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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Red Hot Chili Peppers April 2006 Canvas Club London BBC Broadcast @ VBR

Another show sent in by rubber-burner.

A review of the show from a website....

"Oi mate! Do you know where I can get a ticket?" says the guy holding a ragged cardboard sign. Huddled tight against the spring air it's obvious he's been sitting there asking that question for a while now. Despite this being a secret gig, the Chili Peppers faithful (ticket or no ticket) have tracked their way to the Kings Cross Goods Depot in London. And why wouldn't you? Red Hot Chili Peppers live at Canvas is the hottest ticket in town this weekend... Maybe even this year? The venue is a medium sized hall, dark on the inside with a bar at one end and speaker stacks the size of small bungalows flanking the stage at the other. Five hundred people pack themselves in, staring past the drum kit, craning their necks all trying to work out what's going on. The hardcore continue to cling to the front barrier as they have been for the last two hours. Lights out. Here we go. From the darkness Flea bounds on stage, bass in hand. Frusciante's guitar cranks in to life whilst Chad's kick-drum thunder rattles our ribcages. Cheers, whoops and screams fill the air along with a hundred mobile phone screens all hoping to preserve this moment. The opening riff to Can't Stop rings out, the lights go up and there, not five metres away, they are. This is the kind of night that's so implausible that you have to see it to believe it. "I make it up as I go along, cos that way I'm never wrong," confesses Anthony after fluffing the lyrics to the opening number. He's a much better rapper than he is singer yet his boundless energy seems to carry off any slip in delivery. Tonight's performance is an accomplished one with a set list that takes in family favourites Scar Tissue, By The Way, new single Dani California, Me And My Friends (from 1986), Simon and Garfunkel's For Emily Whenever I May Find Her and closes with the mighty Give It Away. By the time they reach their finale, Anthony is stripped to the waist (and still looking built!), the audience is pogo-ing in unison with the band and even the bar staff are going crazy. The audience are unequivocal in their praise using words like fantabulous, rockin, awesome, fantastik, and 'erm' (thanks Moyles). There's something very alluring about seeing the high polish of Hollywood get down and dirty in a London warehouse. For a small show like this one you might expect they'd take it easy but no, the Peppers played it like they are still hungry for their place at the top. For a bunch of guys that have been in the business for over 20 years, they still know how to strap it on. Big time.

Review: Andy P

Can't Stop
Scar Tissue
Dani California
Me And My Friends
St Century
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her (Simon And Garfunkel Cover)
Don't Forget Me
Untitled "New Song"
Tell Me Baby
Right On Time
By The Way
Soul To Squeeze
Give It Away


1 comment:

Ales said...

Oh my, RHCP covering my S&G all time favorite 'For Emily'...?! That's a hell of a thrill, didn't know me and the guys had the same taste. Thanks a lot for putting this up.