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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cheap Trick In Color Albini Sessions @ 192

Cheap Trick went into the studio to rerecord their In Color album. They thought it lacked muscle when compared to their other two initial releases. The sessions were never commercially released. I don't have a date on this recording.

Hello There
Big Eyes
I want You To Want Me
You're All Talk
Oh Caroline
Clock Strikes Ten
Southern Girls
Come On Come On
So Good To See You
Fan Club
I Want You To Want Me
Can't Hold On
I'm Losing You
Oh Caroline



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. very cool!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember for sure, but I think the date on this "Steve Albini" version of "In Color" is 2002... if that is incorrect, someone please correct my error :)

Thanks for this and all the other kickass posts on your blog :)

Anonymous said...

The date I have for this is 1997 or 1998, from an interview Bun E. Carlos gave. Who knows, though.

Anonymous said...

The Netherlands say hi,

They recorded with S. Albini a (non album) 2 track single and an album in 1997. See below for more info. If you like to hear more cheap trick live stuff. Check out --> http://www.trickworld.com/audio.htm

Including their(e) version of AC/DC´s Highway To Hell.


I picked this up somewhere on the world wide web and just had to share it -- it's that good.

Let me say it again: It's that good.

I have been a fan of Cheap Trick since their inception. I have heard it all and then some. When I discovered this unbelievable re-record of the classic In Color album, I couldn't wait to listen to it. So I listened to it and listened to it and listened to it and listened to it and well, you get the idea.

The background (as far as I know) is this: Back in teh late 90s Steve Albini produced a record for Cheap Trick. While in the studio, they got to talking about how In Color fell short, in their minds, sonically. On the spot, they decided to re-record every song (along with a few extras) from the classic album.

Here's a little more background on where this album came from, complete with Rick Nielsen quotes I grabbed off the web:

As for the re-recorded Albini In Color album, "we haven't made any plans for it, but we didn't record it for a joke," he quips. "We didn't go at it trying to come up with crazy new arrangements, but sonically we never liked In Color. The songs were good, but sonically it's wimpy and we're not wimpy. We left before it got mixed and were told 'We'll fix it in the mix' by our record company (back then) and our ex-manager. Well, they went the other way," Nielsen says finishing his thought.

In other words this mix #$?&ing rocks. The original In Color is a classic, there's no doubt about it. But this version takes it up a notch. Everything is amped up -- the guitars, the vocals, the drums -- it almost feels live (and probably mostly is). The epic Cheap Trick sound is palpable on every second of this unbelievable recording.

Download it, enjoy it and if it actually sees the light of day, buy it.

posted by nickpip at Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Anonymous said...

Let´s turn that into: They recorded with S. Albini a (non album) 2 track single (Baby Talk b/w Brontosaurus) and he wrote the ´liner notes´ (on a front CD sticker) for the ´Cheap Trick´ album in 1997´ and he produced a part of the 2003 album ´Special One´. Just to get my last post right. Sorry !!! :-).