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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jellyfish Fanclub AAC IPod Format Only @ 256

Disc One The BELLYBUTTON Demos, 1988-'89

1.The Man I Used To Be
2.Bedspring Kiss
4.Now She Knows She's Wrong
5.Queen Of The U.S.A.
6.Always Be My Girl
7.I Wanna Stay Home
8.Let This Dream Never End
9.Season Of The Witch
10.That Girl's A Man
11.Calling Sarah
12.All I Want Is Everything
13.Bye Bye Love
14.She Still Loves Him
15.Baby's Coming Back
16.The King Is Half-Undressed


Disc Two The BELLYBUTTON Tour (a.k.a. "The Innie Through The Outtie Tour") 1990-'91

1.MTV Top Of The Hour
2.(Much Music, Canada)
3.The King Is Half-Undressed (live at the Roxy)
4.Sugar And Spice (live at the Roxy)
5.(91X, San Diego)
6.Two All-Beef Patties (live at the Roxy)
7.Mr. Late (live at the Roxy)
8.No Matter What (live at the Roxy)
9.All I Want Is Everything (live at the Roxy)
10.(Much Music, Canada)
11.Hold Your Head Up / Hello (live at Bogart's)
12.Calling Sarah (live at Bogart's)
13.She Still Loves Him (live at Bogart's)
14.Will You Marry Me (live at Bogart's)
15.Baby Come Back / Baby's Coming Back (live at Bogart's)
16.Now She Knows She's Wrong (live at Bogart's)
17.Let 'Em In / That Is Why (live at Bogart's)
18.Jet (live at the Hard Rock)
19.(Much Music, Canada)
20.The King Is Half-Undressed (live at Wembley)
21.Baby's Coming Back (live at Wembley)
22.I Wanna Stay Home (live at Wembley)
23.She Still Loves Him (live at Wembley)
24.All I Want Is Everything (live at Wembley)


Disc Three The SPILT MILK Demos, 1991-'92

1.(World Cafe)
2.SPILT MILK intro
4.Joining A Fan Club
5.Sebrina, Paste And Plato
6.New Mistake
7.Glutton Of Sympathy
8.The Ghost At Number One
9.All Is Forgiven
10.Russian Hill
11.He's My Best Friend
12.Family Tree
13.SPILT MILK outro
14.Ignorance Is Bliss
15.Worthless Heart
16.Watchin' The Rain
17.I Need Love
18.I Don't Believe You
19.Long Time Ago
20.Runnin' For Our Lives
21.Fan Club message


Disc Four The SPILT MILK Tour, 1993

1.Glutton Of Sympathy (live rehearsal)
2.Baby's Coming Back (live on Dutch TV)
3.That Is Why (live on World Cafe)
4.The Ghost At Number One (live on World Cafe)
5.Joining A Fan Club (live on World Cafe)
6.(World Cafe)
7.I Can Hear The Grass Grow (live on Australian radio)
8.New Mistake (live on Japanese radio)
9.Eleanor Rigby (live on Japanese TV)
10.S.O.S. (live on Japanese TV)
11.S.O.S. (live at Club Quatro, Japan)
12.All Is Forgiven (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
13.Sebrina, Paste And Plato (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
14.Joining A Fan Club (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
15.The Ghost At Number One (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
16.The Man I Used To Be (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
17.Glutton Of Sympathy (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
18.New Mistake (live at Universal Amphitheatre)
19.Think About Your Troubles



Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for this and all the other Jellyfish you've posted!

Anonymous said...

Could you post the originals cds?