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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Steely Dan 08/17/96 Gorge Amphitheater George, WA @ 320

01 Do it Again
02 Bad Sneakers
03 Everyone's Gone to The Movies
04 Josie
05 Jack of Speed
06 Hey Nineteen
07 FM (No Static at All), intros
08 Green Earrings
09 Rikki Don't Lose That Number
10 Green Flower Street
11 Peg
01 East St. Louis Toodle-oo
02 Glamour Profession
03 My Waterloo
04 Cash Only Island
05 Midnight Cruiser
06 Black Cow
07 Home at Last
08 Kid Charlemagne
09 Don't Take Me Alive
10 My Old School
11 outro - FM (No Static at All)

http://link-protector.com/308690/ P1
http://link-protector.com/308686/ P2
http://link-protector.com/308687/ P3
http://link-protector.com/308688/ P4


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic~!! Thank you so so much TT. Great music.

Anonymous said...

Amazing show - amazing performance - amazing sound quality! Thank you 1,000,000x.

Wayne Krantz- guitar
Cornelius Bumpus (R.I.P.) - tenor sax
Ari Ambrose - tenor sax
Michael Leonhardt - trumpet
John Beasley - piano and keyboards
Michelle Wiley - vocals
Carolyn Leonhart- vocals (a/k/a Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery :( *)
Tom Barney - bass
Ricky Lawson - drums

* http://www.carolynleonhart.com/

Anonymous said...

Man o' Man! It's like Christmas came a couple months early!! I've been scarf'en these new boots and replacing old low rez versions for what seems like a week (damn 3hr waits on Rabidshare). So, I maybe confuzed but it seems that Peg and the Outro are missin in this one.

Sure is some grrrrreat tunes.
Thanks TT, bluesmutt

TonyTiger - said...

Peg and Outro are in P4

Anonymous said...

Hey TT,
Yes, I've got that now. There have been a lot of problems with RS crappin out before the d/l is complete. So, who knows what happened. But I gots it now.

Thanks for ur quick response and all the work on this excellent blog!- bluesmutt

Anonymous said...



WVKayaker said...

I can always dig on some Steely Dan! Nice concert with some tunes from Two Against Nature...Thanks again for all the cool stuff Tony!