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Friday, June 29, 2007

Sheesh! I hate bloggers that whine about comments.

But..Jeez...over 1800 visitors today...no comments. Well, maybe one from some guy complaining about Lou Reed. I deleted his comment because I have that power. Rocket over at Hear Rock City gets comments (His link is over on the left). Ha Ha I Meant right -> AM I NOT AS LOVED AS ROCKET!!!!!!! Sure he's been around a lot longer..but..Sniffle...I need a little lovin'. I really don't need thanks (but thank me if you want), but I would like some input on sound quality. Did the show RAAWWWWK!!! Or, after you downloaded, did the show make you do perverted things to small animals? Did the last Tragically Hip post cure the dirty feelings you have for Mom? Oh, hell. Keep your stinkin' comments. See if I care. I'm going to go leave an anonymous comment at Hear Rock City. Then on to Infinite Foolishness to be a smart ass.


Anonymous said...

A comment

skylark said...

This is my favourite blog and you are my favourite blogger but I refuse to leave a comment!

Yo, El Rey said...

Hey Nargo/TonyTiger,

I've downloaded a few shows off of your site - SY, Replacements, X, etc. - and they have all been excellent! Always top notch sound quality. You've got stuff here that I always hoped was available. Keep it going!!

skylark said...

Actually, you deserve a big thank-you for the "quality" shows. I like knowing that if I go to the effort of downloading a show, it will be listenable! And your taste is pretty cool too.

Anonymous said...

i know i know it nearly always the same...we swoop in grab the goodies and never phone......
but really tony this is the most vital blog in all bloggerdom and you are the duke of download...the lord of live shows..the baron of bitrate....the prince of posting....the guvenor of good stuff...the regent of rawk....the marquis of music....the president of power pop....the king of killer queen sounds......the dali llama of dirty rock n roll...the captain of classic rock....the fife of free music....the prime minister of prog....the count of country...........basically ..your The Man!
mick d

slik said...

I'm not much of a commentor or is that commentator? Anyway, here is a quick thank you for posting only quality material. You rule the school!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do and please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Comments? What can you say about the best blog in blog-dom? THe place that comes up with more jaw-dropping delights a day than the rest combined?

Nah, no comment to make really except KEEP IT UP YOU GENIUS!!!!!


sanctifiedmind said...

guilty as charged
I can't keep up w/ you.
enjoy all your posts
you are posting some kick-ass stuff
stones, reed, doors, kinks, queen, zep (showing my age here), fbb, dylan, etc.
ignore the complainers
it's flippin free and you did the work, let 'em go somewhere else.
keep up the good work
i'll try to comment more often

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!
Great Taste!!
It's worth having a modem cause of you!
Luv Ya

PS:Replacements Please??

paul said...

More Gits and I'll blow you kisses as well as thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c said...

What is even worse is bloggers who complain about lack of comments, but then don't reply to them! Talk about the kettle. Ok, that's my comment & I never even d/l-ed anything from here.

Anonymous said...

Tony your the best , keep up the good work. And thanks for the Led Zeppelin-Berlin 1980 , do you have more stuff from Zeppelin ??

Thanks again.

TonyTiger said...

Yep. More Zeppelin to come.