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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Byrds 11/02/68 Avalon Ballroom San Francisco CA @ 320

Before alt-country was hip and cool, there was(were?) the Byrds.

Much to my surprise, the Byrds at the Fillmore West has been the most downloaded show. So for all the Byrds fans out there, here's another heapin' helpin'.

The real mind blower is Modest Mouse is the 2nd most downloaded show. Go figure. I like Modest Mouse, but poor old Trip Shakespeare only has 4 downloads. That's what I can't fathom. Get some Trip folks..it's pretty cool.

01 Old Blues
02 My Back Pages/Baby What You Want Me To Do
03 Mr. Spaceman
04 Time Between
05 Goin Back
06 Blue Suede Shoes
07 He Was A Friend Of Mine
08 So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star
09 Drug Store Truck Driving Man
10 This Wheel's On Fire
11 Stanley's Song
12 Pretty Boy Floyd
13 Eight Miles High
14 You Don't Miss Your Water
15 So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star
16 Hickory Wind
17 King Apathy III
18 Bad Night At The Whiskey
19 Nashville West



Anonymous said...

??Please, what's a Bort??
Not abort..Nargo's a handle. Bort is a ...Thanks for the Byrds, the first song is clear and sounds great!!
Nice recording for '68. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

only four people downloaded the trip shakespeare!? dear god what type world do we live in? the trips are a unique genius band....
mick d

Anonymous said...

i really cant believe only four people downloaded the trip shakespeare
mick d

Anonymous said...

only four people!
mick d

Anonymous said...

i love trip shakespeare...they are one of my favourite bands ever....and this is such a great concert..one of my favourites...and i have at least twenty trip shakespeare shows....loads of unreleased tracks...magnificent playing from the wilson boys (dan and matt) the mighty base playing from John Munsen ...my god people you do not know what you are missing
mick d

Anonymous said...

only four...i wanna lay down and cry..
mick d

Anonymous said...

i have laid down and died.
but before i did and you do, you must get that Trip Shakespeare gig. i have over 30 shows now, so I'm pretty greedy as you can guess. find any gig with Toolmaster of Brainerd or Reception playing and your life will be changed. Let it happen now. There's no other way to crush this arctic monkey-driven world.