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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So far .. 320 Rules

It appears most people want the shows to remain in 320 kbps. If you haven't weighed in yet, do so or forever hold your piece/peace? For those naysayers out there...One of the first things I did when I became a downloader bandit was get a Rapidshare account. After being thwarted time and time again with download limits, I broke down and spent the $9.95 for a month of Rapidshare. The world became a thing of beauty. Freedom from limits. Multiple simultaneous downloads. Heaven! Then I got a Megaupload account...the universe was my playground. In a month you can download billions of shows. Very worth it in my opinion. Yeah...Yeah. If you use your credit card there's a record of the transaction. If you are like me and only dowbload live recordings, there's probably not much to worry about. I tell myself that on a daily basis,anyway.


Anonymous said...

320 makes me hot!!!

Paris Hilton

artmaven said...

You're back! And w/a vengence, I see. I'm already way behind.

Thanks for getting it back up. I read all the comments and anyone can see how many people get off on you, bleeding fingers and all.

Re quality: 320
I esp agree w/the post about being able to hear the diff on quality equipment. Here's another reason: huge diff when listening on MP3 player w/headphones. I always rip @320 for that reason especially. Glad you're sticking w/it.

Have a great vacay. You earned it. Bahamas is lucky to have you. Enjoy.

When you get back, I was right in the middle of the Rolling Stones at Atlantic City, 1989. Really, just b/c I was there w/my brother and b/c John Lee Hooker came out toward the end. I was looking forward to reliving it. Believe me, I was sure to pick up the Television show first so, no hurry. There's lots to keep me busy already. Lovin' on the early Elvis as I write.

On behalf of the torrent challenged, thanks again for getting back in the game. You are clearly amazing.


Anonymous said...

just discovered this site. Holy smoke. This is great. Please stay in business. How fun.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back and posting again. Definitely support ripping @320 MP3, for the reasons others have already stated in terms of sound quality on decent sound equipment, headphones. With memory as cheap as it is these days, there's no reason not to download best available sound quality. Thanks again for your efforts and not getting discouraged by the assholes who messed with your blog.

Isak A said...

I'm also for the 320 - but the choice is yours: just keep being awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yeah , 320 is the way to go,
please continue with 320 ,there is
a difference .

Anonymous said...

There's a reason the preset for 320 was called "preset insane" on lame. You gain absolutely nothing but bloated MBs. Anyone who claims otherwise is (a) full of crap, and (b) has never actually done an ABX test. They just see bigger numbers and thing, gee, that MUST be better. They probably shell out for premium gas for their Ford, too.

In fact, using ANY constant bitrate is ridiculously outdated. A much better and MUCH MUCH more practical/logical choice is VBR at -V2 (~192).

OTOH, if your intention is to archive or burn CDs, you shouldn't be using MP3 in the first place.

myrkursoli said...

Keep up the good work, excellent blog...I'm also for the 320 but the choice is yours...
But I'd like to express my opposition as far rapidshare is concerned...Rapidshare sucks! It would be much better for your blog (and for us of course) to use other hosts, like sharebee, massmirror etc...They are way much more user friendly and we can all avoid rapidshare's waiting times...
Keep in mind my advice...
Thanx in advance...

Anonymous said...

Yea 192 or 320 for me, like you I can only start to tell the difference when the rate drops around 128. Thanks for the effort of putting this site together its really really good and makes it simple to download great music. Thank you again.