock, as well as punk and post-punk.

Guided by Voices also garnered much attention for its prolificacy, with a seemingly endless stream of releases. Most songs are in the two-minute range, but many are even shorter; often they end abruptly or are intertwined with odd and homemade sound effects. While Guided by Voices progressed over time from an aspiring bar band, to willfully scuzzy basement obscurantists, to a relatively professional riff-pop machine in the latter half of the 90s, the constants throughout were Pollard's seemingly instinctual grasp of the pop form, his digestion of reams of rock history, cryptic lyrics and titles, and his gift for melodic invention.

A Salty Salute
Psychic Pilot Clocks Out
Teenage FBI
Matter Eater Lad
Alone, Stinking And Unafraid
Frequent Weaver Who Burns
Zoo Pie
Things I Will Keep
Time Machines
Dragons Awake
Pop Zeus
Dayton, Ohio - 19 Something And 5
Tractor Rape Chain
Waved Out
In Stitches
Tight Globes
Cut-Out Witch
Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
Game Of Pricks
Mushroom Art
Submarine Teams
Shocker In Gloomtown
My Valuable Hunting Knife
I Am A Tree
Big School
Hold On Hope
Maggie Turns To Flies
Surgical Focus
I Am A Scientist
Don't Stop Now
Circling Motorhead Mountain
Picture Me Big Time
Subspace Biogrphies
Whiskey Ships
Tropical Robots
Liars Tale
Hot Freaks
Echos Myron
Motor Away
Get Under It
Postal Blowfish
Smothered In Hugs
The Official Ironman Rally Song


1 comment:

David said...

This is quite an excellent show, thanks so much for posting it. You wouldn't happen to have any other good-sounding GBV/Pollard shows, would ya?

If not it's fine, I'm very glad to have this one. : )