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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Come @ VBR

"Come's music evokes those moments in rock's demonic journey when the seam is about to split." - New York Times.

"Music you won't soon forget." - Rolling Stone.

"Come really rock, with force, like hell, almost literally." - Melody Maker.

"Impossibly original." - Option.

Come was an American indie rock band from 1990-1998. Come was formed in Boston by Thalia Zedek (vocal, guitar), Chris Brokaw (guitar, vocal), Arthur Johnson (drums), and Sean O'Brien (bass).

Come came into being after a mutual acquaintance invited Brokaw, O'Brien, and Johnson to play with him. Brokaw was playing drums with Codeine, Johnson had previously drummed for Athens, Georgia band Bar-B-Q Killers, and O'Brien had played with two other 1980s Athens bands, Kilkenny Cats and Fashion Battery. After playing one show together, Brokaw, O'Brien, and Johnson decided to split off into their own project and invited Thalia Zedek to join them. Zedek had played in the bands Uzi and Dangerous Birds. Her most recent band at the time, the post-no wave New York band Live Skull, had disbanded in 1990 and Brokaw and Zedek had been talking about playing together.

After a year of jamming together, Come released the 12-inch single "Car" on Sub Pop in 1991. The song, a seven-minute epic in the blues-noir style of The Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls, encapsulated what was to become Come's trademark style: dark, intense and lengthy songs marked by Zedek's emotional and distressed vocals, abrupt rhythms, and the tension-filled guitar interplay between Zedek and Brokaw, both extraordinarily accomplished guitarists.

In 1992, Come released their debut album, 11:11, on Matador Records. 11:11 received acclaim from both the independent and established media. After the release of 11:11, Brokaw left Codeine, devoting himself full-time to Come.

Come's second album, Don't Ask Don't Tell, was released in 1994. Though somewhat calmer than its predecessor, it was equally as grave. Among the highlights of the album, and of the whole of the band's impressive song catalogue, are the two dark ballads, "Let's Get Lost" and "Arrive," each closing a side of the vinyl edition.

Johnson and O'Brien left the band after Don't Ask Don't Tell to pursue other careers. The following album, the short Near-Life Experience, was recorded with a number of different musicians, including drummer Mac McNeilly of the Jesus Lizard and John McEntire of Tortoise.
In 1998, Come released the 66-minute tour de force Gently, Down the Stream, which took its cue from Near Life Experience, but featured a more fluent integrated soundscape.

Zedek and Brokaw took a break after Gently, Down the Stream, and the band never regrouped. Its founders have since each released multiple solo albums, and have performed together on many occasions.

1994 Don't Ask Don't Tell

1996 Near Life Experience

1998 Gently Down The Stream


Anonymous said...

uhuhuh... you said "come"... uhuhuh

Gorderas said...

I know there is a soundboard tape from the concert in Barcelona, Spain in Savannah Club. (They play after Dover and Mercromina)
It was a magic night. There was a really big storm and the electric power went off just when they began to play.
Then, all the people waiting for the power. Meanwhile the band asking people for what they want to know about the band.
After an hour waiting for the power, they began an acoustic session, with candles. Just when they were playing the first song
light went on.
I think the tape was recorded by Catalunya Radio and it's sure Ignacio Julia, Ruta 66's Director (Ruta 66 it's the bigger rock n roll magazine in spain) have a copy or the master...
Thanks for your great job