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I received my first notice from a copyright holder to remove a post. King Crimson to be exact. It has me a little scared. I had assumed I was safe posting bootlegs. Now, maybe not. I removed the post. What do I do now? Shut down the blog? Try to take it private again? I may have a way, but it may crap out like the last time. Your thoughts? Insights? Ideas? Send me an email at blind-pig@live.com or leave a comment under any post.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thoughts And Answers

1. lix.in doesn't really do much to protect links. If someone wants to delete a link it will only slow he or she down by about 15 seconds. What's the point. Thanks for your input on this method. I looked into sharebee but that seems like a hassle. Plus it's down most of the time. Anyone have any other ideas?

2. I can't find the Kiss show. I either mislabeled it or deleted it. Sorry.

3. I am happy a lot of people have written they like the selection lately. I would give credit where credit is due, but I can't.

4. If a file gets deleted, don't hesitate to tell me. I can't hardly wait for the next one so I can reup it.

5. Anyone know where I can get a quality Church show or two?

6. If anyone knows where I could get a Figgs show around Low Fi At Society High time frame I would die.

7. Hereos starts soon. Also a new season with those Ghost Hunters / T.A.P.S. guys. I like to get my T.V. schedule organized.

8. I think any other Bionic Woman other than Lindsey Wagner is just wrong. Now if they cast Paris Hilton in the role ... now that would be good.

9. Why haven't they remade Rat Patrol into a Feature Flick? I miss those jeeps flying over the sand dunes.

10. As always thanks for your comments.

11. Hey ... does anyone remember a movie called House Of Dark Shadows? It was a color movie based on the Dark Shadows T.V. series. It had all the actors in it from the series. I have looked everywhere for it. Am I dreaming or did it exist?


Asso said...

Hi Deviant Subculture I'm Asso from guitars101 forum: I can't acces there for a forbidden message. Have you got the same problem?

Let me know.

Asso said...

Problem solved Thanks anyway

Anonymous said...

house of dark shadows has its own wikipedia article....in which they say its only of vhs but a dvd is coming by the end of the year....
mick d

Sam said...

Which KISS show?

TonyTiger said...

Kiss The Lost Alive II Album @ 320 is the one I can't find

Anonymous said...

I saw H of Dark S. on cable (IFC I think) very recently--off the TiVo already, sorry, but it's sure to roll around...

Sam said...

I have the Lost Alive II here, but it's only at 160.

Brett said...

I for one love the selection here and I'm glad the post pixie is out there making my life better.

If you find some Church shows, please post ASAP. I have seen them twice (once full band in 1990, once just Marty and Steve acoustic in 1994ish) and they are two of the best shows I've seen. I would love to see some shows surface, particularly from that 1990 Gold Afternoon Fix tour.