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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Tubes 1985 Kingswood Music Theatre-Toronto @ 320

Wikipedia says: The Tubes are a San Francisco-based theatre rock band, popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s, known for their live performances that combined lewd quasi-pornography with wild satires of media, consumerism and politics.

Showbiz excess was a common theme of the band's early work, with Waybill sometimes assuming the onstage persona of Quay Lewd, a drunk, drugged-out, barely coherent lead singer, decked out with flashing glasses and impossibly tall platform shoes. "White Punks on Dope," from their debut album, was an absurd anthem of wretched excess, and a tribute to their rich, white teenage fanbase in San Francisco. The song was covered as "TV Glotzer" by Nina Hagen as the opening track of her band's first album. ("TV Glotzer," pronunced "Tay-Fow Glohtzah" essentially means "couch potato" and is literally translated from German as "one who stares at television".)

One critic noted that with their media savvy and theatrical skills, The Tubes were born to create rock video, but arrived several years too early. [2] Instead, they put their creativity and art skills into their live performances, in which songs could be full-fledged production numbers, from a beach movie parody for "Sushi Girl," to leather-clad S&M hijinks in "Mondo Bondage," to the game show antics of "What Do You Want From Life?" At their peak, their act featured dozens of other performers, including tap dancers and acrobats. The Tubes stage productions were choreographed by Kenny Ortega and featured castmembers; Jane Dornacker, LeRoy Jones, Michael Holman, Michael Springer, Edwin Heaven, Cindi Osborn, Heline Gouax and Mary Niland from 1975-1977. From 1978-1979 the cast included, Sharon Collins, Caty Bevan and Loryanna Catalano. The Completion Backward Tour featured Shelly Pang, Cheryl Hangland and Cynthia Rhodes. From 1983-85 Michelle Gray and Cheryl Hangland were principal dancers. Several crew members including Lee Collins, Steve "Chopper" Borges and Gail Lowe made frequent apperances on stage in various roles as well.

Turn Me On
Theme Park
A Matter Of Pride
Out Of The Business
Sports Fans
Sushi Girl
Love Bomb-drum solo
Night People
Say Hey
Muscle Girls
For A Song
Say Hey (pt. 2)
Feel It
Night People (reprise)
Telecide-You're No Fun-White Punks On Dope
She's A Beauty
Piece By Piece
Talk To Ya Later



Bishop said...

Thank you most kindly - when I was a kid, these guys were up in my top 5, for reasons most of my friends couldn't understand.

This is ace.

srcstcbstrd said...

Thanks Tony - I was at this show. 'Love Bomb' was always one of my favourite Tubes LPs and it was great to hear most of it done live. I saw quite a bit of the Tubes back in the day. Awesome band.
I have a couple of early recordings done at the Record Plant (live in studio) if you are interested.