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I received my first notice from a copyright holder to remove a post. King Crimson to be exact. It has me a little scared. I had assumed I was safe posting bootlegs. Now, maybe not. I removed the post. What do I do now? Shut down the blog? Try to take it private again? I may have a way, but it may crap out like the last time. Your thoughts? Insights? Ideas? Send me an email at blind-pig@live.com or leave a comment under any post.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Links Being Deleted

I have been at this blog thing for only three months. In the last week, 3 links that I know about have been deleted: Pretenders, Janis Joplin, and Stray Cats. How do links get deleted? Do random people complain to Rapidshare? Do representatives of the bands complain? Is it jealous wannabee bloggers who can't handle my glory?


e said...

if they aren't legit releases, its probably just some motherless fuck with nothing better to do.

There are some of those still around the web...

aikin said...

I've heard that if RapidShare gets complaints, they'll delete the file, but I don't know if that's true.

I would think anyone with any balls would just contact you direct if they had a problem with something you posted.

F 'em, I say. Keep up the good work. Most of us appreciate what you do.

Anonymous said...


Don't give up,dude! Fuck off the trolls!!!
Best wishes,Miguel(Brazil).

G3 said...

Thanks for all the great music - i don't have a blogger account so i rarely get to thank the kind folks who post. KEEP UP THE GREAT MUSIC!!

lg said...

If you email to Rapidshare (or any host) they delete the file, abuse is the name that they use to call it, but they need some complaint from someone to do that...

I think it is easy if you post all the links in the same place, that's the reason becouse some bloggers hide the link in the comments or use websites like lix.in.

Jon said...

Some of the deletes could be caused by the site itself finding out that the material is actually copyrighted, and a particular holder of the copyright may make a stink.

Live shows seem to have gone down on the watchdogs' lists lately because they are much more concerned with legitimate product that is being shared (i.e. official/new albums from bands' catalogs and, especially now, feature films).

But it could be BBC people, it could be Wolfgang's Vault people (I think they own the KBFH stuff now since they went under), it could be the RIAA who, as we know, has nothing better to do with their time (they used to monitor LImeWire)

The other flag for them is studio stuff, which, regardless of if it's unreleased etc., is label property: owned, paid for by them and protected by most laws around the globe since the mid 90s.

So the links could be killed for any of those reasons. The host site probably does its own flagging to a certain degree, trying to protect itself (and it's clients) from any trouble.

Find a copy of Clinton Heylin's "BOOTLEG" and read the entire history of 'unauthorized' recordings. Though in need of an update, it's a great resource for the avid collector and does a decent job of explaining how the laws operate regarding 'grey area' recordings.