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Friday, October 5, 2007

Bob Seger 1973 The Cleveland Connection @ 128

This show was sent in by rubber-burner. A rare one. Thanks.

According to the Back In '72 promotional flyer (a semi-reliable source), Seger toured extensively in early 1972 with a Michigan group called Julia, led by Bill Mueller. "More recently," the flyer continues, "Bob has been touring and recording with a quintet of musicians he picked up in Tulsa in the fall of 1972. " The Tulsa musicians were variously known as the Borneo Band or My Band.The quintet, if I read the liner notes right, consisted of:
Dick Sims
Jamie Oldaker
Marcey Levy
Shaun Murphy
Sergio Pastora
Two Michigan musicians, Tom Cartmell (later to be known as Alto Reed) and Drew Abbott were sometimes added to this mix.The names "Julia," "Borneo Band," and "My Band" seem to be almost internal names; they were certainly not highlighted at shows -- not the way Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band later came to be highlighted. At the shows I saw during this era, band members were introduced by name, but the band itself was never named -- or if it was, it's escaped my memory.What I do remember is hearing Seger joke about Sims wardrobe, which included African dashikis. At a concert near Madison, Wisconsin, Seger introduced Sims by saying: "He's wearing his bathrobe because he's going to bed right after the show."Julia was led by Bill Mueller and managed by a woman named Ann Marston, who introduced the band to Punch. She died shortly thereafter and Punch became Julia's manager.When Seger heard Mueller sing, he asked him to sing background vocals on "Lookin' Back." For the tour supporting "Brand New Morning" Punch sent Julia along as an opening act. Seger then performed solo, and then Julia backed him for the final act. Later, Julia backed Bob on part of the "Smokin' OP's" album tour.When Bob took Bill down to Muscle Shoals without the rest of Julia, there was some resentment apparently, and Julia broke up.It says a lot about the quality of the musicians Seger was playing with. Dick Sims (organ), Jamie Oldaker (drums), and Marcy Levy (backup vocals) all left in 1974 and ended up recording with Clapton on "461 Ocean Boulevard." They stayed with Clapton until 1980, recording six albums with him.Bob Seger on the Borneo Band in 1978: "Everybody wanted to do something different. They really wanted to do a laid-back Tulsa thing, exactly what they're doing with Clapton, which cooks and simmers. What I wanted to do was edge." Dave Marsh, June 15, 1978, Rolling Stone. "Bob Seger: Not A Stranger Anymore."Why were they called the Borneo Band?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just to let you know.this is not bill mueller and julia.bill mueller became blue miller of the gibson/miller band(country)he also produced india arie ,blue octber and lots more.this i belive is really the start of some of the silver bullet band.wish there was some of the tapes left of julia and seger they rocked.bill made seger work great guitar great vocals.seger kept the songs he did with julia in his sets for over a year (sue me sue you blues)they did best version of heavy music